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Important:  Consent module - any plans yet?
Are there any plans on how to implement a consent module for the new GDPR? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/11/2017 14:55:00
Last post: 31/07/2018 10:14:20
Add favorite lists to WebAPI
Hi We have a customer running DW 9 headless where we have to implement product favorites. It would be great to have favorite list management added to the webapi so we don't have to create a custom solution for this. ...
Tor Leeberg
09/01/2023 07:57:47
Last post: 26/01/2023 08:41:14
Add validation errors to order log
Dear Dynamicweb, It will be very great to have order validation errors added to OrderDebuggingInfo, to be able to see if some users are blocked due to our validations and understand why a field is not validated. Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
25/01/2023 12:34:54
Last post: 25/01/2023 12:37:59
Extranet app - Secondary User
Hi, It would be great if the Extranet App could allow us to choose between the Primary and Secondary User, that way we could easily View Profile, Edit Profile and Manage addresses directly on the Secondary User while he is impersonating/managing an a ...
Nuno Aguiar
23/12/2022 16:52:25
Last post: 13/01/2023 04:03:07
Feature Request: Setting to allow/disallow Buying products that are out of stock
Hi DynamicWeb Up until now it has been neccessary to manipulate Cart and Product Catalog templates if you want to disallow to buy products that are not on stock It would be nice with a Setting for DW 9 - either on Website Ecommerce Setting and/or on  ...
Anett Nissen
25/10/2022 11:33:00
Last post: 12/01/2023 15:35:22
Main search by categories
Hi, It would be nice that the main search in the header of the page would be able to search by a category product. This way, a selector would be displayed to choose the product category, with "All" products selected by default. At the backe ...
Tomas Gomez
09/01/2023 13:06:23
Last post: 09/01/2023 14:12:32
After dataimport subscriber
Dear Dynamicweb, We are often missing a notification subscriber which can tell us that data is imported in e.g. the Dynamicwebprovider sqlTransaction.Commit(); // Please add a subscriber here! if (!DisableCacheClearing) { Ecommerce.Common.Application ...
Anders Ebdrup
29/11/2022 12:42:01
Last post: 09/01/2023 10:37:52
BC integration: Extend Units request
Per documentation it's currently possible to get Units from eg. Business Central with t ...
Michael Knudsen
02/01/2023 10:50:23
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Support {ProductManufacturer} tag in PIMs Auto Checkin feature
Hi, As the header says, it would be nice to have support for the ProductManufacturer tag in the Auto Checkin feature. We have customer who wants to display manuals and susch from Manufacturers and it woulod be very nice to be able to handle thise the ...
Aki Ruuskanen
22/12/2022 09:10:08
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Vertical alignment control for component wrapper
Please provide a vertical alignment or layout control (top, middle, or bottom) for the component settings (Fig. 1). Figure 1 Sample use case: Examples of existing controls on other item types that would fulfill this need: ...
Melissa Borgmann
21/12/2022 20:36:33
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OrderDeleted in /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/{secret}
Can you please add "Deleted" True/False in the API response for /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/{secret} It is possible to fetch a deleted cart now as long as you have the secret, and the endpoint return the cart object. So it should either return a ...
Martin Moen
18/12/2022 12:47:26
Last post: 18/12/2022 14:15:28
Forms for Editors - Automatic values from secondary user
Hi, We use the concept of impersonation a lot (almost 100% of our projects) and when using Forms for Editors we sometimes need to pre-populate with the "Impersonator's" info. So it would be great, if for the Automatic values of a field  ...
Nuno Aguiar
16/12/2022 13:06:20
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Sort - Familyvariants
Hi, I have couple of customer who would need to sort family variants in PIM. I can solve it but would be nice to have it as a standard feature. Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/12/2022 14:03:21
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Clear cache with Data Integration Job
Hi, It would be great that in the Data Integration app, just like we do in the Deployment tool, we could have a list of the Services Caches we could clear. We do a lot of imports, some with the SQL Provider (meaning, not using Ecom or User providers) ...
Nuno Aguiar
29/11/2022 10:30:10
Last post: 05/12/2022 17:03:52
Swift Cart refresh
Hey, In Swift when a user is changing the number of some item the whole page is refreshing which means that it goes back to the top. Maybe it can be improved in the next versions of Swift 🙂 ...
Wictor Wieczorek
16/11/2022 11:13:02
Last post: 01/12/2022 09:27:57
Ability to add custom fields to prices
Hi! We have a customer requesting the ability to mark prices up as "Campaign" prices and we would like to have the ability to create custom fields on prices to solve this task. We have the ability to add a new field to the EcomPrices table, ...
Vincent Gercke
28/11/2022 23:34:08
Last post: 01/12/2022 09:26:58
Add option to categorize assortments
Hi there, I have a few solutions with many assortments (eventually up to maybe a few hundred). Currently, they are all listed as one long list: Can you add an option to categorize them? In its simplest form it could be like how item types are categor ...
Imar Spaanjaars
15/11/2022 08:22:29
Last post: 25/11/2022 13:19:45
Email Marketing template - not create new page
Hi, It would be great to choose whether a new page should be duplicated when creating a new email from an Email Marketing template. We have customer using Email Marketing templates. In their scenario the template already has a page set. Their scenari ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/11/2022 13:06:13
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Page name editable with Item as Page
Hi, When you has an Item as a Page and you assign an Item field to the the Page title, everything works beatifully when you are editing the Item. We've run into situations where users go to the Page's properties to updates a few things, among others  ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/06/2018 16:41:37
Last post: 24/11/2022 14:28:25
Facets and Free text search setup made easier in DW10
Hi, One of my struggles getting new users to understand Queries and Facets, is in setting up filters and search. Facets I understand and love the ability to pick the query parameter and field and facet name separately, but that also less common than  ...
Nuno Aguiar
15/11/2022 11:03:39
Last post: 15/11/2022 12:39:11