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Integration Customer Center - Sort Order / New fields
Hi, We have two doubts about the Integration Customer Center: We are using the Integration Customer Center to get Open Orders and Invoices from BC. For both cases, orders are being sorted from oldest to newest. How can we sort them to show the newest ...
Ricardo Pereira
19/10/2021 16:17:35
Last post: 10/08/2022 10:35:11
Handle orderline discount on the orderline instead of separate orderline
Hi guys, Is there a default option to merge the orderline disccount on the orderline instead of a separate orderline? I am talking specifically about integration with NAV but the question is valid for other integrations too. I see that we have now a  ...
Adrian Ursu
20/07/2022 10:55:04
Last post: 09/08/2022 19:18:59
Integrate an order PDF in other format
Hi, On a BC integration, we use the Integration Customer Center to get the PDFs of the orders in a standar format. These PDFs are located in table code 1306 in BC. Our users need to get a custom format for the orders, that is other PDFs located at 50 ...
Tomas Gomez
04/08/2022 11:34:51
Last post: 05/08/2022 12:25:12
Data Type mismatch
Hello forum - we are connecting to BC and to get customers etc., but once the import runs we a getting an error: 2022-08-03 08:15:30.785: Starting import to temporary table for AccessUserSecondaryRelation. 2022-08-03 08:15:30.816: Import job failed:  ...
Michael Knudsen
03/08/2022 10:28:54
Last post: 04/08/2022 12:20:18
Data Integration - Dynamicweb provider to Excel
Hi, We are are experiencing an issue on Data Integration when try to create a new activity with source "Dynamicweb provider" and destination 'Excel provider'. On the last step of creation the new activity, instead of just create it, ...
Ricardo Pereira
01/07/2022 16:15:27
Last post: 02/08/2022 15:09:27
Hi, To get a customer statement PDF from BC, I created a button inside a template to download the PDF by a javascript function. This function has to do a GetCustomerStatementPDF request according the doc at ...
Tomas Gomez
14/07/2022 16:05:31
Last post: 19/07/2022 15:45:39
Scheduled task changes not saving
Hi, At times, changes made to a scheduled task are not saved. The complete 4 scenarios I tested are below, but I'll put the summary first. Is this a bug that could be: Fixed? <---- Preferred!!! :) Guarded against by preventing editing a runnin ...
Carolee Schuck
16/07/2022 01:23:52
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CSV Provider Issue
Hi, In version 9.13.0, using CSV provider unable to import getting the following errors: Using the folder selector, Source folder "/Files/Files" does not exist. This error occurs whether the file selector or url is input. Using the file sel ...
Shawn Tehini
13/07/2022 18:46:10
Last post: 14/07/2022 00:20:24
Cannot run data import
Hi, I am trying simple product import from an xml file, my settings are like this Data Import source "XML provider" and destination is "Dynamicweb provider" 1. DW version 9.13.8: after running the data import job the log shows tha ...
Umar Farooq
27/06/2022 16:12:21
Last post: 04/07/2022 12:24:16
Integration Customer Center multi-language
Hi, In the scenario where we import basic product data from Business Central, and enrich this in DW PIM. Would the Integration Customer Center support getting order or invoice data in a specific language? (I think we would also need to sync back prod ...
Justin Sjouw
30/06/2022 17:48:27
Last post: 30/06/2022 18:55:49
Ignore variants in BC
We do get an error from BC related to variants. The variants are setup in DW, but not present in BC. And that is by design since we do not want the variants in BC. The "variants" are registered in BC as separate item numbers, and we do conn ...
Martin Moen
29/06/2022 14:16:56
Last post: 30/06/2022 07:40:02
Shipping fee without Tax Group Code in BC
Hi everybody! I need help with shipping costs in bussines central. This is the configuration (DynacmicWeb 9.13.7) and Bussiness Central On Premise. In the order in BC there is the line of shipping costs with the VAT correctly detailed. But there are  ...
Cristina Santos
25/06/2022 10:48:39
Last post: 27/06/2022 21:36:19
Issue with Live prices in product feed
Hi guys, I have a solution that was upgraded from 9.9.x to 9.13.x. On this solution, we have implemented a product feed (not the PIM one) that is using some logic (suggested by Dmitrij) to authenticate the user based on a property from URL. We are us ...
Adrian Ursu
19/05/2022 16:47:15
Last post: 22/06/2022 16:55:05
IceCat Import ProductPortionSize issue?
Oy laddies, We're trying to use the built-in IceCatIntegrationScheduledTaskAddIn in Dynamicweb and we're running into an issue. We have created a query which returns just over 9000 (hehe) products, and we have the Product portion size to proc ...
Arnór Halldórsson
20/06/2022 17:36:15
Last post: 22/06/2022 13:22:53
missing extension point in BC app.
Hi, Our ERP partner is missing some functionality in the BC app for integration. Currently, it is not possible to extend the code that generates the EcomManufacturers section of the XML without bypassing all and write the logic yourself. Could you pl ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
21/06/2022 14:53:47
Last post: 21/06/2022 20:04:37
Import data with paging add-in missing pre-configured endpoints
Hello forum, - according to documentation ( we should use the "Import data with paging ...
Michael Knudsen
02/06/2022 22:20:08
Last post: 20/06/2022 09:53:46
ODataV4 - 'Last_Date_Modified' from BC does not include the time
Hi, In the OData received from the CustomerCard (and perhaps others), the 'Last_Date_Modified' only has the date and not the time value. When we use the source mode 'Data replication' it adds a modified filter which includes the time  ...
Jon Thorne
11/06/2022 12:59:47
Last post: 20/06/2022 09:51:56
Feature request: Følgeseddel as PDF in BC (and other) integration components.
Hi, We have an ERP partner that would like to request adding "Følgesedler" support to the CustomerCenter functionality in the BC app. Currently, we can retrieve "OpenOrder", "Invoice" and "Credit" as PDF ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
04/05/2022 14:40:08
Last post: 17/06/2022 15:38:33
Custom BaseLiveIntegrationAddIn not showing up as expected
I have added a custom class that extends BaseLiveIntegrationAddIn, but my addin shows up different than the default DynamicwebLiveIntegrationAddIn in the DW admin ui. I want to extend the BaseLiveIntegrationAddIn so that I can use a standardized plac ...
Espen Strømsnes
10/04/2022 21:18:57
Last post: 17/06/2022 10:15:25
Import products in several languages from BC
Hi, We need to import the products from BC in several languages. The request is: <GetEcomData><tables><Products type="all" setLanguage="LANG1" languages="ENU" /></tables></GetEcomData> And t ...
Tomas Gomez
15/06/2022 15:56:27
Last post: 16/06/2022 12:36:57