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Users search log out from admin
Hi, For one of our shop we have a problem in admin that when we go to Users -> Search it is loading for some time and then we have information that "A secure connection could not be established" and when try to reload page or go to other ...
Adrian Lesik
24/01/2022 11:03:47
Last post: 24/01/2022 14:45:45
Predefined columns in List Mode view
Hi Is it possible some how to set a predefined set of columns for all users viewing a page in List Mode view? ...
Lars Larsen
24/01/2022 14:27:02
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Query statistics of string search
Hello, Can anyone help me to setup tracking for searches, as a search for "zenar" in the tracking gives this result, where I would expect only to have one row with the value "zenar" and not 5 separate rows for each letter. Best re ...
Anders Ebdrup
07/01/2022 11:43:50
Last post: 24/01/2022 13:14:51
Hi All, Can I check if there have a limitation on email marketing to send users per group? When I select the smart search group that has email permission (included users over 200K), it shows only the user about 40K to send out even all users have ema ...
Nay Chi Phyo
11/01/2022 07:36:19
Last post: 24/01/2022 11:36:09
ItemCreator & ItemPublisher updates can only submit 15 forms until user is banned!
Hi We've built an semi-admin interface with the ItemCreator and ItemPublisher and we've just discovered that 15 form submits with the ItemCreator is getting the user banned - found this in the System/_BannedIps.txt;2022-02-20T ...
Kevin Steffer
21/01/2022 12:01:15
Last post: 21/01/2022 14:38:50
Marketing Flows Failing
Hi, I have couple of Email Marketing Flows set up. One, for example, has three emails that be sent with 1,2 and three days of delay. That flow only sends e-mail number 2. None of the other e-mails are sent. In the System/Log/EmailMarjeting/QueueWorke ...
Aki Ruuskanen
14/01/2022 14:15:52
Last post: 21/01/2022 00:57:35
Custom reports missing data
Hello, I don't spend a lot of time in the reports so I could be missing something silly, but when I attempt to create a custom report for the last 12 months, it only shows data for January 3rd and 7th. However, if I check the database, there' ...
Scott Forsyth
07/01/2022 22:49:56
Last post: 20/01/2022 00:00:06
The e-mail cannot be empty message when editing profile (DW 9.10.17)
Hi When trying to edit a user profile on the frontend, even though the Email field is filled in, we always get the "The e-mail cannot be empty" error message This seems to only happen with users that are a Login and a Customer: https://www. ...
Fabio Monte
02/12/2021 15:48:59
Last post: 19/01/2022 20:34:23
IP post too many times Ban
Hi guys, I have seen this type of error in 2 solutions so far (at least 2 solutions I know of) and I cannot identify the issue. The traffic is legit, with no malicious intent. In both cases, the solutions are accessed by multiple users from the same  ...
Adrian Ursu
19/01/2022 09:44:50
Last post: 19/01/2022 11:46:00
Understanding Injection ban
Hi, We've had a user get banned, and the customer was asking why. I tried to make sense of the log but don't see why he would. Can you help translate it: Injection ban: Match on QueryString 404; ...
Nuno Aguiar
13/01/2022 12:06:06
Last post: 18/01/2022 16:46:45
Permissions and visual editor
Permissions and visual editor Hi dynamicweb. I have a problem with the visual editor, when I set the permission – ” Anonymous users (frontend)” to ”none”. Then I can’t use the visual editor at all, even though I ex ...
Daniel Hollmann
14/01/2022 10:59:33
Last post: 18/01/2022 01:20:13
Domains and Language settings
Hi Dynamicweb. We have a muiti site in one Dynamicweb solution, that runs both on multiple domains and in multiple language versions. The sites I kind of similar across domains, and some pages will have the same name, but on different urls. However w ...
Daniel Hollmann
11/01/2022 12:04:40
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Occasional exception in 'Files'
Hello, This may be tricky to track down but I'll report it in case there is already a fix or if this information is helpful when combined with anyone else's report. About 6 times now in the last 6 months, we've had a site (about 4 separat ...
Scott Forsyth
10/01/2022 22:50:08
Last post: 11/01/2022 06:03:17
pdf=true breaking the layout
I have a shop receipt that i want to be printable/pdf´able via pdf=true. When I use the browser print function, the design is as it should be. However, when i use pdf=true - the design breaks, and info gets stacked. See video here https://www.s ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
11/11/2021 13:47:03
Last post: 10/01/2022 22:22:20
publication date start and end in query, not showing the wanted results
HI We have a webshop, where products sometimes are set as date campaign, so that a product is active from a certain startdate to a certain enddate. But often times, there is no start or enddate set for the products. I have tried setting the query as  ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/01/2022 15:21:53
Last post: 10/01/2022 15:34:56
Forum links are broken
Hi there, I noticed that a lot of the internal (and external for that matter) links are broken. In the past, links looked like this: and now they look like  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
10/01/2022 09:46:12
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Calendar in the backend does not allow 2022
Hi, A customer using 9.10 (although it happens with 9.12 as well), cannot set dates for 2022 and beyond in the User Smart Searches Can this be fixed somehow, without having to upgrade? Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/01/2022 11:50:20
Last post: 06/01/2022 15:07:28
Language layer - Restore to default and other questions
Hi, Using 9.10.12, we have a website with 12 languages. Working with it, I'm noticing a few things: We can restore Paragraph / Item type settings, but we cannot restore the App Is this by design? Could we add this feature? https://www.screencast. ...
Nuno Aguiar
06/01/2022 10:44:44
Last post: 06/01/2022 13:42:00
How would ssgtm work with dw?
Hey, im curious How would Gtm Server-site work with DW? Should I still just use the container ID or should i use the Subdomain instead? Also is there any integration for gtm in standard DW or is it only Rapido? Best Regards, Alexander Olsen ...
Alexander Olsen
05/01/2022 12:40:52
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Repository Tasks Repeat interval
Hi, We have a customer who has been setting up (and building custom) Index Builders for various purposes. Some instances take several minutes to run and they've set Repository tasks to run at 3:00 am. It turns out that as time goes by we've b ...
Nuno Aguiar
03/01/2022 14:01:39
Last post: 03/01/2022 16:38:40