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Swift: Issues with rendering youtube videos on product page
Hi, We have tried to add a paragraf with videos on a product page. The link is as follow (url is made anonymous): The video looks and work inside ecommerce as I would expect it to work on the product page: It doe ...
Marie Louise Veigert
30/11/2023 12:01:49
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Space missing in Swift_ProductListListView?
On line 208 <article class="grid align-items-baseline gap-2 mb-3@(productTheme)@(textPadding) @liveInfoClass" data-product-id="@product.Id" data-variant-id="@product.VariantId"> Between @(productTheme)@(textPadding ...
Justin Sjouw
29/11/2023 16:07:55
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Add Product to Favorites button not updating after add/remove product
Hi, Testing on DW 9.15.3, Swift v1.19.0 Our test environment - The Add to favorites button is not updating after we add or remove the product to a favorites list. Here is a video describing the issue. https://www ...
Pedro Meias
18/04/2023 03:23:37
Last post: 27/11/2023 13:00:37
bootstrap.Offcanvas is not a constructor
Im running a Swift 1.19 project and experiencing an issue when adding product to favoriteslist. Im on the product detail page and im adding the product to fav. list, which works correctly. But when I change the product variant I cannot click to favor ...
Joakim Sjöbäck
24/11/2023 11:04:53
Last post: 27/11/2023 09:09:05
Element differs in width in different browsers
As title says im using a Swift default setup for a project, and somehow the container behaves different, i.e different width. In the pictures you can see the same container using the class .container-xl setting the max-width of the container. Yet som ...
Joakim Sjöbäck
23/11/2023 13:50:41
Last post: 24/11/2023 13:37:03
Product URL
Hey, Still not sure if a setting is causing this, but the database is a copy of production so should have the same settings. On production the URL's to products are for example: On t ...
Justin Sjouw
17/11/2023 15:49:59
Last post: 23/11/2023 13:28:00
Checking out with a quote, payment provider page returns to order receipt when clicking "back" button on browser
Hi, Testing on - DW 9.15.13, Swift 1.23 After we accept a quote and go to the checkout process, if we are on the payment page and click the browser's "back" button, it will take us to the Order Receipt  ...
Pedro Meias
17/11/2023 17:09:23
Last post: 23/11/2023 00:29:42
Order that was created from a quote has a blank state
Hi, Testing on cleanswift -, DW 9.15.13, Swift 1.23 After we accept a quote and do the checkout (Quote is converted to an Order), the Order has a blank state on the front-end templates. When checking the databse, we  ...
Pedro Meias
14/11/2023 11:50:45
Last post: 22/11/2023 23:57:09
Intermittent images loading to website
We have a customer having trouble uploading images to their website and have attempted different formats to upload. Products and images are functioning on blog/article pages and in Files however, they’ve experienced scenarios when they error ou ...
Anjelica-Mae Bueno
18/11/2023 01:13:52
Last post: 22/11/2023 10:18:24
Bug: Digital Assets Portal Download Link Email is blank
We're trying to set up the Digital Assets Portal but the email that's coming when we send a download link is basically empty. It doesn't contain a link, just a single line saying to click the link to download your assets. You can see in t ...
George Jaros
26/09/2023 23:12:20
Last post: 21/11/2023 10:46:58
Swift custom fonts overwritten by default font
Hi, We are experiencing the custom font, the customer have used, is overwritten multiple times a day by the Swift default font. So they need to go into swift fonts and show page again and again and again. The same with badges - they disappear and we  ...
Marie Louise Veigert
20/11/2023 08:37:04
Last post: 20/11/2023 09:15:14
New way of showing product specifications problem
Hi, During an update to the latest swift (main branch on GitHub) I noticed Swift_ProductDetailsSpecification is gone, so I'm trying to use the new Swift_ProductFieldDisplayGroups.cshtml. I have managed to set it up and I can select my display gro ...
Justin Sjouw
16/11/2023 18:01:01
Last post: 16/11/2023 18:24:33
Preset row
Hi, I have saved a row as a template (preset under Swift tools > Row templates), but I cannot select the preset on every page with the visual builder. Do I need to adjust the restrictions somewhere? If so, where should I do this and for which item ...
Caro De Weze
13/11/2023 10:58:14
Last post: 14/11/2023 13:01:32
Swift - Search bar only on content
Hi, Running Swift version 1.21. on DW9 I have some sites without products. It doesn't seem like Its possible to set up search for only content? I have set it up to only have a page for content and selected the service page for content only. It lo ...
Marie Louise Veigert
13/11/2023 12:41:01
Last post: 14/11/2023 11:40:32
Change order of product assets
Hi, I want to change the order in which the product assets are displayed. In other words I want to show the Packaging_images before the Application_images, e.g. on this page: ...
Caro De Weze
08/11/2023 09:01:30
Last post: 13/11/2023 09:39:05
Item type with system name Swift_BackInStockNotification" already exist
Hi, We noticed that there are two files pointing to same item type: ItemType_Swift_BackInStockNotification.xml and ItemType_Swift_BackInStockNotifications.xml - which generate errors in GeneralLog table. BR Mario ...
Mario Santos
18/10/2023 13:56:54
Last post: 08/11/2023 08:41:49
Dynamic Badges
Hi, Is it possible to generate a badge on a product depending on the customer? For example we have a 3+1 discount rule, but it's only applicable on a subset of customers. We want to combine it with a badge "3+1", but only want the selec ...
Davy Capiau
31/10/2023 16:26:47
Last post: 08/11/2023 08:35:38
Itemtype_swift_productdetailinfo and Swift_ProductDetailsVariantList
Hey, It appears that Itemtype_swift_productdetailinfo and Swift_ProductDetailsVariantList has been removed in newer versions of swift. the table still exists in the demo-database, and there are paragraphs that reference the item type. This means that ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
03/11/2023 12:14:08
Last post: 08/11/2023 08:30:52
Culture formatting on decimal numbers
We have a Netweight field based on a UnitsFieldTypeProvider, and in the backend (PIM) the decimal numbers are entered with . (dot): Even the website setting are set to Danish (Denmark) for the frontend, we still gets a decimal . (dot) instead of the  ...
Michael Knudsen
27/10/2023 08:30:38
Last post: 06/11/2023 16:48:43
Swift 1.22 & App 9.15.9
Found a bug in the Swift (both in 1.20 & 1.22). When you are in the product details and entering a product to cart (e.g. 10092 which has by default "4 in stock"), the quantity specified in the quantity box is added UNCONDITIONALLY to th ...
Barry Geukdjian
16/07/2023 17:27:26
Last post: 31/10/2023 09:50:12