Swift 1.5.0 (Q4-2021)

Release date January 13th 2022


Dynamicweb proudly presents Swift 1.5 (Q4-2021). This update introduces more fundamental B2B- features to Swift, such as a quick way to add products to cart and an integrated customer center able to show orders, invoices, and credit notes from an ERP system. The main headlines for this service release are: 

B2B - Express buy & better product overview 

  • Search for SKUs and add products to cart quickly using the express buy page
  • See orders, invoices, and credit notes from an ERP system with through integrated Customer Center 
  • Two new product list designscompact & list – make it easy to set up B2B-friendly product lists with more products & more technical details per page. 
  • Support for adding order references during checkout, for solutions where references to an external system, like a procurement system, is a requirement. 
  • You can now block out certain dates – single days, recurring weekdays & date ranges – from being selected via the delivery date selector 

Enriched Product list & Detail 

  • Support for adding sections with downloadable files/documents to product detail pages – e.g., datasheets, manuals, and other assets 
  • Create differentiated product detail designs for product groups to highlight different types of products in the best way possible 
  • Product lists now support showing product group images and descriptions – this makes it easier for the customer to distinguish between product groups at a glance 
  • The mega menu and off-canvas menu now supports product group images and promotional images – this can help the customer locate the category they want to find and highlight sales or special events. Implemented both for desktop and mobile.  
  • Present your products in a different perspective by showing an alternative image when hovering over a product in a product list 
  • Native support for implementing favorite lists – studies show, that customers are more likely to return to a shop if they can save products for later 
  • Highlight discounted, new, or campaign-products with product badges – this helps attract and retain customers and has been proven to increase conversion rates  


Improves support for content marketing 

  • Create beautiful content marketing articles – for instance blog posts, news items, press releases – with full creative freedom using the same content elements (rows, columns & presets) used to create other content on Swift. 
  • Use Animation On Scroll to add small content animation on a site when scrolling. This creates a more dynamic feeling to the site and draws user attention to specific areas. 
  • A new row with 6 columns can be used when creating content, for instance to highlight and promote brand logos from associated businesses 


General improvements and Maintenance 

  • You can now add a name and keywords to images and other assets in PIM – this leads to better search engine results for e.g. Google image search 
  • The content element Poster now supports adding an aspect ratio on the images, making it easier to control different poster heights 
  • The content element Text now supports center vertical alignment 
  • In the navigation you can now choose between automated menu, mega menu, and dropdown. And automated menu changes according to the navigation content. 
  • Beautifications to the Log in screen to ensure an up-to-date experience 
  • Extra padding can now be added to rows 
  • JS modules now load dynamically for better performance 



Figure 3.1 Swift 1.5 Bikeshop