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Default image when using absolute URL
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.13.8. I have recently changed the paths to products images from relative to absolute (pointing to a CDN). After the change, the default image is no longer displayed in back-end in product list and product de ...
Adrian Ursu
20/07/2022 14:30:44
Last post: 31/08/2022 13:05:26
Product category fields and restore
Hi, I'm using DW 9.13.8 and having a product category field of type "List" (RadiobuttonList), and set as "Ordinary". The list has no default values set and whenever I click the icon "Restore" in PIM, the selected val ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
24/08/2022 11:10:22
Last post: 26/08/2022 14:54:37
Repository Query and PIM shared query
Hi I'm trying to auto assign products in PIM groups, but before checking some Shared queries When I try to create simple query search by product name with Contains and System.String[], looks like smth doesn't work, or smth missing All pim pro ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
22/08/2022 11:07:33
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Export of "price lists" on through PIM
Hi, We have a customer that would like to export a pricelist every month to some of their own customers, since they have different speciel prices on some products and variants. They would like the possibility to only select these products/variants on ...
Eva Sommer
16/08/2022 13:17:37
Last post: 22/08/2022 09:01:57
Find products which have a primary product group?
Hello forum, - I'm trying to build a query, that should find all products which have one of it's product groups set to primary, but is that possible? Screenshot below shows this product have a primary group selected: Br. Michael Knudsen ...
Michael Knudsen
16/11/2021 12:02:35
Last post: 17/08/2022 09:18:27
Setting default image YSOD
Hi, Using 9.13.6, we're trying to assign a default image manualy to a product and we're getting an exception (YSOD). I am attaching the image, a link to the screencast for the repro steps and the stack trace. What's odd, is that we've ...
Nuno Aguiar
13/05/2022 23:39:40
Last post: 16/08/2022 12:00:49
Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList
Hi guys, I have a solution running on DW 9.13.5. I have noticed that if I set the option to run index on product save on multiple warehouses, I get this error: Should I be allowed to set this option on multiple Warehouses? Are there any limitations?  ...
Adrian Ursu
09/08/2022 15:54:02
Last post: 15/08/2022 11:05:30
Using Custom Field type in PIM
Hi guys, I have a Project where we had to create a new FieldType provider for handling MultiSelect fields as the default one in DW is not very easy to use with large lists. The new field works pretty well, except for how it is handled in various plac ...
Adrian Ursu
12/08/2022 13:58:04
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Detach all images from all variants
Hi we have an issue, where the product variants have a lot more images than the masterproduct. My guess is, that this is caused by the image auto assign import that we have used initially. And then the editor has deleted images from the master produc ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
12/08/2022 12:25:21
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Assortments inside PIM
Hi, Is there a way to manage Assortments without going into Ecommerce? Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
09/08/2022 20:18:11
Last post: 10/08/2022 10:15:59
Cannot access a closed file
Another PIM error I have no idea about: Anybody has any idea? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
02/08/2022 14:49:12
Last post: 05/08/2022 00:42:13
Image pattern
Hello, We have a project which is starting to use the PIM quite heavily, but the image naming pattern doesn't work within subfolders consistently. In particular, what I'm noticing is that the setting to "Search in subfolders" doesn& ...
Scott Forsyth
01/08/2022 23:54:47
Last post: 02/08/2022 18:40:54
Import Error
Hello, I am receiving the following error when importing into PIM. Can someone please elaborate as to what this error means how I can adjust my file to get it to import. Job Failed with the following message: Unable to cast object of type 'System ...
Angelo Aviles
25/07/2022 20:37:33
Last post: 25/07/2022 21:20:21
Auto Publication from PIM to Eshop try to slow down the frontend
Dear Support, I would like to report about the issue that we are having when running the auto publication job. When running the job, it try to slow down the frontend and customer cannot access it until the job is complete. We have 100+ product catego ...
Yoon Peti Nwe
13/07/2022 07:55:25
Last post: 13/07/2022 12:13:27
Delete deactivated products on update import (products no longer in response)
I am trying to figure out if this functionalty can be achieved with hopefully a simple checkbox. When a product is set to non active in Business Central, it is also checked of as not to be exported. So basically from our point of view it has been rem ...
Eva Sommer
06/07/2022 15:02:38
Last post: 08/07/2022 02:48:00
Permission to unpublish products
Hi, We have custom permissions for users so some persons only should have access to PIM and not to Ecom, settings and so on. But I do not seem to have the delete from published channel button marked in yellow below. What permission is it so they can  ...
Andreas Pettersson
07/07/2022 09:59:12
Last post: 07/07/2022 10:15:25
Inheritance of images within variant groups
We have a solution, where the images and settings initially are inherited from the master product, to all variant. That´s fine for start, but we also want to be able to set different image for each variant group. This is doable as it is now, bu ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
30/06/2022 11:59:45
Last post: 30/06/2022 15:56:03
PIM Queries related to Images No Longer Working
PIM queries tied to images were functional in Prod for our customer until the most recent release in May 2022 (from version 9.10.10 to 9.10.21). One example, the query "Products without images has been configured like this: And now returns all p ...
Lora Vigil
13/06/2022 21:02:03
Last post: 20/06/2022 22:44:51
Assets Auto check in, primary image rule
Hi Forum, Our customer has already a large amount og product images, with a naming convention where the primary image has the productnumber without any pre- og postfix. In this case it is not possible to use the asset auto checkin, as this requires a ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/12/2021 14:18:12
Last post: 20/06/2022 15:37:23
Activate "Publish to channel" and "Add to grup" from Channel product list
Hi guys, I have a situation where I have to allow users to move products from one category to another inside a Channel. I see that by default these options are disabled if you are in a Channel product list. Is there any way I can activate these optio ...
Adrian Ursu
15/06/2022 14:51:12
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