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Use address id to determine and change customer/delivery address on cart via DWAPI
Hi DW, We're working on an headless solution, and we're looking for a way to easily determine which address is used for customer(billing) address and delivery address, and more importantly a way to compare the two. Looking at our scenario: We ...
Mikkel Hammer
19/07/2023 14:01:46
Last post: 24/11/2023 15:45:56
Anonymous Add to Favorites
Hi, Low priority, but since it comes up every now and again and we simply say "we don't support it", the ability to add to Favorites for Anonymous users (storing them in cookies, rather than to the user record) would be a nice feature.  ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/11/2023 11:27:18
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Improvements to Failed Logins
Hi, We gathered a list of failed login scenarios what would be great if they had some improvement: Monitoring Tool info When the user has gone over the failed number of attempts OR password has expired, nothing is logged. This makes it harder to trac ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/08/2021 14:10:26
Last post: 21/11/2023 16:59:58
Monitoring to log referrer
Hi, It would be very useful if when there's errors or warning in Monitoring we could get the referrer. Here's my use case: A page renders a Razor error I know it's page ID 123 - I know I have to do something about it I don't know which pages are link ...
Nuno Aguiar
20/07/2020 10:51:22
Last post: 17/11/2023 13:30:13
Feature request: parameterized integration jobs
Hi there, In more and more sites I work on I have found the need to parameterize jobs to run the same job with different data. The use cases are typically around importing from multiple ERP systems or ERP companies, or importing into multiple languag ...
Imar Spaanjaars
03/11/2023 09:48:43
Last post: 03/11/2023 10:11:26
Smart search: value options
Hi In smart search we today have these that relate to value or order Total value of orders Largest order total price Last order date Orders placed in the last 30 day ...
Thomas Jensen
02/11/2023 10:25:51
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Lower severity on accessing pages with permissions
Hi, We have a high number of "Errors" in Monitoring, a lot of them caused by "normal/expected" behavior of opening a page that has permissions and then rendering the Sign in template. Could this be lowered to an Info or Warning? F ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/10/2023 16:57:16
Last post: 30/10/2023 14:01:07
Small Improvements to Event Viewer
Hi, After having had to spend some time in the Event Viewer for an issue, I'd like to report some optimizations for it (fine if it's just in DW10) When you filter by a category and/or change paging size the sort order is not remembered. More  ...
Nuno Aguiar
30/10/2023 13:48:06
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Scheduled Task with more than 1 action
Hi, I really like the way of working described here, it opens up a lot of flexibility. After working on a couple of use cases, I think th ...
Justin Sjouw
23/10/2023 09:55:57
Last post: 25/10/2023 14:37:59
Add option to add UserAddresses to AccessUserGroup on UserProvider
Hi DW, We have a scenario where we want to save addresses on user groups in our import. In our import we only get information about the debtor, which we via XSLT change from an AccessUser to a AccessUserGroup. The actual users we don't know anyth ...
Mikkel Hammer
18/10/2023 16:31:09
Last post: 25/10/2023 13:11:43
Attach discount rules to stock locations
Hi guys, One of our customer has differing discounts between his multiple stores. We would like to be able to sync those discount rules over to Dynamicweb, both in order to improve performance on product list pages as well as being able to use them i ...
Arnór Halldórsson
14/04/2023 11:32:26
Last post: 15/10/2023 17:39:01
Non purchasable / Catalog only Product type
Hi, More than often we have where products cannot be purchased, whether that's temporarily or always. For example: Coming soon products Old products We have built some workaround over the years, but what would be much better is to have a brand ne ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/10/2023 11:16:01
Last post: 10/10/2023 13:49:08
Control which orderline fields are used in CanBeMerged comparison
Hi, We use OrderFieldValues to store values from customer's input and sometimes custom values that are available when product is added to cart. The CanBeMerged method compares the OrderFieldValues property between orderlines. We would like to ask ...
Mario Santos
09/10/2023 15:35:30
Last post: 10/10/2023 13:32:05
Index category field names
Dear Dynamicweb, It would be nice to have the category field names indexed in the product index and not only the values as it seems like we cannot search for a category field name. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
28/09/2023 15:32:29
Last post: 04/10/2023 19:23:11
Monitoring > Health > User management > Duplicate usernames
Hi, In Integration projects, when a bad setup is performed, it is common to end up with duplicate usernames. Can a check be made for it? Something like SELECT AccessUserUsername, AccessUserShopId, COUNT(*) FROM AccessUser GROUP BY AccessUserUsername, ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/07/2023 14:08:35
Last post: 29/09/2023 10:23:29
Change naming of "empty rows" and "empty columns"
Hi, I have been explaining the visual editor to many people, and there is almost always some confusion about the concept of "empty" rows and columns. I understand that these need to be distuinghuised from template rows and columns, and sinc ...
Justin Sjouw
26/09/2023 22:31:28
Last post: 29/09/2023 10:08:45
Clear cache with Data Integration Job
Hi, It would be great that in the Data Integration app, just like we do in the Deployment tool, we could have a list of the Services Caches we could clear. We do a lot of imports, some with the SQL Provider (meaning, not using Ecom or User providers) ...
Nuno Aguiar
29/11/2022 10:30:10
Last post: 26/09/2023 07:45:46
Set net price for customers
Dear Dynamicweb, I am missing an option to set a price in EcomPrices, to be a "net price" that does not allow any further discounts from the discount calculations. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
19/09/2023 14:45:25
Last post: 25/09/2023 09:59:37
2 factor authentication
Hi, Are there any plans to implement 2 factor authentication (with the Google authenticator app or the Microsoft authenticator app) in the Extranet (and Admin) login? Kind regards, Ben ...
Ben Doorn
08/11/2017 14:35:06
Last post: 25/09/2023 09:00:35
UPS OAuth 2.0 Support
UPS is ending support for their current API authentication and is moving to OAuth 2.0. As of June 3, 2023 they stopped issuing older API Keys and will sunset support for them in June 2024. Will DW support the new OAuth security model (or does it alre ...
George Jaros
18/09/2023 18:23:15
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