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Important:  Consent module - any plans yet?
Are there any plans on how to implement a consent module for the new GDPR? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/11/2017 14:55:00
Last post: 31/07/2018 10:14:20
Swift, row width
Hi :) It would be nice to have a few more options for row width. In some situations, the smallest is too narrow and the next option is too wide, so a couple of options in between, for example 50% and 75% width. ...
Suzi Louring
31/03/2023 12:36:41
Last post: 01/04/2023 13:49:11
Business Central Integration : Filtering Contacts when using Business Central Plugin Unit
Hi I have a Customer Case, where the contacts in Business Central are linked to users in DynamicWeb. But not all of the contacts in Business Central are users in DynamicWeb, so I would like to be able to filter the contacts before they are synched to ...
Søren Bøgelund
21/03/2023 12:52:07
Last post: 31/03/2023 11:22:26
Handling for Contained databases and collations
Hello, With hosting in Azure databases, we run into Containment and Collation issues from time to time. I just ran into an issue again where I couldn't edit any of the integration Endpoints from the backend. When trying to make a change, it throw ...
Scott Forsyth
10/03/2023 16:11:38
Last post: 23/03/2023 21:45:40
User management
To collect registrations to the newsletter subscription we make use of the extranet module. This one creates a user in the system in the group ‘newsletter’. In case of an existing user, he/she will be placed within the ‘newsletter&r ...
Gert Janssen
13/03/2023 17:01:30
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"Select all" for images in Detail view mode
Hi guys, We have received a request from one of our customers that;s using heavily the PIM functionality. They need a "Select all" option for images when in Detail view mode, similar to the one available in list view mode: Is this possible? ...
Adrian Ursu
10/03/2023 15:50:18
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Add DeliveryAddressId and CustomerAddressId in OrderViewModel
Hi, Would it be possible to have the DeliveryAddressId and CustomerAddressId field in an OrderViewModel? Thank you ...
Pedro Meias
27/02/2023 18:32:47
Last post: 09/03/2023 16:18:26
Assortments with Units
Hi, We have a B2B project where we need to setup Units in assortments, meaning, an Assortment may have to only work with a given Unit for a specific product/variant. This seems like a fairly common business logic (at least in the USA), in which case, ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/10/2020 15:21:27
Last post: 09/03/2023 00:58:37
Extranet app - Secondary User
Hi, It would be great if the Extranet App could allow us to choose between the Primary and Secondary User, that way we could easily View Profile, Edit Profile and Manage addresses directly on the Secondary User while he is impersonating/managing an a ...
Nuno Aguiar
23/12/2022 16:52:25
Last post: 03/03/2023 17:00:16
Information about quantity in cart in ProductViewModel
Hi guys, We often receive request to display the quantity in the cart for products, either in ProductList or in ProductDetail. It would be helpful to have this information in the ProductViewModel. Or at least a very efficient method for getting this  ...
Adrian Ursu
01/03/2023 09:36:34
Last post: 01/03/2023 20:57:58
Add favorite lists to WebAPI
Hi We have a customer running DW 9 headless where we have to implement product favorites. It would be great to have favorite list management added to the webapi so we don't have to create a custom solution for this. ...
Tor Leeberg
09/01/2023 07:57:47
Last post: 28/02/2023 12:36:10
If your at the backend login screen choose "Dansk" as language, there is a discrepancy between Ecommerce and PIM when it comes to the use of decimal separator. If you in PIM try to use comma as decimal separator, it is not accepted. This ap ...
Morten Snedker
24/02/2023 10:37:17
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Searchbox value is still there after refresh of page in admin mode
Hi, When searching for a product and then do something else (close tab, close browser etc) and then go in to admin mode again the last search value is still in the searchbox. It is very annoying if you for example search for something that does not e ...
Andreas Pettersson
22/02/2023 12:53:46
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Show TrackAndTraceParameters on OrderViewModel
Hi, Currently on an OrderViewModel we only have TrackAndTraceUrl, TrackAndTraceName and TrackAndTraceNumber. Currently if we need other attributes we need to call the API. Can other track and trace attributes be made visible in the OrderViewModel? Th ...
Pedro Meias
31/01/2023 15:11:53
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Feature requst - PIM - Undo button / pick earlier version
Hi, We have a customer, which have talked about a need when working in the PIM. They have experienced saving products, where they have needed to "undo changes". The best scenario would be an option to select a earlier version of the given p ...
Marie Louise Veigert
30/01/2023 15:37:39
Last post: 30/01/2023 16:01:20
Add validation errors to order log
Dear Dynamicweb, It will be very great to have order validation errors added to OrderDebuggingInfo, to be able to see if some users are blocked due to our validations and understand why a field is not validated. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
25/01/2023 12:34:54
Last post: 25/01/2023 12:37:59
Feature Request: Setting to allow/disallow Buying products that are out of stock
Hi DynamicWeb Up until now it has been neccessary to manipulate Cart and Product Catalog templates if you want to disallow to buy products that are not on stock It would be nice with a Setting for DW 9 - either on Website Ecommerce Setting and/or on  ...
Anett Nissen
25/10/2022 11:33:00
Last post: 12/01/2023 15:35:22
Main search by categories
Hi, It would be nice that the main search in the header of the page would be able to search by a category product. This way, a selector would be displayed to choose the product category, with "All" products selected by default. At the backe ...
Tomas Gomez
09/01/2023 13:06:23
Last post: 09/01/2023 14:12:32
After dataimport subscriber
Dear Dynamicweb, We are often missing a notification subscriber which can tell us that data is imported in e.g. the Dynamicwebprovider sqlTransaction.Commit(); // Please add a subscriber here! if (!DisableCacheClearing) { Ecommerce.Common.Application ...
Anders Ebdrup
29/11/2022 12:42:01
Last post: 09/01/2023 10:37:52
BC integration: Extend Units request
Per documentation it's currently possible to get Units from eg. Business Central with t ...
Michael Knudsen
02/01/2023 10:50:23
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