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Dynamicweb API adding Custom Api to Swagger list
i want to add my custom api to the swagger doc Done the ApiRegistrationBase api is working fine with /dwapi/brand/..... let me know what i missed Thanks ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
28/05/2021 11:53:02
Last post: 03/06/2021 15:04:54
Update add-in parameter value in code on BatchIntegrationScheduledTaskAddIn
I have a custom BatchIntegrationScheduledTaskAddIn with a datetime parameter that I need to update when the batch integration executes. I have tried using the SetValue method, without any luck. I have also found some forum post regarding this where i ...
Espen Strømsnes
25/05/2021 22:08:36
Last post: 25/05/2021 22:21:19
Plurals in search
Hi, We have a customer who would like to have a search that understands plural forms of words. For example if the word "Hinge" gets in some searchresults, then the word "Hinges" should render the same results. Would that be achieved with the synonyms ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/05/2021 11:12:20
Last post: 21/05/2021 12:34:01
Avoiding redirects in rewritemaps.config
Hi, We have a lot of unwanted recyclings of the ApplicationPool. According support, a bunch of redirects that we have in the "rewritemaps.config" file may eventually cause the recyclings. The meaning of the redirectes is that the "GroupsPage" has to  ...
Tomas Gomez
05/05/2021 10:59:13
Last post: 07/05/2021 12:00:07
Access to order fields
Hello All I have a task to update existing form in cart first step. Need to create Selection field with 2 options (private customer and business customer) if choose business, then appear new inputfield for CVR number. Don't know if I'm doing right. I ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
30/04/2021 23:12:46
Last post: 30/04/2021 23:13:09
Adding UserParameterEditor in custom TaxProvider fails
Hi Dynamicweb, I'm trying to add an AddInParameter with the type of Dynamicweb.Extensibility.Editors.UserParameterEditor in our custom TaxProvider. It is not possible because the page is missing a javascript-file (UserSelector.js), which is included  ...
Niels Foldager
20/04/2021 16:25:24
Last post: 18/05/2021 13:48:13
New discount type with DiscountExtender
Hey, I have a customer that wants custom discounts - specifically, thet want "buy 60 get 10" where both the "buy" amount and the "discount" amount is configurable. As far as I can tell, DiscountExtenders can only be used to determine if a discount ap ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
15/04/2021 13:11:35
Last post: 06/09/2021 07:29:56
NullReferenceException ProductsAndGroupsHandler.AddHandlerToCache
We are encountering some instances of the below error, looks like some missing null checks on your behalf in the AddHandlerToCache method Origin: LogEventBeforeSave - Action: Parsing - Category: Application - ExceptionType: NullReferenceException - D ...
Unnsteinn Garðarsson
07/04/2021 11:01:04
Last post: 07/04/2021 12:42:48
Fee rules in TaxProvider
Dear Dynamicweb, We working with the Taxprovider and need to have different fees for different order totals - more a less like the fee table under the shipping provider: So is there a way to implement a table ...
Anders Ebdrup
06/04/2021 22:13:42
Last post: 07/04/2021 17:47:09
Best way to to check if a product should render
Hi, We are importing some ledgers/invoices and all works well. Doing so we have some products that are visible on the website and others that are not (although they are in PIM). For example: Product A - has a Product detail page Product B - does not  ...
Nuno Aguiar
31/03/2021 11:18:51
Last post: 31/03/2021 11:32:56
DWAPI: Pageviews fails
Hi Dynamicweb We are working with the DWAPI here: But the frontpage (ID: 6279) is failing with this exception: O ...
Anders Ebdrup
30/03/2021 09:52:10
Last post: 08/04/2021 16:32:13
Autogeneration of ID on EcomProductField
Hi How is autogeneration of IDs on tables (e.g. EcomProductField) controlled, when creating the field in backend? We have some cases after export/import of test/prod databases where these generations are out of sync causing a duplicate error when try ...
Chris Søgaard
22/03/2021 13:46:11
Last post: 22/03/2021 13:54:15
Pageview is Product Detail page
Hi, What is the best way to check if the user is in the product detail page? Right now I am: Using an Page.AfterRender notification (because I just need to log a few things, so nothing that would impact the HTML) Checking if the ProductId query param ...
Nuno Aguiar
19/03/2021 17:49:07
Last post: 22/03/2021 11:07:20
A little SQL help needed
Hi I am trying to delete all form data, older than 30 days. As i see it, a formdata is mainly stored in two tables. The FormSubmit, and the FormSubmitData. The refernece between the two tables is FormSubmitId in the FormSubmit table and the FormSubmi ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
19/03/2021 16:36:47
Last post: 20/03/2021 08:11:31
Any other built-in option for user authentication in DW?
Hi We are currently trying to setup a frontend application (Nuxt.js), which should communicate with an API set up in a Dynamicweb. The main reason for the API to be setup in DW, is so we can utilize the user management and handle authentication throu ...
Torben Bak Jensen
19/03/2021 08:02:42
Last post: 19/03/2021 11:21:17
Page Notification twice with different Item field types
Hi, Working on a brand new Rapido 3.4 installation in 9.10.0 (no custom code nor changes besides the following) I noticed 2 strange things: Page Save (and PageOnBeforeSave) notifications are triggered twice Is this by design? And if so, how can I che ...
Nuno Aguiar
16/03/2021 16:58:44
Last post: 22/03/2021 10:57:38
Product detail URL based on ProductNumber
Hi guys, I need to create a simple and stable way of accessing a ProductDetail page using the ProductNumber. What would be the best way to achieve that? I don't want to affect the current friendlyUrls. they need to work in parallel. Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
10/03/2021 15:55:49
Last post: 11/03/2021 10:51:09
Templatetags throw nullreference exception from module (Dynamicweb.Frontend.Content)
Hi, We have a project where attempting to use TemplateTags() to display all available templatetags gives us an error in the frontend: An error occurred while attaching module (Dynamicweb.Frontend.Content) System.NullReferenceException: Object referen ...
Frederik Rossen
01/03/2021 12:43:24
Last post: 01/06/2021 11:10:10
Access OrderContext carts outside of Cart module
Hi guys, I need to be able to access the OrderContext carts outside of the Cart module, in Rapido. Mainly, In the Minicart block. I would use the API for this purpose but I could not find a suitable way. What I need is very basic information. I need  ...
Adrian Ursu
25/02/2021 14:24:12
Last post: 25/02/2021 16:18:59
Recalculate order on unit change in cart
Hi guys, I have a project where I have products with different prices depending on the Unit. In my case, the unit is actually connected to the delivery county (don't ask me why). The requirement is to display the price and allow users to add to cart  ...
Adrian Ursu
18/02/2021 10:39:47
Last post: 18/02/2021 16:55:45