T2: Ecommerce & Marketing Implementer

T2: Ecommerce & Marketing Implementer is an intermediate course teaching you the basics of working with Dynamicweb Ecommerce, and introduces some of the more advanced Ecommerce features, e.g. loyalty points, abandoned cart emails, etc.

T2 builds on the T1 course - and while it is not a strict requirement that you have followed T1, we presume that you are familiar with the subjects covered in T1. If you are not, you may find that some of the exercises are too demanding or vague for your skill level.

  • Work with basic Ecommerce concepts - shops, products, product groups, languages, currencies, etc.
  • Use the shopping cart app - add to cart, checkout flowcart contexts
  • Use the Price matrix & the discount matrix
  • Create payment methods & shipping methods
  • Create country-specific VAT rates
  • Use New Indexing to set up free text search and facets on a product catalog
  • Use Loyalty Points
  • Work with simple variants, extended variants, and variant groups
  • Use GetImage.ashx to dynamically resize images on the fly
  • Use Assortments
  • Create custom product fields
  • Set up an abandoned shopping cart email campaign

You will, of course, also do a fair bit of templating using Razor - as introduced during the T1 course. 

To become a certified Dynamicweb Ecommerce & Marketing Implementer, you must pass the C2 Certification test.

  • C2 is a multiple choice test consisting of 50 random questions relevant to the role of Ecommerce & Marketing Implementer
  • The test must be completed within a time limit of 2 hours
  • You cannot save a test and resume it later
  • Some questions allow you to select more than one answer

Certifications are personal - and are valid for 2 years, after which you must be recertified.

The first attempt costs EUR 110 - each subsequent attempt EUR 50.

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