Active Directory Import data add-in

The import data with paging add-in (Figure 1.1) is used to import users and validate user credentials.

The add-in parameters are:

Parameter name



Web service URL


Enter the URL to the DW Connector webservice

Security key

A string

The secret key required by the DW Connector webservice

User import activity

A user import activity

Specify which user import activity should take the data returned by the remote system and import it to the Dynamicweb database

AD Destination group

A user group

Select the user group where the newly imported Active Directory users should be placed

Log all request and responses


Logs all requests and responses – this is useful when debugging

The notification parameters are used to send a notification email to one or more email addresses whenever the batch job is run – you can use the Only on failure setting to only send an email if the job fails.