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Item Creator - is it possible to link to newly created item in notification email?
Hi When an Item is created with the item creator, is it possible to somehow link to the newly created item in the notification email? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
18/06/2020 09:23:13
Last post: 22/06/2020 21:22:48
Email failed to send correctly Error Message Explanation
Greetings, One of our customers keeps recieveing this message(Attached Image) when sending a newsletter. It seems always to be the last couple of recepients it fails on. I you click on the "Click here to retry", then it succesfully sends out the news ...
Keerthy Sethupathy
13/05/2020 06:36:27
Last post: 22/06/2020 08:48:29
Redirects do not work for two websites at once
Hi, On a project we need to set up redirects for the Danish site and the Norwegian equivalent. In some of these cases the same relative url should be redirected. Example should redirect to http://ex ...
Roald Haahr Jensen
17/06/2020 10:26:42
Last post: 22/06/2020 08:42:53
Another reCaptcha
I have request from client to implement reCaptcha! I now there was threads about it and that it is not recommended but the client wants it. I also saw the Nicolais post ( wi ...
Ivan Marijanović
16/06/2020 13:06:03
Last post: 19/06/2020 13:23:46
Autodeleting pages
Hi Is it possible to set up a recurring task that automatically deletes pages under eg. a certian parentpage, it the pages are older than x days? Sort of like what is possible for logs/folders? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
18/06/2020 11:07:20
Last post: 18/06/2020 14:58:12
Make Items created by itemcreator unalterable
Hi Is there a way to make Items created by Itemcreator unalterable? What we want is for the editor to be able to read and view the items created via ItemCreator, but they must not be able to write/alter the items that are created. Is this possible so ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
17/06/2020 03:54:38
Last post: 18/06/2020 09:04:40
Item type - set value of one field to value of another field in same item?
Proably a Long Shot, but here goes For an itemtype containing several fields, is it possible to "mirror" the value of one field to another field? Let us say that we have 2 fields. One is a free text field, where you can enter a number between 0 and 2 ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
16/06/2020 14:38:36
Last post: 16/06/2020 16:27:19
User ItemType fields readonly
Hi, When creating ItemTypes to be used as usergroup or user properties, it would be nice to be able to set fields as ReadOnly for these. As you can with regular userfields and productfields. At least I have not found a way to do it (Maybe this is a f ...
Aki Ruuskanen
17/12/2019 14:17:26
Last post: 16/06/2020 14:17:06
Editing Data Integration Job xml file causes it to break
Hi, I noticed and as soon as I try to edit a data integration job, it no longer works. I tried it locally using Notepad, Notepad++ and our IDE, with similar results. As soon as we open and save the file (even  ...
Nuno Aguiar
22/05/2020 13:38:19
Last post: 09/06/2020 20:07:52
Tracking file downloads based on users
Hi Maybe not a standard feature in Dynamicweb, but maybe some of you have solved this somehow anyway. What we wan´t to achieve - is a toplist of say eg top 10 extranet users who have downloaded a certain PDF type (Always attached to the same itemtype ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
09/06/2020 15:05:21
Last post: 09/06/2020 16:17:27
Getting Query values with IQueryService
Hi, I'm trying to use the results of a Query outside of the QueryPublisher app. I got this far, but I can't figure out how to retrieve the values I need. Any ideas on how I can get the fields from the query result? @{ var queryService = Dynamicweb.Ex ...
Mafalda Correa
04/06/2020 12:13:51
Last post: 04/06/2020 13:24:35
Overriding templates for new user notification. Dw 9.7.4, no Rapido
In the integration module, there is an option of sending a notification to a newly registered user. In a dropdown list I can choose which template I want to use. However, the files I can choose from is located under Templates/user management/user pro ...
Siv Hansen
03/06/2020 08:54:36
Last post: 03/06/2020 15:38:25
Using ParagraphRender to render Visual Editor content
Hi. I'm trying to render the content, from another page, inside my product details page. The product details page is using RazorTemplateModel and the content I'm trying to render is using ViewModelTemplate. When I use: @RenderParagraphContent(paragra ...
Mikkel Belchuke
28/05/2020 08:31:03
Last post: 03/06/2020 07:41:37
Personalization stopped working in 9.8
Hi, After upgrading a client solution from 9.5.7 to 9.8.3 the Personalization stopped working. All paragraphs are shown to all users regardless of set personalization rules. Verified same behavior in 9.8.5 running latest rapido 3.3 default database a ...
Peter Krusell
07/05/2020 12:02:34
Last post: 27/05/2020 16:14:27
Some – not all – shipping methods needs to have 0% VAT
Hi guys! I have a shop with 3 languages. In two of those languages, I want some – not all – of the shipping methods to have 0% VAT. Any ideas on how to solve this? -- All the best, Jesper ...
Jesper Holm Damgaard
14/05/2020 10:45:54
Last post: 27/05/2020 12:31:52
Can't edit user address in the frontend
Hi, I'm rendering the user address in the address loop and displaying it on the frontend. However, when I try to edit it, I get an error. This doesn't happen with any of the other addresses, only with the user address. See the video below: https://ww ...
Mafalda Correa
20/05/2020 22:00:34
Last post: 22/05/2020 11:50:58
Problem with saving website settings
Hey I have a small problem with saving website settings that I can't quite figure out. The problem only happen in my local solution. DW version 9.7.4 ...
Mark Preisler
20/05/2020 11:13:55
Last post: 20/05/2020 12:07:25
PostDanmark ServicePoint account
Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the shipping provider 'PostDanmark ServicePoint'. Does it require a special type of account to use this shipping provider? We have accounts for Pacsoft and PostNord API. Will it work with Rapido. I'm aware t ...
Roald Haahr Jensen
18/05/2020 09:28:58
Last post: 18/05/2020 11:03:02
An item with the same key has already been added at ProductService.GetByAutoIDs
On version 9.6.7 we periodic get this error on a productlist. System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionar ...
Thomas Larsen
30/09/2019 14:34:27
Last post: 15/05/2020 13:16:58
Custom TAB in Rapido website->productpage
Is it possible in Rapido to make/build a Custom TAB in website->productpage after "Detail fields layout" and "Category fields layout"? So for example i would like to have a new TAB like below in BOLD <div class="grid__col-12 product__info produ ...
David Löfqvist
24/03/2020 10:26:44
Last post: 14/05/2020 16:00:45