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Export and Import content translations
Hi, A customer has a requirement that content should be exported, then translated by an agency, and imported again. The only thing I could find was to use the Deployment tool, export a site as a package, and send all Item.json files to the agency, an ...
Justin Sjouw
26/09/2023 17:01:57
Last post: 26/09/2023 17:40:35
Save user without raise "UserSaved" event
Hi, Is there a way I can save a user without raise the "UserSaved" event? I need to save some user data in the "Usersaved" event but dont want to fire the event again becauase an infinite loop starts. var newUser = User.GetUserByI ...
Andreas Pettersson
26/09/2023 11:10:44
Last post: 26/09/2023 14:45:25
Icons and levels of the mega menu
Hi, I would like to make a mega menu. Is there an option to add icons to level 1 of my navigation and also show level 2 of de navigation? It's about everything that's underneath the products. You can see what I mean in the screenshot. Thank y ...
Caro De Weze
25/09/2023 16:19:27
Last post: 26/09/2023 08:30:40
Extranet app does not set AccessUserItemType and AccessUserItemId
Hi, I am using the extranet app to add new users to a specific group. But it does not set the fields: AccessUserItemType and AccessUserItemId in database But when i add through backend a user in that specific group i get values in those fields. Why d ...
Andreas Pettersson
25/09/2023 11:24:55
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Password Reset link not generated on preview
Hi guys, I have setup a new System email page with the new logic for creating Password reset links. I have defined an Email campaign using the forementioned page and I am now trying to test the functionality. I have tried both the preview and the reg ...
Adrian Ursu
18/09/2023 11:49:11
Last post: 25/09/2023 10:38:56
Users get logged out even with Login cookie set up for 7 days
Hi! We have a problem where we have set up the Login cookie to be available for 7 days but users still get logged out after only 1 day. After testing myself I found that when closing the browser entirely 2 times ( don't know why I don't get l ...
Mavrichi Marian
22/09/2023 14:30:06
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Level group list on product detail page
Hi, I noticed that the group list on a product detail page starts from level 3 and if I want to change it to level 2 I have to do this in the code. Can this not be made configurable? Regards, Caro ...
Caro De Weze
20/09/2023 10:05:53
Last post: 20/09/2023 13:55:47
Unable to create mail from template. Standard pages are Not allowed.
Hi guys, I have created a new Email template using one of the new page Item types for Emails. The template is saved correctly but when I try to create a new email based on it, I get this message: "Unable to create mail from template. The page se ...
Adrian Ursu
18/09/2023 11:43:21
Last post: 18/09/2023 12:52:00
Including product URLs in sitemap - either too many og none?
Hello there, The below has been tested on DW 9.15.11. We have some challenges with including product URLs in the Sitemap. If we choose not to activate "Use new URL providers for sitemap.xml nodes", then we will not get any of the product UR ...
Allan Iversen
11/09/2023 09:11:30
Last post: 14/09/2023 13:12:57
Error when creating redirect record
Receiving an error when adding redirects (see below) - anything that jumps out that could be causing this? Repro video and steps below. Navigate to Settings > Web and HTTP &g ...
Melissa Borgmann
28/08/2023 17:34:35
Last post: 14/09/2023 13:05:00
Carousel no loop
Hi, The loop of the carousel is not working at the last slide. That is, clicking the left arrow at the first slide does the carousel to display the last slide, but clicking the rigth arrow at the last slide does nothing. This behaviour occurrs wheter ...
Tomas Gomez
14/09/2023 10:58:22
Last post: 14/09/2023 11:50:39
Is AccessUserPassword table still used?
Hi, An old customer of ours came across this table and wondered what this was still used for. I could not find any usage for it, meaning, no setting that would validate if a new password matched any of past X passwords. That said, could this be a dep ...
Nuno Aguiar
08/09/2023 14:03:18
Last post: 11/09/2023 11:38:30
Forms for editors e-mail receipt
Hi, Unless I misunderstand something completely, the receipt e-mails use a template with hardcoded things like the dynamicweb logo. The only way to change this is to create an custom template or to modiy one of the existing temmplates DefaultMail.csh ...
Justin Sjouw
23/03/2023 09:19:12
Last post: 08/09/2023 12:05:03
Visual Editor and block that renders an Iframe
Hi DW community. We run a site for a customer on version 9.15.4. We have quit a bit of custom blocks that the customer can insert using the visual editor. One of the blocks contains a simple section where the user can insert a Code snippet that could ...
Daniel Hollmann
30/08/2023 15:48:00
Last post: 01/09/2023 15:27:59
GetFirstModulePageForArea NullReferenceException
Hi guys, I am trying to set up a new website without any fancy templates, just a simple HTML page attached to a standard Blank page object. I have created a new Website, I have not chosen any Website ItemType, I have defined a new template folder wit ...
Adrian Ursu
30/08/2023 17:13:23
Last post: 31/08/2023 10:16:27
Password Recovery, two websites, two shops
Hi, We have a solution with two websites configured to use two different shops. Creating accounts from fronend works fine with "Send ShopId" enabled. But I have trouble getting the password recovery to work. In the template for getting a re ...
Aki Ruuskanen
28/08/2023 14:28:06
Last post: 28/08/2023 14:58:33
User selectable groups
Hi there! By default (TurnKey), does DW offers User selectable groups on Swift solution, because on Create account page that is Extranet app, there is option to add "User selectable groups"? What I mean is, can user while on registration fo ...
Ivan Bla┼żun
09/05/2023 09:41:57
Last post: 28/08/2023 13:03:09
Checkbox list field for Users
Hi guys, I have recently encountered a situation where I had to define a custom User field as a Checkbox list (Multiple selection). I have noticed that none of the current options allows for this type of setup. All options are single select: Checkbox ...
Adrian Ursu
26/08/2023 15:29:17
Last post: 28/08/2023 09:28:52
Change type custom order field
Moved to here: This post can be deleted. ...
Martin Moen
25/08/2023 15:08:37
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Possible to extend/change Forms for Editors
Hi, Is it possible to extend the functionality of Forms for Edittors? The case I'm looking at is that customer would like the content of the form to be submitted to their CRM system. Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
22/08/2023 14:43:37
Last post: 22/08/2023 14:56:46