Update Script

Between versions, Dynamicweb may make minor database changes or add new standard-templates and other files. Usually these updates are applied automatically, but occasionally they may fail – e.g. if the database user has the wrong permissions and due to other unforeseen reasons.

When this happens you may experience errors in backend and frontend – they can then often be solved by rerunning the updates.

In versions prior to Dynamicweb 9.14 the updates were applied by an update script. This script can be run in 2 ways:

From the backend:

  • Login as an administrator user
  • Go to Settings > System > System Information and scroll to the bottom
  • Change the "updates.xml.aspx" field to 2000 - this means that all update scripts from that file/database version will be re-applied if not applied already
  • Click Rerun updates

By changing the update file directly:

  • On the server, find the folder /Files and the file Updates.xml or Updates.xml.aspx
  • Open it in a text editor
  • Change the version to 2000
  • Run a IISRESET

As of 9.14 the update script is obsolete and everything related to it has been moved to the database – to rerun updates on DW 9.14+ solutions:

  • Go to Settings -> Database -> SQL Firehose
  • Find the table “Updates”
  • Delete all from “Updates”
  • Recycle the application pool