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Show manufacturer name instead of id
Can someone help me out with showing manufacturer name istead of Id? I can only pick id, but I want to display the name instead :) ...
Eva Sommer
27/06/2022 11:27:47
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Split test not working
Hi! We're trying to make a split test, but every person we test it with only gets page 1, no one ever gets page 2. It has worked on the same solutions earlier, and we've tried with several different solutions. Any ideas why it suddenly doesn& ...
Eva Marie Agerlund
20/06/2022 12:58:02
Last post: 23/06/2022 03:08:28
Trouble with sitemap and “Redirect first page to ‘/’”
Hi Dynamicweb. We a multisite setup using the custom URL setting “Ensure unique paths for each area”, where each site as a unique domain (See attachment). Since we have multiple pages named the same on each page, and we would like to avoi ...
Daniel Hollmann
07/04/2022 10:28:05
Last post: 17/06/2022 10:53:14
Tiny MCE does not see value in editor
Hi Guys, I remember I have seen a similar post before but I cannot find it anymore. I apologize if it's gonna be a duplicate post. I have a solution running on DW 9.13.5. I am using (or trying to) TIny MCE as editor from the RichText ItemField. I ...
Adrian Ursu
16/06/2022 19:39:31
Last post: 17/06/2022 03:25:28
Endpoint Management - Description field does not allow certain chars
Some chars (or combinations hereof) are not allowed in the Description field. Example: Apply <GetEcomData Qty="10000"> to the description field. Click "Save and close" The "error" shows: ...
Morten Snedker
14/06/2022 10:32:55
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Products are not adding to cart for one user.
Hello, We have a weird situation that we have some form with order custom fields and adding to cart button, everything was working fine. For all env it's working fine except for one user on production. When we click add to cart it is reloading pa ...
Adrian Lesik
13/06/2022 15:27:34
Last post: 14/06/2022 10:01:54
Product Query sorting ignored
Hi, I set an sort on a product query but it seems to ignore the sort. If i set the sort on the productcatalog i see the sort working. Shouldnt the sort u set on the query be the default , and that u can override it on the productcatalog? Setting in t ...
Brian Bolks
12/05/2022 17:17:26
Last post: 10/06/2022 09:24:15
Issues on the internal links of the emails
Hi, We detected wrong behaviours in the internal links of the emails. We work on DW 9.13.7 with Swift 1.6.1. The link "View in browser" is Ok when testing the mail as a page, but it is broken in the received email at the email server The li ...
Tomas Gomez
07/06/2022 15:10:33
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Reverse proxy
Hi Dynamicweb, Does anyone have experience with setting up Dynamicweb behind a reverse proxy server? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
16/06/2016 09:49:34
Last post: 03/06/2022 02:54:22
E-mail allowed/consent
Hey Guys, I am trying to setup a newsletter for a B2B company. Since they would like to e-mail existing customers, no consent is required. So I have setup a user for testing with the checkbox for e-mail permisison: Created an e-mail where the consent ...
Justin Sjouw
01/06/2022 15:22:23
Last post: 02/06/2022 11:43:18
Email marketing placeholders
Hi Guys, Where can I find a list with all email marketing placeholder? This page from the documentation site returns a 404: Thanks, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
24/03/2017 14:11:21
Last post: 01/06/2022 11:06:59
Is it possible to hide user fields from editor/admin?
I have found this setting » System » Control Panel » Users » Item types » MyUsers Where it appears that I can select what is visible in the users admin area, but i can´t find where i can "attach" this to  ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
26/04/2022 13:00:18
Last post: 01/06/2022 11:06:01
GetImage.ashx fails with .Net error
Hi When GetImage.ashx is called in a tempate on one of our servers the error below appears. What can we do to fix that? ...
Lars Larsen
31/05/2022 15:47:17
Last post: 01/06/2022 10:56:53
Timeouts when sending large amounts of emails
Hello, We're struggling with large mailings with a large number of recipients. This is the same project that I brought up a few months ago. The site is only able to send about 1200 emails at a time before it times out. Clicking on Retry will comp ...
Scott Forsyth
25/05/2022 23:42:01
Last post: 27/05/2022 20:35:25
Scheduled task to send SMS reminders
Hi, Is there an easy way to use Scheduled task to send SMS reminders every day by using the SMS app? Or should I use datalist with an email to SMS setup? Thanx NC ...
Niels Christian Aaes
23/05/2022 14:07:06
Last post: 23/05/2022 22:49:45
Navigation settings not working correctly
Hi, I believe there's an issue with Navigation settings (although this is being detected in Swift). Consider Swift's Facets Paragraph/Column and the ability to enable Group Navigation. The label suggests Groups only, but the behavior is showi ...
Nuno Aguiar
23/05/2022 15:20:57
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Forum module
Hi guys, I have received a request to implement a Forum on an existing site. I know the Forum module is pretty old and I have only implemented it partially a very long time ago. Is this module still valid and safe to use in the long run? Does it stil ...
Adrian Ursu
19/05/2022 13:44:28
Last post: 21/05/2022 10:52:04
How to clear locked users
Hello, When someone is locked out due to too many invalid login attempts, where is that data stored and how do we unlock a user manually? This comes up from time to time and I would like to know how to unlock that user. Thanks, Scott ...
Scott Forsyth
20/05/2022 15:10:38
Last post: 21/05/2022 00:14:28
"No layout selected" when using Visual Editor
Hi guys, We have noticed that the "No layout selected" message is displayed even if the layout is selected on the website settings. The problem seems to be related to the use case where we have multiple websites with different domains and t ...
Adrian Ursu
11/08/2021 13:31:46
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QueryPublisher not returnins results with some terms
i, I have a very weird scenario using 9.13.6 in Rapido. We have a list of accounts we can impersonate If I search for "wil" I get results If I search for "will" I get 0 results If I search for "willo" I start getting res ...
Nuno Aguiar
11/05/2022 18:40:03
Last post: 18/05/2022 16:20:47