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Buy items with mix of loyalty points and money
Is it possible to buy a product partly paid with loyalty points and partly with card? I am not able to find anything about this mix in the documentation. best wishes. ...
Siv Hansen
07/02/2019 11:16:00
Last post: 23/09/2020 17:14:09
Subgroups are not of the same language as their parent group
When I get my top level groups using: var shop = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(shopId) ? Services.Shops.GetShop(shopId) : Services.Shops.GetDefaultShop(); var topLevelGroups = shop.get_TopLevelGroups(ecomLanguage); Where my ecomLanguage value = "LANG2" And I ...
Peter Leleulya
27/08/2020 14:11:56
Last post: 17/09/2020 10:50:15
Broken variants, object reference not set error.
When creating a variant of a project I'm suddenly getting a 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error. Full error: [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Dynamicweb.Caching.DictionaryCache` ...
Ambert van Unen
16/09/2020 13:17:37
Last post: 16/09/2020 14:38:57
New voucher codes generated on 'View in browser'
Hi, We'd like use the Voucher renderer app to send voucher codes to users with marketing emails. When the user receives email, there is a working code in the email. So that's correct. But when using the 'View in browser' link it opens the newsletter  ...
Jesse Bakker
16/09/2020 13:03:52
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GlobalSettings CalcProductCountForGroup element not renaming itself
Hola amigos, I noticed when upgrading some clients from sub 9.7 versions to 9.8.10 that the GlobalSettings element /Globalsettings/Ecom/Navigation/CalcProductCount doesn't get renamed to it's newer version /Globalsettings/Ecom/Navigation/CalculatePro ...
Arnór Halldórsson
14/09/2020 18:44:47
Last post: 15/09/2020 16:47:04
Orderstate name not correct when sending notifications for status change
Hi, When using ecommerce order flows, I would like to use these template tags in my notification email message: GetString("Ecom:Order:Orderstate.Name") GetString("Ecom:Order:Orderstate.Description") They both display some text when used, but do not a ...
Jon Thorne
03/09/2020 10:41:24
Last post: 15/09/2020 11:36:26
The Context.GetCart() is not a cart and cannot be updated.
Hi guys, We have an issue updating one of our integration with a payment provider. We used to have a problem with concurrent access to the order, posted here: ...
Adrian Ursu
23/04/2020 11:29:52
Last post: 15/09/2020 11:18:13
List of orders for users that I can impersonate
Hi, There is a setting in the customer center "My Orders" app that says it can list "Own orders and orders made by users that current user can impersonate". But this actaully only lists the orders that I have placed while impersonating a user. It doe ...
Jon Thorne
10/09/2020 15:58:01
Last post: 15/09/2020 10:57:55
RMA requesst types
Hi, Is there any way to adjust/control the RMA request types when submitting a new RMA request? Currenty there is "Return", "Defective", "Exchange" in the list. Also, what would be the best way to add a file/photo attachment to a RMA request submissi ...
Jon Thorne
09/09/2020 05:19:54
Last post: 14/09/2020 17:29:24
Get number of units already in cart for this product
Hi guys, For a B2B scenario, I need to display in the product list, the number of units already in the Cart for each product in the list. Is there any tag already rendering this info on the Product List? I see there is one rendering if the product is ...
Adrian Ursu
11/09/2020 18:27:11
Last post: 14/09/2020 12:57:16
Group.Subgroups does not use LanguageId from Group
Hi, We make some custom navigation in code which works with 2 levels of product groups, first we show the parentgroups, and after clicking one of them we show the child groups of the chosen group. This is working fine, until we check this in a second ...
Hans Kloppenborg
18/08/2020 13:41:50
Last post: 14/09/2020 10:47:42
Field Options for ProductCategoryFields
Hi guys, I have noticed recently a data structure used for product fields options and I was wondering if it can be used for ProductCategory fields as well, instead of the current <Options></Options> approach. Thank you, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
20/08/2020 17:48:03
Last post: 11/09/2020 20:19:25
Ecommerce web API
Hi I am trying to use the Ecommerce web API. But I can't get it to work. If for example I request this url: /dwapi/Products/GetProductList?ProductIds=PROD213,PROD214&LanguageId=LANG1&CurrencyCode=DKK&FilledProperties=Id,VariantId,Name I g ...
Lars Larsen
10/09/2020 13:29:16
Last post: 11/09/2020 10:04:15
LoyaltyPoint Expiration logic
Hi guys, We are trying to use the Loyalty points and we stumbled upon the expiration of LoyaltyPoints. We have tested a few scenarios where we manually changed the Transaction Date on the loyalty points transaction and it doesn't seem to make any dif ...
Adrian Ursu
10/01/2020 15:49:59
Last post: 10/09/2020 14:37:19
Sort Facet groups in Dynamic Facets / Selected
Hi gfuys, I am using DW 9.8.8 and I have setup Dynamicfacets. I am trying to select some facet groups and sort them in the sort interface. Whatever I do, the sort order is not saved. I don't think I have misconfigured anything but I might be wrong. W ...
Adrian Ursu
10/07/2020 13:10:16
Last post: 10/09/2020 13:30:52
Can't edit assortments attached products
Hey I'll get this error when entering attached products under assortments. The incoming request has too many parameters. The server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. Reduce the number of parameters and resend the request. Running DW 9.8.5 ...
Mark Preisler
02/06/2020 09:31:56
Last post: 09/09/2020 14:17:39
Manual export orders to excel from order list
Hi, I am looking for a way for a basic staff member who has access to the ecom order list and can search and filter orders to be able to export the displayed list to excel. This is not for data integration, and cannot be done on a batch basis, but ju ...
Jon Thorne
08/09/2020 20:15:56
Last post: 09/09/2020 11:24:46
All Ecommerce products menu element
What is the real difference between "All Ecommerce products" and "All products" in the ecommerce administration? ...
Martin Moen
07/09/2020 17:12:47
Last post: 09/09/2020 08:45:49
Canonical missing for Product list pages
Hi, Looking into canonical meta tags in Ecommerce, we noticed that product lists do not generate any canonicals. Just browse to any Rapido product list (search results or nagivating to a group) and we can see no canonical is rendered, only in the pro ...
Nuno Aguiar
03/09/2020 13:38:20
Last post: 09/09/2020 02:13:19
Sales person manipulate prices
Not sure if this is in the correct forum category, but I'll ask anyway. Have I been dreaming, or have I seen some kind of feature in either Rapido or some other demo site, where a sales person logged in and representing another customer can manipulat ...
Martin Moen
08/09/2020 22:28:16
Last post: 08/09/2020 23:52:11