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Critical discount server error 500 in 9.7.2
Hi opgraded to 9.7.2 and everything looked fine, but... after a while ecommerce customers began to report errors. It was a tricky error to reconstruct, but here is what I found out. When using a order discount of "free shipping" and when the discount ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
12/10/2019 13:07:02
Last post: 14/10/2019 03:13:38
'Total value of orders' on User Smart Search field
Dear All, I would like to create an user group in which there are only users who purchased one or more orders and the total value of these orders is equal to or more than 1000. Therefore, I configured an user smart search with the rule that 'Total va ...
Aye Nyein Myat
10/10/2019 20:45:46
Last post: 14/10/2019 02:29:48
Display of the main fields of a product
Hi, In the product page, we want to display a brief selection of the main fields of the product, according its product group (e.g. field1 and field2 for bikes, while field3 and field4 for wheels). The fields can be product fields, product group field ...
Tomas Gomez
19/08/2019 13:55:57
Last post: 11/10/2019 22:09:55
Product redirect link isn't working
Hi all, I have a problem redirect product pages. There are two same pages with different URLs. Product page (https://domain-name/products/dry-food) and Product subcategory page (https://domain-name/cat/cat-food-treats/food/dry-food). I want to redire ...
Nay Chi Phyo
10/10/2019 08:55:00
Last post: 11/10/2019 09:33:29
Change completeness of orders
Hi We have a few orders that are marked as not completed but payment is made. The orders are fine, but because of a missing callback in the payment provider we see this behavior. We are in the process of finding a long term solution. Right now I just ...
Thomas Schroll
10/10/2019 16:03:01
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Multiple shops with different default languages - language and variant field differentiation
Hi, We've got a customer with multiple shops. In Settings > Ecommerce > Internationalization > Language "English" is set as default language In Settings > Ecommerce > Advanced configuation "Image small" has no checkbox in "Across" all  ...
René Poulsen
09/10/2019 15:36:51
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Different VAT handling for customers
Hello, We need to handle VAT in relation to European legislation, where customers with a VAT number not should pay VAT. How do we set it up in Dynamicweb? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
29/05/2019 14:24:05
Last post: 09/10/2019 10:46:21
Orderline product autoid=0 causing slowness on cart
Hi there, The Avalara Tax Provider creates tax orderlines to the order. We started to see some slowness when the tax provider was active. We narrow down the issue to the FindPrice method, which is filtering the EcomPrices table for the current produc ...
Mario Santos
07/10/2019 17:44:20
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Product Category Fields Sort Order
Hi Everyone, We've been building a Product Category with a large number of fields. When editing the Product Category you can specify the sort order of the Fields. However when you go into a Product that uses that Product Category the Fields are not i ...
Steve Knutson
03/10/2019 01:18:15
Last post: 06/10/2019 22:31:01
Required Product field for itemtype fails.
DW9.7 When I have, for example, a page item type and add a field of type PRODUCT a page with this item type will only save in the CMS when the field is not required. When the product field is set to required it will prompt that a product must be sele ...
Peter Leleulya
13/09/2019 12:37:39
Last post: 04/10/2019 11:26:59
Product Catalog Feed - Empty CurrentParagraph
Hej! The pageview.CurrentParagraph appears to be null when called within a TemplateExtender on a ProductCatalog page which has a List Feed template selected. Is this by design or a bug? Best regards, Snævar ...
Snaevar Petursson
03/10/2019 16:24:04
Last post: 04/10/2019 09:18:25
Saving settings custom payment provider resets default payment selection for country
Hi, In the process of preparing a website for going live we where testing the order process, and somehow we did not get to the payment page. After a lot lot lot of testing we finally found out that the problem was that the choice of default payment m ...
Hans Kloppenborg
03/10/2019 14:15:27
Last post: 04/10/2019 08:15:53
VAT on gift card
Dear Dynamicweb, After the new legislation from EU about gift cards, these needs to include VAT when selling the gift card, but we cannot set a VAT group on gift cards and gift card transactions seems to be stored in EcomOrderLines with VAT. How does ...
Anders Ebdrup
03/10/2019 11:20:16
Last post: 03/10/2019 11:35:45
Order prefix different per Shop
Hi, A customer is requesting 2 websites to have different order prefixes (i.e. W_ORDER vs L_ORDER). We can't seem to do this through the UI, but we may be able to do it through a OrderIsPassedToCheckoutHandler notification. Before we go down a rabbit ...
Nuno Aguiar
02/10/2019 10:49:35
Last post: 02/10/2019 11:08:15
Voucher List Email Sent Records
Hi All, After I sent emails regarding vouchers from the voucher list to the specific user group which has total 4 members in the group, only one voucher code appeared with status 'Sent' and the email address that the voucher code was recevied. But wh ...
Aye Nyein Myat
01/10/2019 06:22:45
Last post: 02/10/2019 05:57:50
Traking id is saved with the "," in the database when it is edited.
After putting the tracking id in the Order. And then check in the database, I noticed that the track and trace saved with a comma ",". There are screenshots in the attachment for tracking id from the order:trackidorder and database: trackiddb. Please ...
Sai Nanda Hein
01/10/2019 04:03:01
Last post: 02/10/2019 01:50:49
Escape characters of an URL when filtering products
Hi, By SEO directives, I would like to avoid the escape characters that appear in the URL when filtering products. For instance, in Rapido, these escape characters appear when selecting a brand in the facets of the left panel. The URL is http://dwdem ...
Tomas Gomez
01/10/2019 12:16:16
Last post: 01/10/2019 13:02:22
How can we have site-specific custom-fields on products for a multi-site DynamicWeb solution?
Hi Everyone, We're running multiple eCommerce websites under a single instance of DynamicWeb. Each Site has its own Shop. We need to implement custom fields for the Products. Some of the custom fields are shared over all Sites/Shops. However, other c ...
Steve Knutson
26/09/2019 03:50:53
Last post: 26/09/2019 21:48:59
Search for multiple products in backend
Hi guys, I have just received (yet another) weird request from one of our prospect customers. They seem to need a way to search for multiple products at once in the backend using the ProductNumber. Something like: Product1,Product2,Product3. Apparent ...
Adrian Ursu
26/09/2019 14:23:42
Last post: 26/09/2019 17:10:42
Clone (Copy) Product including ProductCategoryFields and Values
Hi guys, Me again with another weird question. Can we clone (copy) a product together with the corresponding values for the ProductCategoryFields? Sometimes 2 products might be slightly different and cloning will avoid a lot of manual work. Or a way  ...
Adrian Ursu
26/09/2019 14:26:58
Last post: 26/09/2019 15:37:52