C4: Integration Master

C4 is an advanced certification which aims to get you acquainted with developing and implementing integrations between Dynamicweb and a remote system. 

After reading the materials linked below, you should be able to pass the corresponding C4 certification - like C0 this gives you access to the Dynamicweb Care Service Desk.

There are no C4 courses scheduled, but you can contact Service Desk for a quote if you would like us to hold one.

To become a certified Dynamicweb Integration Master you must pass the C4 Certification test.

  • C4 is a multiple choice test consisting of 30 random questions relevant to the role of Integration Implementer
  • The test must be completed within a time limit of 60 minutes
  • You cannot save a test and resume it later
  • Some questions allow you to select more than one answer

Certifications are personal - and are valid for 2 years, after which you must be recertified.

The first attempt costs EUR 110 - each subsequent attempt EUR 50.

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