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Completeness rule based on groups

Martin Moen

Is it possible to make a completeness rule that verifies if a product is attached to one or more PIM groups?
We would like to create a workflow that requires the user to add a product to one or more PIM groups, then it would be great to show a green or red bar if the product is attached to a group or not.


Michael Knudsen
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Hello Martin,

- I haven't seen the option you request in a completeness rule and certainly not in a standard Dynamicweb PIM workflow. I often have the same requirement, but solve it building a Shared query + adding a tile on the dashboard.

PS. please note, if you are planing to use the "Primary Group Name" in a query, it won't work correctly (has been reported to Dynamicweb support team). Tested in DW9.13.3 + DW9.14.2.

BR. Michael Knudsen

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Martin Moen

Hi Michael, and thanks for answering.

Yes, I ended up doing the same as you described, and it works okay.
But would have been nice to be able to use it in completeness rules too :)


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