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Email Marketing Feature request and issue with attachments
Hi guys, I have configured a few email messages in the Email Marketing and I have noticed that using the Subject for Email message title is not very useful when trying to differentiate email messages with similar subjects. That's because subject  ...
Adrian Ursu
01/06/2023 13:44:26
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Page template locked by process
Hi nerds, One of our live websites got this error today and it blocked the website from being viewed: System.ApplicationException: The process cannot access the file 'D:\Dynamicweb\Files\Templates\Designs\ProjectName\_parsed\ ...
Arnór Halldórsson
12/04/2023 12:26:13
Last post: 31/05/2023 18:52:20
Too many redirections
"Too many redirections" issue. While using DW 9.15.5 on Swift 1.19.0 we encountered a problem when using the login form. Restarting IIS, clearing cache memory, restarting of machine did not help. The problem is repeating even in case when w ...
Ivan Bla┼żun
09/05/2023 12:48:54
Last post: 31/05/2023 18:50:59
Permisson Matrix - Bug in 9.14.12?
Hi, I needed to create a usergroup which only can access Orders. I gave "none" access to everything else but Orders in Ecommerce, where it had 'Full'. But then the user couldn't see Orders. - It could see RMA's which seems v ...
Marie Louise Veigert
15/05/2023 08:37:28
Last post: 31/05/2023 18:49:23
Vertical Navigation items disappeared with upgrade to 9.15.6
On 9.15.3, the left nav Vertical Navigation displayed children of "My Account". Backend: Front end: With the 9.15.6 upgrade, the "My Account" children disappeared from the front end, no other changes were made to the application/c ...
Lora Vigil
04/05/2023 18:47:52
Last post: 29/05/2023 02:47:51
Upgrade to 9.14.14 from 9.12.11
Anyone give some guidance on this error updating the licence during an upgrade? [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Dynamicweb.Content.Management.Installation.get_LicenseChecksum() +241 Dynamicweb.Content.M ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
24/05/2023 11:19:08
Last post: 25/05/2023 08:51:42
Do not copy empty rows to language layer website
Hi, I notice that when I copy a website to a language layer, a lot of "ghost" rows appear. I'm not sure where these come from but it would be nice if the copied language layer would not contain them. Either by fixing the source data in some way, or w ...
Justin Sjouw
17/05/2023 10:58:00
Last post: 23/05/2023 02:03:05
Password hash shows when Impersonation is changed
Are you all aware of this? Go to user on 9.15.3 site (and presumably subsequent) Change Impersonation settings Password hash shows (see attachment) ...
Sean Meade
17/05/2023 22:22:54
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Number suffix instead of language layer
Hi, I'm working on translating a website. I added the language layer, and my Customized URL settings are: So I expected that when I switch to a different language, my URL would be https://website/en or something similar. Instead when I switch lan ...
Justin Sjouw
17/05/2023 11:10:40
Last post: 17/05/2023 14:32:57
Sorting scheduled tasks
Hi there, What's the logic for sorting scheduled tasks? I have a mix of tasks in the database and in XML filles and sorting seems arbitrary. I get a 404 on /Admin/Content/Management/Pages/ScheduledTask_Sort.aspx when I save my sort, presumably be ...
Imar Spaanjaars
11/05/2023 16:00:33
Last post: 15/05/2023 11:08:41
Item Type error puzzle
Anyone know why the error in the Live admin on the paragraph? Frontend is fine, also fine in Local and staging sites: [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Dynamicweb.Controls.Legacy.Renderers.ItemListEditorR ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
24/04/2023 14:52:05
Last post: 10/05/2023 11:36:01
Search Filter in this Forum is partly broken
Hi, We can no longer filter in the Forum/Community because the prepopulated value is not accurate. It's rendering the data type instead of it's value Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
03/05/2023 11:18:28
Last post: 03/05/2023 11:21:29
CK editor on frontend fields for Item Creator - spam filter
We have a website where it is possible to create Items frontend. For formatted RichText, we use ckeditor. But there seems to be a problem regardin spam filter / protection agaings SQL injections. Some users get banned when filling the form, and I pre ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
02/05/2023 14:29:12
Last post: 03/05/2023 09:25:16
Update Row using Forms for DataLists
Hi guys, I know this seems like an ancient topic but, believe it or not, I am still using DataLists and Forms for DataLists when I want to avoid having to write custom code for simple changes. In this case, though, I am stuck. I have created a DataLi ...
Adrian Ursu
25/04/2023 20:46:39
Last post: 28/04/2023 21:36:57
Page Layout not set
Hi, Using DW 9.15.3, we are not being able to save a custom page layout template. Seems like a bug. Here are our repro steps in Swift v1.19.0: Create a new Services subpage Edit the page Properties and set the Layout to be the "Swift_PageClean.c ...
Nuno Aguiar
24/04/2023 15:17:06
Last post: 28/04/2023 10:53:34
Many DB queries at login when the user has Impersonation users / secondary users
When a user has "I can impersonate" users selected there is one DB query for each individual Impersonation user selected. See screenshot of selected "I can impersonate" users and the corresponding amount of "SELECT * FROM [Ac ...
Peter Krusell
19/04/2023 12:36:17
Last post: 27/04/2023 11:08:45
/dwapi/users/authenticate returns token but doesn't save it in DB and it doesn't work?
I have just created a new DW 9.15.3 solution. 1. Created a user 2. Send GET Requests to /dwapi/users/authenticate?userName=<the users username>&password=<the users password>&expirationInSeconds=1800 3. I get a token in return 4. W ...
Kevin Steffer
24/04/2023 21:12:30
Last post: 25/04/2023 15:47:25
Check if user can impersonate
Hi, I want to check if it is possible for the user to impersonate anyone. I would expect Pageview.User.CanImpersonate() to return false when no options is selected in the "I CAN IMPERSONATE" on the user and on the group containing the user. ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
21/04/2023 15:40:49
Last post: 21/04/2023 16:57:12
Query statistics of string search
Hello, Can anyone help me to setup tracking for searches, as a search for "zenar" in the tracking gives this result, where I would expect only to have one row with the value "zenar" and not 5 separate rows for each letter. Best re ...
Anders Ebdrup
07/01/2022 11:43:50
Last post: 21/04/2023 11:05:51
Assign user to group on Form submit
Hi guys, I am using Forms for editors on DW 9.6.3 and I need to assign a user to a group upon form submit. The user is authenticated, fills out the form (which has Name and Email mapped correctly to user properties) and my expectation would be to ass ...
Adrian Ursu
30/08/2019 13:29:01
Last post: 19/04/2023 16:24:11