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WebApi /users/authenticate uses GET
Wouldn't it be required security considered to have this as a POST method so the parameters were in the "body" instead of in the URL? ...
Kevin Steffer
06/05/2023 11:34:04
Last post: 13/07/2023 11:02:50
Users subgroups inheritance
Hi guys, I have a situation with a solution where we have a lot of Groups and subgroups for users. The main reason for the multi-level tree is the number of users and the issues with the Users interface. The problem we have now is after switching to  ...
Adrian Ursu
29/06/2023 13:18:32
Last post: 07/07/2023 03:28:00
ProductFieldTranslationErrorMessage v9.15.8
Anyone know why we get an error like this? [IndexOutOfRangeException: ProductFieldTranslationErrorMessage] System.Data.ProviderBase.FieldNameLookup.GetOrdinal(String fieldName) +2158699 System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader.GetOrdinal(String name) +141 ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
03/07/2023 16:18:11
Last post: 03/07/2023 16:48:56
Use User Queries for Discounts, Permissions
Hi guys, I would like to use User queries to populate User groups and use them in Permissions and Discounts. I see that I can only use SmartSearches which are not exactly efficient for large User lists. I am pretty sure I cannot do this already (mayb ...
Adrian Ursu
29/06/2023 13:11:34
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User ItemType as ItemViewModel
Hi guys, I am trying to access the data stored in a User ItemType. I can get the ItemId and the ItemType but with the methods I have found I can only get an Item and not an ItemViewModel. Although I can access some of the simple properties (Text, lis ...
Adrian Ursu
13/06/2023 20:38:36
Last post: 28/06/2023 11:25:25
Adding pdf=true to any page registers a ThreadAbortException in monitoring
Hi there, When I append ?pdf=true to a page (normal page, product page, doesn't matter), I see an error logged in monitoring: Could this be intercepted and skipped please? On PDF heavy sites this completely clutters up the monitoring logs. Reprod ...
Imar Spaanjaars
27/06/2023 17:14:46
Last post: 27/06/2023 18:11:02
Forms for Editors - Email approval
When using "creat user on form submit" in a "form for editor" form is there a way to validate / approve the email with a link in the recipt email this dose not seem to work when using "form for editor" {{UserManagement.A ...
Thomas Jensen
26/06/2023 11:56:12
Last post: 27/06/2023 08:28:02
DW 9.15.7 errors when edit / view product in ecommerce.
Hi, I experience these errors when trying to view or/and edit a product in the ecommerce. Sometimes I don't get the error but mostly I do. I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge both in normal and incognito mode. I have tried to hard refresh and r ...
Marie Louise Veigert
26/06/2023 11:25:14
Last post: 26/06/2023 12:08:12
Is there some way to monitor if a file has been updated eg. the last 24 hours?
Hi we have an integration, that imports a csv file every 3 hours. The file gets updated/replaced by an 3rd party provider every 3 hours. The problem is, that it happens from time to time, that the file upload/update stops from the 3rd party provider, ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
22/06/2023 15:39:41
Last post: 22/06/2023 16:10:57
Weird options in Groups field of the Users Index
Hi guys, I am trying to create some queries on the Secondary Users index and I need to filter by Groups. However, when I try to select a group from the "Terms" option, I get something weird: Any idea why? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
21/06/2023 14:06:50
Last post: 21/06/2023 16:29:54
Okta Login Provider intermittent issue
Hi, A customer ran into an intermittent issue with Okta login which is not easy to repro where some users were getting the following error message "External login failed, user is not assigned to the client application". We think the error i ...
Mario Santos
15/06/2023 11:40:45
Last post: 16/06/2023 15:31:52
DIDNOTRESOLVE and 404 error due to slow URL indexing
Hi Community, I am running on a DW 9.14.4 with a 6 core CPU and 20gb RAM Web/SQL server(specs was recommended by DW for the solution size). The solution has around 180000+ products(and growing) in DW PIM and uses eCom navigation(standard) and eCom UR ...
Michal Vedstesen
14/06/2023 14:41:44
Last post: 14/06/2023 15:32:45
Forms for editors field dynamic values
Hi guys, Is there any way I can use some dynamic values as default values for fields in the form? For example, I have a generic Job form included on a Job page. I would like to store in the Job field, the value from the current page MenuText (Pagevie ...
Adrian Ursu
13/06/2023 13:24:18
Last post: 13/06/2023 16:07:41
Exception IronPdf
Hi We get the following exeption when we try to generate a pdf from a list in the customercenter. (/produktkatalog/produktkatalog?listId=61&pdf=true) This is the exeption: System.Exception: Pdf creator constructor exception ---> System.Threadi ...
Kenneth Radoor
12/06/2023 10:24:21
Last post: 12/06/2023 12:57:24
Timeout when copying website
Hi We are experiencing timeout issues when copying a large website. It looks like the timeout happens after 10 minutes and we need to recycle the application pool each time it times out. Is there any way to increase this transaction timeout? ...
Vincent Gercke
01/06/2023 09:24:35
Last post: 12/06/2023 09:29:14
Language specific url's in Sitemap
Hi, Is it the default that language specific url's do not show up in the sitemap.xml? My site hase 3 area's, but sitemap.xml only shows the default language. I thought I might need to switch to: But when I check that box, the sitemap is empty ...
Justin Sjouw
08/06/2023 20:00:33
Last post: 09/06/2023 13:24:08
Set child language as the defauilt
Hi there, Is there a way to set a language layer as the default for a domain? I have this setup: English > Danish I want people to visit the web site at to see the Danih language by default, and not English. Possib ...
Imar Spaanjaars
08/06/2023 15:00:09
Last post: 08/06/2023 16:01:40
Error with Index
Hi, I am having an error with rebuilding a repository, but I can't seem to find the source for it. Can anyone help me figure that out: I have multiple errors in the Monitoring tool suggesting 2 tasks with the same name I only have 1 with that name Th ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/03/2021 15:57:50
Last post: 07/06/2023 06:24:58
Clear Image Cache
Is there any backend function that use to clear image cache from admin panel. because when image replace with new one customer face issue on caching ...
Shiwanka Chathuranga
06/05/2022 11:30:31
Last post: 06/06/2023 20:19:52
Navigating to / removes language choice
On a website where the navigation URL of the logo is set to / When I click the logo and go to the homepage the language choice is lost, and the website is back in the default language. What do I need to change to stay in the chosen language? Thanks,  ...
Justin Sjouw
17/05/2023 11:12:17
Last post: 02/06/2023 13:01:12