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Product categories reference field

Andrejs Zavorotnijs


Question is about reference fields

this is reference category field list box with 2 options

If I add this field to category and check PIM group assign with this category

for group products I see this options

If I want to add 1 or 2 more options in reference category field

This fields are not appear in in Category field

and not in group products


Solution is delete reference field from category and add again, but if you have a lot of categories and client don't know which options needed at the moment so that is realy annoying



Michael Knudsen
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Hello Andrejs,

- remember to use the "Force values to linked fields" once you have updated the reference category field. This push the values to all fields that is linked to the reference field.

Br. Michael Knudsen

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Andrejs Zavorotnijs

Hi Michael 

Goog catch, didn't know about this



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