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Documentation for Excel Exporter
Hi, Is there any documentation available for the Excel Exporter? We had this link, but it seems it's not available anymore. Thank you. ...
Pedro Meias
15/11/2022 13:00:32
Last post: 29/11/2022 14:50:56
How to apply customer specific information from a PriceProvider
Hi there, I have a project where the remote ERP determines if a product can be sold to the currently selected ship to country. For example, it can be that a customer can see / order a product when they ship to country X but not when they ship it to c ...
Imar Spaanjaars
13/11/2022 20:29:41
Last post: 14/11/2022 10:12:03
Control height of drop down parameter in scheduled task
Hi there, I have a scheduled task with a DropDownParameterEditor on a parameter. No matter what I try, I can't seem to change the height of the drop down: The HTML is as follows: <select size="4" name="Repositories_index_update& ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/11/2022 19:30:30
Last post: 06/11/2022 19:37:46
Stored Procedures and Data Lists
Hi, (Not sure if the right category) We have a stored procedure that runs perfectly in SQL Firehose, but Data lists does not return anything. The stored procedure is creating some temp tables, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. At least ...
Nuno Aguiar
04/11/2022 13:19:56
Last post: 07/11/2022 12:47:13
Total price dont get recalculated when quantity gets changed
In DW 9.13.12 We have been experiencing problems with the total line price not getting updated if the quantity is changed, in the cart, after the line have been added. When adding the order line the total is calculated correctly: cartjson?redirect=fa ...
Lasse Larsen
01/11/2022 11:14:02
Last post: 01/11/2022 15:45:55
Live Integration PriceProvider and ProductViewModel
Hi, We have a custom Live Integration (extended on top of the standard one) to handle some of our common needs. We've done this years ago and it's working just fine with template tags and whenever we instantiate a Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Product ...
Nuno Aguiar
19/10/2022 20:22:44
Last post: 25/10/2022 18:45:23
PreparePrices and FindPrice behaving oddly
Hi community, I’m experiencing an odd behaviour with PreparePrices and FindPrice when doing searches. Mainly where the searchresults contains products with lots of variants. In this case it is a Rapido-based solution. (I have locally upgraded t ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/09/2022 15:55:25
Last post: 14/09/2022 18:04:02
Problems with extranet login & logout (DW 9.3.8)
Hi, One of our clients has made some content changes to their solution (DW 9.3.8 - DWsimple) and is now experiencing problems with the extranet module when logging in and out from the frontend. I have posted an image of the error message below. For s ...
Nicolai Jessen
14/09/2022 13:37:33
Last post: 14/09/2022 17:18:38
Bug when the PriceProvider is called after upgrading to 9.13.11
Hello, After upgrading to 9.13.11 we saw that the prices weren't retrieved in cart anymore using the price provider, while in the product list or product detail everything was fine. After debugging we saw that for the price provider call in the c ...
Emil Dumitrescu
25/08/2022 13:41:02
Last post: 26/08/2022 11:38:14
Hi Have some development tasks and find out that ProductsService class methods throw System.ArgumentNullException example from custom scheduled task ProductServices, same is ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
24/08/2022 15:54:04
Last post: 25/08/2022 09:54:34
BOM and custom taxes
Hi, I have products configured as parts lists (BOM), and would like to add a custom tax (Weee), when adding the product to the cart (using a notification subscriber). It is not working, as it seems this is only possible if the products is of type &qu ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
23/08/2022 13:17:50
Last post: 26/08/2022 21:08:56
DWAPI add item to cart not working any longer
Hi, Since v9.13.6 the api to add products to a cart is no longer working (was working in v9.13.5): /dwapi/ecommerce/carts/{secret}/items with payload: ProductId:{productid} Quantity: 1 Returns: "The product does not exist." The product does ...
Jon Thorne
22/08/2022 14:06:28
Last post: 22/09/2022 21:36:16
Best and most efficient way to update product stock?
Dear Dynamicweb, We are looking into a way to have event based product stock updates in Dynamicweb from the ERP system, and are trying to do this in a efficient way without compromising performance on the site. Right now we expose a webapi loads the  ...
Anders Ebdrup
15/08/2022 13:57:05
Last post: 16/08/2022 15:37:47
Calling /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{productId}?FilledProperties=StandardFields gives NullReferenceException
Hi DW, As the title states, calling /dwapi/ecommerce/products/{productId}?FilledProperties=StandardFields gives this error (i've attached it as a picture aswell for better readability): { "Message": "An error has occurred.", & ...
Mikkel Hammer
10/08/2022 12:34:50
Last post: 11/08/2022 12:41:16
Register new activities in Audit
Hi guys, I was wondering if I can extend the Audit section to support additional events. I am thinking specifically about a change of workflow status, for example. Is this possible? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
28/07/2022 14:17:31
Last post: 08/08/2022 13:57:49
Avoid System.Web in custom webapi
Hi, We are building some custom webapi's and are trying to get rid of the System.web dependencies, much like we do with all Razor templates. I looked at some recent threads such as ...
Nuno Aguiar
26/07/2022 11:25:22
Last post: 27/07/2022 10:14:38
Null exception from FillRow in UserRepository
I have a solution that has started throwing null exceptions when trying to save users: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Dynamicweb.Security.UserManagement.UserRepository.FillRow(DataRow row, User ...
Tor Leeberg
21/07/2022 11:13:55
Last post: 25/07/2022 07:30:59
Convert translations.xml to excel file
Hi, We have a client who wants to do all the translations in an excel file. Is there a way to convert translations.xml to Excel file and then convert back to Xml and upload to DW? BR, Ricardo P. ...
Ricardo Pereira
19/07/2022 13:06:29
Last post: 19/07/2022 13:08:49
Get ProductCategoryField options through API
Hi guys, Is there an easy way to access all options of a specific ProductCategoryField via the API? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
14/07/2022 16:48:33
Last post: 31/07/2022 18:19:48
Custom Shipping Provider AddIn
Hello I'm trying to implement a custom shipping provider to an installation of DW, a provider where you select pickup location in the cart etc.. I'm struggling to finde any example of how this is done, using the ShippingProvider AddIn I'm ...
Allan Roel
28/06/2022 15:30:01
Last post: 29/06/2022 08:36:01