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Programmatically Set Upload Path When Using Forms for Editors
Is it possible for me to set the upload path programaticly instead of setting it here ? ...
Rúni Gudmundarson
12/09/2023 10:28:28
Last post: 12/09/2023 11:26:18
Using translations: Swift vs Shared
Hi, When should I use the Shared translations as apposed to the Swift translations? It's not clear in the documentation: ...
Davy Capiau
12/09/2023 09:20:31
Last post: 12/09/2023 10:15:02
Video thumbnail/preview not populating
Hello! We are seeing an issue where the video asset thumbnail/preview is not populating on the product detail page; see screenshots below. Changing 'Open in modal' from 'Yes' to 'No' works to show the video preview, but it als ...
Melissa Borgmann
27/10/2022 00:06:44
Last post: 11/09/2023 23:22:41
Mini cart counter only updated with last added item
Hi there, When you add products to the cart from a product list, the counter on the mini cart only shows the count of the most recently added item. Consider a product list with Add to cart below each product: - When I click Add to cart for the first  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/09/2023 08:33:23
Last post: 08/09/2023 09:58:24
It's possible to add more items to the cart than in storage.
Hi DW, In a few of our new solutions we have experienced, that it is possible to add more products to the cart than there is actually in stock. So from the product list, slider, details page, its possible to add however many you want to the cart. Whe ...
Martin Ottesen
07/09/2023 12:32:59
Last post: 07/09/2023 12:42:14
Swift styles are lost sometimes
Hi, I have a challenge. I have a Swift site in 1.12.0 and in a webfarm with 8 nodes (DW 9.14.10) Almost daily the Swift_styles_{AreaId}.min.css files gets broken and we need to make a simple change before rendering the Branding/Themes page to have it ...
Nuno Aguiar
14/03/2023 19:52:55
Last post: 07/09/2023 10:31:38
Customer Experience Center - Pagination
Hi, When using customer experience center and we have a lot of orders in the order list there is an issue with the pagination, It extends autside of the page. DW version 9.15.9 Swift version 1.22.0 ...
Cátia Torego
06/09/2023 17:20:16
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How instal GTM in Swift 9.15?
Hello, can someone tell me how I can install GTM (Google Tag Manager) in Dynamicweb Swift 9.15. The instructions are that the following code must be pasted on all pages of the site first in the <head> tag and the second in the <body> tag  ...
John Cristian Villamar Cueva
05/09/2023 11:48:24
Last post: 06/09/2023 11:16:49
When does the Unit selector show
Hello, I'm trying to understand when a unit selector will be shown in Swift_ProductAddToCart I have a product, with a base unit (each) and a additional unit (box) of 10 bas units For each of these units I have setup there to be a stock level > ...
Justin Sjouw
01/09/2023 10:22:46
Last post: 06/09/2023 09:32:52
Add to favorites not working with selector has a dot (.)
Hello, Please refer to the following code at Templates/Designs/Swift/Assets/_src/js/_favorites.js var clickedButton = e.currentTarget != undefined ? e.currentTarget : document.querySelector('#' + e); var form = e.currentTarget != undefined ?  ...
Pedro Meias
20/08/2023 22:12:01
Last post: 05/09/2023 12:36:53
Where can i find customers who has allowed news and offers in checkout
Hi DW, I cannot seem to find anywhere intuitive where users who check the box in checkout "Keep me updated with deals, news and offers" can be seen so we can either export a list or do anything with the users. So I was wondering if I just d ...
Martin Ottesen
23/08/2023 14:42:44
Last post: 05/09/2023 10:29:20
Search results is leading to parent product page when product has a default variant
Hello Testing on DW 9.15.9 Swift 1.22.0 Our test environment - We have a product - 10059 - with variants, product has a default variant that is 10059_2 Clicking the product on PLP will lead to the default variant ...
Pedro Meias
21/08/2023 18:15:11
Last post: 05/09/2023 10:09:23
Anonymous checkout - issue with Update existing users based on email match.
Swift is coming with this default set-up for anonymous user checkout. So, it means, if someone knows existing user email, they can just change user data during anonymous checkout without logging in. Looks like anonymous user can't change password ...
Didzis Kuzmans
01/09/2023 17:31:51
Last post: 04/09/2023 17:27:39
Best practise for front-end editing category page
Hi everyone! What is the best way to edit the front-end design of the category page? I would like to add some extra banners/colors etc but I can't really find the best way to do this. Thanks! ...
Gitte Van Roeyen
30/08/2023 13:56:16
Last post: 01/09/2023 12:43:54
Add to favorites in add to cart item
Hi, When using the Add to cart item there is an option, Show add to favorites, when that is selected the add to favorites form is nested inside the add to cart form. Because of the nesting the form tag for the favorites gets removed and the add to fa ...
Cátia Torego
28/08/2023 19:10:30
Last post: 01/09/2023 12:19:44
Product Price - Strikeout Price not respecting the space around setting
Hello, DW 9.15.9 Swift - 1.22.0 Testing at - In backend steps to reproduce: **Screencast also provided below** Select Row Select Column and add Price Setting with strikeout price Edit the Column to add spacing (image ...
Pedro Meias
29/08/2023 04:30:58
Last post: 01/09/2023 12:16:15
Multiline title displays overlapped on mobile
Hi all! It seems i've foud a little bug on mobile. When using the title of a paragraph to display text (on Posters and regular text paragraphs for example), if the title is too long it will overlap instead of appearing on a new line. See examples ...
Anouk van der Veer
28/08/2023 11:12:41
Last post: 31/08/2023 09:47:10
My Account front-end editing
Hi everyone, I'm trying to add soms banners and extra text to the 'My account' page via the Visual Editor but somehow the rows and columns don't appear. Is it no possibilty to add extra rows/columns? If not, is there another way to ad ...
Gitte Van Roeyen
30/08/2023 13:59:33
Last post: 30/08/2023 20:06:36
Sharing image on mobile/SMS
Hi Dw, We've recently seen that when you share a Swift website on mobile in an SMS we see the Swift logo, and I cannot seem to figure out which image I have to swap out for this image to change. Can you guide me in the right direction? Kind Regar ...
Martin Ottesen
23/08/2023 14:47:21
Last post: 25/08/2023 11:16:31
Rookie question. Where do I change the default favicon? Back in the Rapido days, it ways located in website settings. I gues I can overwrite the icon here, but is that the right way? /Files/Templates/Designs/Swift/Assets/Images/favicon.png ...
Morten Falslund
14/09/2021 09:30:33
Last post: 24/08/2023 17:14:00