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Error user e-mail and sendgrid
When collecting mailing statistics for a customer of ours I found out our send provider sendgrid has a high number of errors / not delivered emails on a specific email. When checking in DynamicWeb the mail says it is fully sent to all recipients. Whe ...
Danique Pos
07/05/2021 13:05:37
Last post: 07/05/2021 15:30:04
Hide error information on pages with an error
Hi, We want to avoid frontend users to see the error information whenever they get a page with an error (see attached image). The error info is not useful for them and it produces a negative feeling about the website. This could be achieved in two wa ...
Tomas Gomez
07/05/2021 12:16:37
Last post: 07/05/2021 15:16:50
Copying a new master site with multiple language variants including content
I have the following setup running on DW Version Master site 1 Language variant: 1.a Language variant: 1.b Language variant: 1.c Master site 2 (Does not exist today) Master site 2 will be a site seperate from the original, showing only conte ...
Mikkel Larsen
06/05/2021 14:50:16
Last post: 07/05/2021 08:55:20
Incorrect data in email statistics
Hi, Is there any way to prevent the OMC from registering false clicks on links, and probably also false opened registrations? While investigating an issue with the email statistics (a lot of recipients has opened all links in the e-mail), I noticed t ...
Ben Doorn
06/05/2021 11:02:16
Last post: 06/05/2021 11:43:32
External login provider and impersonation issue
When using an external login provider and after that impersonates another user the following cookie is added Name: DW_ExtranetSessionCookie Value: DWExternalLoginProviderId=1&AL=&DWExtranetImpersonateUserID=xwqtolpvMW8= If the user don’t stop ...
Thomas Larsen
24/03/2021 10:12:34
Last post: 05/05/2021 10:41:11
"Load all" not loading all anymore
Hello, After upgrading from 9.8.x to 9.10.7, the Load All functionality doesn't work correctly. There was a CSS update provided in 9.10.8 that fixed one issue, but our customer has reported a few other situations where Load All is not working. Below  ...
Scott Forsyth
02/05/2021 20:15:23
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Deployment Tool unexpected character error
Hello, We've run into an issue a couple times before and couldn't solve it and we worked around it. It just came up for me now again and I tracked down the cause, finally. When setting up a new Destination in the Deployment Tool and trying to test th ...
Scott Forsyth
30/04/2021 00:05:28
Last post: 30/04/2021 00:30:10
Create an order report in Insights
Hi guys, I am trying to create a report in the Insights section of the Marketing module to get some reports about sales. The documentation does not provide detailed instructions on how to achieve this type of report. I can see that I have 3 options:  ...
Adrian Ursu
28/04/2021 08:15:28
Last post: 29/04/2021 08:33:36
"Load All" hidden with lower browser zoom levels
Hello, One of our customers has reported that when they are at a zoom level of less than 100% (e.g. 90%), they can't see the Load All link at the bottom of the Content section. This only shows up if there is a long enough list of pages that the Load  ...
Scott Forsyth
17/04/2021 23:14:57
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Smart search: Total order value for a periode
Hi all, I have a list of orders: As you can see, Mr. Business have a total order value of $ 5.604,88 in the month April I add a smart search: So what I'm expecting with this smart search is that the system is searching for ordersvalues higher as 5700 ...
Johannes van den Berg
28/04/2021 19:26:50
Last post: 28/04/2021 20:53:09
URL override not working
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.9.6. I am trying to control the URL for some articles. I have tried using "Use in URL" and "Exact URL for this page" but none of them seem to change the URL of the page. The functionality used to work before ...
Adrian Ursu
28/04/2021 15:50:15
Last post: 28/04/2021 17:53:33
Sitemap.xml not working for cloud hosted solution
Hi guys, I have a solution hosted in Dynamicweb cloud and I have tried setting up the sitemap.xml output. All I got was an IIS page: Is there something I need to configure on my end or I just need to ask Support for help? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
28/04/2021 17:43:54
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Query sort ascending gets dropped
Hi, In 9.10.4 and 9.10.5 we came across an issue setting up the Sort in the Repository Query. If the direction is Ascending, then when the Query is loaded, it gets dropped Obviously users don't always check to see if the settings are still there and  ...
Nuno Aguiar
13/04/2021 17:54:48
Last post: 28/04/2021 10:51:31
Workflow / Draft using the Visual Editor
Hi, I am not able to get Draft mode for Rows and Paragraphs to work with the Visual Editor. Is this still a limitation of the Visual Editor? And if so, is there an estimated version to get it to work? Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
19/04/2021 12:50:05
Last post: 27/04/2021 11:25:43
Error with Index
Hi, I am having an error with rebuilding a repository, but I can't seem to find the source for it. Can anyone help me figure that out: I have multiple errors in the Monitoring tool suggesting 2 tasks with the same name I only have 1 with that name Th ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/03/2021 15:57:50
Last post: 26/04/2021 20:15:47
Service Cache error for ExternalTranslationProvider
Hello, After upgrading to 9.10.7 (with a custom Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.dll [1.10.46], but I don't believe that is the problem), I'm getting an exception trying to load the Service Cache admin tool in the backend. It fails right away before being displa ...
Scott Forsyth
25/04/2021 21:56:53
Last post: 26/04/2021 05:46:54
External Authentication Providers and password expiry
Hello, We are using OKTA on some sites for the external authentication provider. We just had some of our users get locked out due to their password expirying (expires=true was appended to the URL). However, they have been active on the site so it sho ...
Scott Forsyth
22/04/2021 00:05:19
Last post: 23/04/2021 06:37:16
SQL Firehose error
Hi guys, When I try to access SQL Firehose on one of our solutions, I get this error message Invalid object name 'ProcedureStats_1_2AF2111849E5361DC40E7BF09F09D689'. How can I resolve this? ...
Terri Donahue
25/03/2021 15:22:57
Last post: 22/04/2021 15:29:46
Most read Pages or Articles
Hi guys, Is there any way I can determine the number of visits (reads) on an Article (or a page)? I am thinking about an index property that can help me identify the "Most read" articles. Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
21/04/2021 13:04:24
Last post: 21/04/2021 18:42:36
Create new language layer - copy from
Hi When you creat a new language you can make copy from "the master language" Is there a way to copy from one of the other language layers? If making a Swiss language layer, then a copy from Deutsch - German, would be better that a copy from the Dans ...
Thomas Jensen
20/04/2021 12:14:51
Last post: 20/04/2021 17:42:45