Useful URL parameters

Dynamicweb responds to a number of URL parameters which you may find useful:

Parameter Use
ID=[page id]

Navigates to the page with the page id specified. Works regardless of custom URL schemes.

Purge=true Forces non-cached data; reads all data anew.
dbstat=true Shows all database-calls, including execution time. Very useful for identifying performance killers.
debug=true Shows extensive trace information (load times, page stats, SQL statements, XML and HTML content outputs) below regular page content.
SaveXML & ?SaveTemplateXML Saves an XML file with your content after it's been processed by your XSLT. SaveXml saves navigation, SaveTemplateXml saves everything else.
showsessions=true Shows session IDs and IPs
DwTemplateTags=True Shows the available template tags
showurls=true Show URLs in the URL index from the old url system
showurls=[string] Show URLs in the URL index from the old url system matching the string value
showurlindex=true Show URLs in the URL index from the new urls system
devicetype=Mobile|Tablet|Dektop Specifies a device type, which may force a switch to mobile view on solutions built for that, e.g. Dynamicweb Rapido






Sets the country context to e.g. US

CurrencyCode=EUR Switches the currency context to EUR