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Assets Auto check in, primary image rule
Hi Forum, Our customer has already a large amount og product images, with a naming convention where the primary image has the productnumber without any pre- og postfix. In this case it is not possible to use the asset auto checkin, as this requires a ...
Helene Kjærbøl
02/12/2021 14:18:12
Last post: 20/06/2022 15:37:23
Activate "Publish to channel" and "Add to grup" from Channel product list
Hi guys, I have a situation where I have to allow users to move products from one category to another inside a Channel. I see that by default these options are disabled if you are in a Channel product list. Is there any way I can activate these optio ...
Adrian Ursu
15/06/2022 14:51:12
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Could not find a part of the path - Swift PIM query
Hello, I have a bug report and a question. We have a site which is failing to execute some of the PIM shared queries. The error is: Could not find a part of the path 'G:\Domains\Sites\{sitename}\Files\System\Repositories\Products\Products.index&# ...
Scott Forsyth
10/06/2022 01:51:48
Last post: 10/06/2022 15:17:37
Should it be possible to select different product categories per language?
Hello forum, - I don't know if this is a feature or a bug, but in a DW9.13.4 (and in some earlier versions) it's possible for product groups to have different product categories per language. Feature or bug? Primary langauge Danish / GROUP331 ...
Michael Knudsen
11/05/2022 11:43:17
Last post: 10/06/2022 09:27:48
Variants Deactivated When Change Made to Another Variant
Hello everyone, I hope I can find some more insignts on this issue that we've been having. We have a product (Travato) that has four extended variants (59K, 59KL, 59G, 59GL), all within the same variant group (FLOORPLAN). For some strange reason, ...
Deni Paramarta
23/05/2022 23:58:54
Last post: 03/06/2022 10:30:36
Search for manufacturer in PIM
Hi, In this search area I can't seem to find products when searching for it's manufacturer name: Is there someway I can search for the manufacturer field of a product? In PIM i have 3 products but in database EcomProducts table i have 18 rows ...
Andreas Pettersson
23/05/2022 16:29:30
Last post: 23/05/2022 23:20:03
Unpublished products is visible in shop
Hi, We have some problems with the relatedproducts loop. It render products that are not published to Ecommerce from PIM. Is there anyway to see if a product is published to Ecommerce from that loop? Because we have related products to products that  ...
Andreas Pettersson
10/05/2022 15:22:32
Last post: 11/05/2022 08:06:57
Feed template for Excel output
Hi guys, Does anybody have any example of a Feed template that would output an Excel file instead of the regular CSV/JSON/XML files? Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
23/06/2021 16:40:39
Last post: 10/05/2022 20:36:21
Asset Checkin - Different patterns on language layers
Hi DW We have a customer requesting a feature where you can use Asset Checkin with patterns that differ for each language layer. To be more specific this customer has some documents, that are localized and only the document specific for the language  ...
Chris Søgaard
26/01/2022 09:02:23
Last post: 09/05/2022 10:01:33
Weight unit calculation
Hello forum, - is it possible with one of the custom field providers to show product weight in either kg or gram based on value in {ProductWeight} ? Currently is weight from Business Central and always in kg, but showing product weight as "0.050 ...
Michael Knudsen
21/04/2022 10:30:23
Last post: 06/05/2022 11:17:48
Assets Auto check in, pattern automatically add file extensions?
Hello forum I'm getting the filename incl. fileextension (eg. Datasheet_for_0245.pdf) into a Product field called FileName, but when I use it in the Auto Checkin pattern it wouldn't attach the PDF to the product. I suspect the Auto checkin to ...
Michael Knudsen
24/04/2022 18:58:23
Last post: 27/04/2022 19:11:15
Weight Calculated field type
Hello, I'm trying to understand the function of the Weight Calculated field. In this page: There is a link that should (I guess) describe all field types, but ...
Justin Sjouw
07/04/2022 14:13:24
Last post: 11/04/2022 03:32:53
Visible fields preset not shown for PIM Editor
Hello, I have created a field display group and assigned read rights to the PIM Editor group. But a member of the PIM Editor group cannot select the preset in Visible Fields. Any ideas? Thanks, Justin ...
Justin Sjouw
07/04/2022 13:35:57
Last post: 11/04/2022 03:15:36
Product category fields - disabled checkboxes are appearing on the front-end
Hi, I have created a product category group with 2 checkbox fields. On PIM product, I have one of the checkboxes enabled and unchecked, and the other is disabled. On the front-end I'm listing the field display groups using the GetLoop("Field ...
Ricardo Pereira
08/04/2022 13:35:31
Last post: 08/04/2022 16:13:08
User based PIM feed
Hi guys, I have a solution running 9.7.3 with PIM and Live integration to NAV 2018. I need to create product feeds that have specific prices for each user. I have tried it first with the options available in 9.7.3 and I got this error: Error getting  ...
Adrian Ursu
23/01/2021 12:32:14
Last post: 08/04/2022 14:59:01
Query checking for producys with missing assets
Hi Forum Is it possible to find all products misssing e.g. a user guide? And user guides are assigned using patterns on assets. I don't see any of the asset fields in the fields list when building a query: ...
Helene Kjærbøl
07/10/2021 08:48:31
Last post: 08/04/2022 12:45:58
Error on bulk editing in PIM
Hi guys, I am trying to bulk edit products and in the process, I want to create missing language versions and set the Active property to true. If I just select to create missing language versions, the process runs without errors, but nothing changes. ...
Adrian Ursu
06/04/2022 11:40:51
Last post: 06/04/2022 11:48:20
Extend this variant button
Hi DW Forum After editing existing variant and master products in PIM the view/interface changes. (Look below) i have two variants and one master product. On this specific product i do not see the selected-fields on the variant but a button "ext ...
Niklas Hjort
04/04/2022 09:15:39
Last post: 04/04/2022 11:23:03
Listbox fields in a FieldTypeProviders.ConcatProvider
Hello forum, - I'm trying to use the Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.FieldTypeProviders.ConcatProvider to generate simpel concat of two fields, but the output is a bit unexpected. Listbox fields are displaying 'value' and not 'name' as expec ...
Michael Knudsen
28/03/2022 10:31:57
Last post: 29/03/2022 09:47:16
Price fields recommendation
Hi, We have a project where one of the custom fields we need to implement is "Recommended Retail Price" (other similar ones may exist too). Initially we were thinking of making it of type decimal, so it could take "2.99", and woul ...
Nuno Aguiar
17/03/2022 13:08:13
Last post: 17/03/2022 13:32:00