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Error loading custom table with varbinary (blob) datatype in SQL Server
I created a data integration job to pull product image files from AX into a custom table in SQL Server. The source is XML and the destination is the DynamicWeb Provider. The custom table has three columns that correspond with the three columns in my  ...
Byron Head
21/02/2024 21:19:21
Last post: 21/02/2024 22:19:34
When is the ShippingMethodCode sent to ERP in LiveIntegrations?
Hi guys, I have a project that is integrated with BC. We have defined a couple of ShippingMethods in DW, according to the definitions and codes in BC. On the carts, I see that the value for ShippingMethodCode is saved correctly on the order. But I do ...
Adrian Ursu
21/02/2024 09:47:26
Last post: 21/02/2024 11:04:12
LiveIntegration when order is sumitted, then price is wrong in DW and receipt on orderline
Hi, I have an issue with live integration and my shop. It seems the creation of an order sets the standard price for an orderline, and not the discountet price from BC. Discounts are handled by BC. I can see in my log that what is sent to the BC is & ...
Jan Sangill
16/02/2024 14:23:50
Last post: 21/02/2024 09:52:30
Integration: export orders - OrderTotalPrice is always 0
Hi, We're using the default Export Orders functionality in DW9.16.3 to generate the order XML. Problem: When exporting ordes with Price Discount rules applied, there is no 'price before discount' in the XML. I assume the value should be i ...
Davy Capiau
13/02/2024 11:57:47
Last post: 19/02/2024 11:39:48
Live Integration and custom Shipping Provider
I have a customer where the shipping options are dependent on the items in the cart. This means that even though the the shipping fee is calculated by the ERP (BC), we have created a shipping provider to let the user have access to the different deli ...
Lars Bo Wassini
12/02/2024 11:17:00
Last post: 14/02/2024 12:07:21
Find out if Live Integration is active
Hi there, I am building a custom price provider that runs on a site that can also have standard Live integration enabled. How do I go about testing if LI is enabled? I wanted to do what the LI subscribers do like this: protected static bool EnabledAn ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/02/2024 17:29:11
Last post: 14/02/2024 09:34:30
Adding adapter breaks job
Hi there, Adding an adapter to an integration job breaks that job with an exception. Steps: 1. Open integration job 2. Click Add Adapter 3. Type a name and choose ConcatanateFieldsAdapter [sic] 4. Click Save and Close 5. Click Save and Close again 6. ...
Imar Spaanjaars
26/10/2023 22:07:23
Last post: 13/02/2024 21:00:35
From BC D365 on-prem to BC D365 cloud
I have a potential customer for Dynamicweb who has D365 on premise but will move to D365 cloud in the future. How much of the investment will be wasted in terms of what needs to be changed in Dynamicweb? It's only changes in DW that I'm curio ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
12/02/2024 09:56:20
Last post: 12/02/2024 10:33:21
OData error reporting
(Reposting this; I originally posted this in the Development category) Hi there, I have a site with 7 jobs that connect using the OData provider (prices, products, orders, order lines and more). Every now and then (roughly every other day) all 7 jobs ...
Imar Spaanjaars
20/01/2024 14:16:15
Last post: 06/02/2024 17:34:41
Dynamics NAV 2019 / Business Central on-premise
Hi, We've a lead with Dynamics NAV 2019 / Business Central on-premise . It's not in the list of default connectors. Anybody experience connecting to this version? ...
Davy Capiau
02/02/2024 15:26:51
Last post: 02/02/2024 15:32:30
Use existing Product Id found by Number in Variant Products
Hi, How does this setting work? Use existing Product Id found by Number in Variant Products ...
Davy Capiau
01/02/2024 15:44:07
Last post: 01/02/2024 16:03:54
Conditionals not working when column is not mapped with a csv source
Hi, DW version: 9.16.3 Problem: conditional filter not working on a not-mapped-column Source: csv Example value: "lead" Destination: DynamicWeb provider - EcomProductUnitOfMeasure When trying to set a conditional '=' on a non-mapped ...
Davy Capiau
30/01/2024 10:09:50
Last post: 30/01/2024 17:14:38
BC Live order integration
Hi, Is there any documentation where fields from dynamicweb orders ends up in BC? And is it possbile to map the fields in BC without using some sort of extension? Best regards Magnus ...
Magnus Holmberg
16/01/2024 13:53:48
Last post: 17/01/2024 22:03:35
Invoice payment status - customer live center
Hi, We're working with the code unit of NAV and the customer live integration. We want to show the payment status (paid/not paid) in the invoice overview. I know it's not possible by default, but is there any way to achieve this? Ideally with ...
Davy Capiau
12/01/2024 11:38:01
Last post: 12/01/2024 11:51:14
Change in date handling in OData provider
Hi there, Previously, when I imported datetime minvalue from BC (0001/1/1) into DynamicWeb it would end up as 0001/1/1 in the database also (I am using datetime2 as the column type which should support this). After upgrading to Dynamicweb 9.16.4, the ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/12/2023 13:27:03
Last post: 03/01/2024 09:39:28
Live Integration Discount
Hi, I have a situation where I might be missing some setting, but I'm unsure what is misconfigured. It concerns a dw 9.15.10 solution connected to BC14 via LiveIntegration, there the Live Prices are enabled, and ERP Controls discounts is checked. ...
Justin Sjouw
14/11/2023 16:52:26
Last post: 27/12/2023 12:47:50
Integration - language - variant issue
Hi, Since we're on 9.16.3 (with the swift 1.24) we're having an issue with the product creation when products are combined in the backend. Method: Data integration via csv Import flow : I1 - Creation of products with destination settings: &qu ...
Davy Capiau
04/12/2023 16:53:55
Last post: 07/12/2023 15:38:15
Dynamicweb.DataIntegration.Providers.DynamicwebViewProvider not included in App zip
Hi there, I downloaded 9.16.4 to update a site. I noticed that the ZIP doesn't include the DynamicwebViewProvider dll anymore. I do see it, however, referenced in the Admin csproj file: <PackageReference Include="Dynamicweb.DataIntegratio ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/12/2023 10:47:41
Last post: 06/12/2023 14:01:10
Failing end point call does not fail job
Hi there, I have an OData job that fails because of a missing shipping agent code. However, the job completed successfully so we never received an email from the notification system that something was wrong. Here's an excerpt from the job log: 20 ...
Imar Spaanjaars
21/11/2023 11:59:15
Last post: 04/12/2023 09:18:23
Retrieving Stock Location information in Live Integration
Hi guys, I have a project where I need to ask BC to send over Stock Location availability in the Live Integration response and map the info to the existing Stock Locations in Dynamicweb. Basically, I need to map information to Stock Matrix based on t ...
Adrian Ursu
22/11/2023 11:03:43
Last post: 28/11/2023 19:53:25