Requirements DW9

These are the current minimum system requirements for using and hosting a Dynamicweb 9 solutions. Please note that requirements may change without notice.

The Dynamicweb 9 UI should work in all modern browsers:

  • Chrome (Latest)
  • Edge (Latest)
  • Firefox (Latest)
  • Safari (Latest)
  • Internet Explorer (retired as of Dynamicweb 9.4)

Please note that rich text editors do not work on iPad and iPhone devices – this is due to a technical restriction imposed by Apple. You can use other Apple-products with no issue.

The Dynamicweb UI can be used with 1280px width, but for an optimal experience we recommend a 1920px width or more.

The minimum hardware requirements for hosting a Dynamicweb 9 solution:

  • Quad-Core Intel©- processor – or equivalent. Adjust accordingly if visitor counts tend to spike.
  • 8GB RAM. Adjust accordingly if running an SQL server alongside the IIS.
  • SAS hard disks in RAID level 1 configuration.

With these specs you will be able to handle traffic equivalent to 5000-10.000 daily sessions (depending on implementation and module usage).

Due to the extra server side workload of heavy image work inherent in PIM solutions, we strongly recommend having at least 12-16 GB RAM on Quad core servers or higher. Furthermore you should be aware that disk IO will be at a premium, so for selfhosted solutions a fast SAN or SSD disks is required.

The minimum software requirements for hosting a Dynamicweb solution are:

  • MS Windows Server 2016 (x64) or newer
  • Microsoft IIS 10 or newer – we only support 64 bit application pools with integrated pipeline
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP1 or newer
  • Visual Studio C++ Runtime
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

The following Windows Services are required by some advanced PIM-features in Dynamicweb:

  • Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

Older Windows Server versions

If you're running DW9.12+ on an older version of Windows Server you must manually remove the property removeserverheader = true from the web.config of the solution.