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Swift template customizations
Hi guys, I have read the documentation regarding the customization of Swift and my understanding is that any customization would require creating custom ItemTypes with custom templates for any type of change (regardless of the complexity). It may be  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/01/2022 10:26:01
Last post: 24/04/2024 10:15:36
Swift Sitemap for Multi domain websites in language layers
Hi, Within our webshop we defined 5 language layers. The fifth one uses another domain. When rendering the sitemap.xml (used from SWIFT services), it will render the url's from the fifth store with the primary domain of the first ones. Example: & ...
Davy Capiau
23/04/2024 13:54:56
Last post: 23/04/2024 14:24:19
Field display group attribute: show on master and variant
Hi, On DW 9 we have a field display group that renders an attribute 'application' on the frontend. When you select a variant, the attribute dissapears, as if it has no value for it. The settings of the attribute: It seems in DW10 a setting ha ...
Davy Capiau
18/04/2024 17:04:13
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Custom Swift templates in Files/Templates/Designs/Swift_custom
Hi, In my notes from the Swift ERFA meeting, I have scribbled down that I should be able to overwrite Swift templates by adding a Swift_custom design folder. I have just tested this on a DW 9.15.7, and I am not seeing my changes from the templates in ...
Roald Haahr
30/05/2023 08:59:51
Last post: 17/04/2024 13:57:48
Adding multiple products to cart
Hi I am trying to add multiple products to cart (main product and one related product) but all informations I find in documentations are old and links to xamples do not work any more. In cart I would also need to updated related articl based on dropd ...
Ivan Marijanović
15/04/2024 11:13:47
Last post: 17/04/2024 12:02:42
Creating new svg icons
Is there a guide on how to create new (custom) .svg icons for Swift? Just like the ones allready in DW/Swift, that automatilly adapts the line color from the theme. Our design partner tried to make som new ones, but we can't get them to adabt the ...
Timo Kofod
16/04/2024 14:44:40
Last post: 17/04/2024 08:35:55
articlelist slider/carousel settings not working on 1.26
Hi DW, As the title states, the helper classes on this container causes the middle arrow placement setting to not take effect, si ...
Mikkel Hammer
08/04/2024 18:09:42
Last post: 16/04/2024 10:51:39
Error from Swift 1.26. Missing column cssdecorations
Hi. We are trying to upgrade swift 1.23 to 1.26 (while updating from 9.16.7 to 9.17.3) We get multiple SQL errors regarding the cssdecorations column, but I cannot find evidence of a migration script in the swift repo example System.Data.SqlClient.Sq ...
Stephen Anthony Jackson
15/04/2024 11:48:00
Last post: 15/04/2024 12:08:36
Related products in cart
Hi In cart I need to access feed of items related products (we have a group with packaging products) so that they can select packaging product and add it to cart from within cart. How can I access feed with all proucts which are in specific related g ...
Ivan Marijanović
11/04/2024 10:28:14
Last post: 15/04/2024 11:37:11
Cleanup script
Does anyone have a cleanup script for Swift solutions? I know the documentation have a section for cleanup, but thats just bullet points stating the obvious places to go cleanup. I would like a SQL script or, a set of SQL commands to run, for a compl ...
Martin Moen
22/06/2022 12:35:00
Last post: 12/04/2024 13:48:17
Checkbox facet selected value misconnected to which facet
Hi, When checkbox facets are selected, we cannot easily determine to which facet is the selected value for if there are more than 1 checkbox facets in same PLP. Could the facet name be added as a prefix OR another identifier? BR, Mario ...
Mario Santos
05/04/2024 16:03:53
Last post: 08/04/2024 12:58:22
Inconsistent approve quote redirect to cart page
Hi, We notice inconsistent redirects on quote approval - quote list vs quote details - - form is missing the redirect input. Quote List ...
Mario Santos
05/04/2024 20:28:29
Last post: 08/04/2024 11:26:29
Hide specific order lines.
I have a customer that needs to charge their customers for special deliveries. These are just added as an additional order line, but is there a way (standard) way to hide the lines for the customer? The checkboxes in the buttom adds two specific item ...
Lars Bo Wassini
05/04/2024 15:13:34
Last post: 08/04/2024 11:09:38
Product group facet with hierarcy
Hi, If I would like to create a facet with product groups and wanted the facet to have the same hierarcy as in eCom. What would a good approach be? I mean a face like here : I was thinking about a ecom n ...
Aki Ruuskanen
27/03/2024 16:06:59
Last post: 05/04/2024 17:23:49
Checkout newsletter signup for users
Hi Dw, In the checkout, there is a checkbox that the customer can check off to sign up for the newsletter. At least there is for anonymous customers. I cannot see how it is supposed to work with signed-in users, as the checkbox is placed on the infor ...
Martin Ottesen
27/02/2024 13:12:04
Last post: 05/04/2024 14:47:54
Swift - Related Articles
Hi, Is there any "out of the box" way to work with related articles in Swift based on tags? I mean, when you are on a article page, we would like to list related articles. Or is it something you need to create yourself? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
03/04/2024 11:26:55
Last post: 05/04/2024 14:05:07
Duplicated id in cart page
Hi, GoToCheckoutButton id is duplicated in cart page. Swift v1.25.1 ...
Mario Santos
05/02/2024 17:13:13
Last post: 05/04/2024 10:07:25
Multiple Datalists on same Page, error when sorting one of them
Hi, DW 9.17.2, Swift 1.26.0 We have a scenario were we have a page with multiple Datalists, structure as follows Datalists A and B do not have the same columns. Paragraph with Datalist B will output a table with sortable columns. then when we try to  ...
Pedro Meias
24/03/2024 20:24:34
Last post: 05/04/2024 09:39:34
Theme selector in item relations list
Hi, Theme selectors work fine inside an item but gives an error when it's used in an item relations list. The error is trowm in the template Swift_ThemeSelectorMini because the area id is 0. These was not an issue in previous swift versions. DW v ...
Cátia Torego
27/03/2024 12:09:56
Last post: 05/04/2024 09:13:11
Invalid object name - custom item type
Hi, When I create my own custom item type and change the restrictions, I get the error 'Invalid object name' in the visual editor: I definitely saw that the name and systemName do not yet appear and there's nothing wrong with the object n ...
Caro De Weze
03/04/2024 11:17:33
Last post: 03/04/2024 15:12:29