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Auto addMulti to cart not working for prices
Hello, I have been working on creating an auto-add-to-cart page that will add items from a quote in Salesforce. All the data has come correctly from Salesforce, and based off everything that I can find when searching, I have created the form correctl ...
16/04/2019 21:29:28
Last post: 19/04/2019 22:09:54
Read Only Permission on Ecommerce > Product Catalog
Dear All, Although I set up 'Read Only' Permission on Ecommerce > Product Catalog for only one langauage and only one shop , I can still choose the other shop and other languages that I setup to 'None'. And I set up 'Read Only' permission on Produ ...
Aye Nyein Myat
18/04/2019 12:33:28
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Order Discount Inclusive not working
Hi, We have a scenario in 9.6.3 with aggregated discounts, where there are orderline/product discounts applied to the cart, but the Order discount (inclusive) is not taking the discounted price into the calculation. Can you confirm? https://www.scree ...
Nuno Aguiar
02/04/2019 15:02:06
Last post: 16/04/2019 11:22:29
what is the best way to make list of link to files on a product?
Hi On a product in ecommerce, we want to create a solution where the editor can make links to different files as a part of the product. A link is constructed by a text on the link and a path to the file we are linking to. Now if I was to do this in I ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
15/04/2019 09:38:51
Last post: 15/04/2019 12:48:03
Permission does not seem to work for Ecomm module
Dear Sir Refer to this video, I had setup the order, catalogue and discount for a user group, admin-china Upon log in as tplc whom belong to this user group "admin-china" I am not able to se ...
Tan Pang Lin
15/04/2019 10:53:29
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Wrong order of variant combinations on product
Greetings. I have the following issue where DW (version 9.5.6) says the variant combination order is wrong. The following screenshot (productid 0-95-11) show how data is organized for a product that fails in both admin and frontend (due to wrong vari ...
Espen Strømsnes
22/03/2019 09:47:38
Last post: 15/04/2019 08:46:31
Order discount for products in a specific product group
Hi, We are trying to figure out a soultion to offer a specific order discount scenario. The shop has products for different brands sorted in different product groups (group names: Brand A, Brand B etc.). The order Discount (inclusive) we want to offe ...
Jens Jakob Kristensen
10/04/2019 15:43:48
Last post: 11/04/2019 10:39:10
Double order email sent to customer
Hi We have an issue with order emails which are being sent to customer twice. This happens on approximatelly 60% of all orders. We have customizations in checkout observers which are (amongst other things) changing status of an order based on businne ...
Adnan Catovic
10/04/2019 11:33:36
Last post: 10/04/2019 13:09:39
discount with a set "Usage per customer"
Hi I have a setup with a product discount, where "Usage per customer" is set to 1 on the product page and in the product list, I now have the discount shown, and when I add to cart the cart also shows my discount Then I buy it I then login again (clo ...
Thomas Jensen
03/04/2019 15:23:42
Last post: 10/04/2019 13:03:36
Display giftcards and discount correct in frontend
Hi DW. We are having some issues displaying both Giftcard and Discounts in the cart, reciept and order confirmation emails. Do you guys have any logic to show both? ...
Mikkel Belchuke
13/12/2018 16:53:50
Last post: 09/04/2019 12:55:20
Oderline gets duplicated in cart (should increase quantity)
Hi, I have a solution where, when adding the same product to cart twice, the orderline gets "duplicated" instead of just increasing quantity. The part that I cant figure out is that this only happends in production. In our staging (and in my local) e ...
Aki Ruuskanen
27/03/2019 11:13:55
Last post: 09/04/2019 12:15:46
Sitemap not shows groups in url
Hello, I have configurated our website to use sitemap.xml and with products. Url in sitemap.xml: Expected: ...
Maik van Sark
15/03/2019 11:20:19
Last post: 08/04/2019 11:58:10
Focal point for product images
Hi, is it possible to enable focal points for eCom images somewhere? Or does this only work on paragraphs and items? ...
René Poulsen
29/03/2019 09:35:14
Last post: 03/04/2019 09:32:21
Excessive sql on product lists
Hi, On a 9.6.4 we have a productlist with 40 products and we get 78 sql queries for EcomDetails, 27 sql queries for EcomStockUnit and 31 sql queries for EcomProducts. This is causing about 2 seconds of delay in small queries. I am pretty sure, that s ...
Mikkel Ulstrup
01/04/2019 12:31:36
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Discount & Offers Stop further rules processing
The Stop further rules processing and Priority on the discounts doesn't work between discounts under Order Discounts and the ones under Product Discounts. Is this expected behaviour? DW version 9.6.3 ...
Cátia Torego
27/03/2019 15:20:26
Last post: 28/03/2019 10:23:43
Initial currency on cart
Why is the currency on carts different on different occations? As you can see in the screenshot I have tried to log in as the same user on two different occations. On the first login the currency on the cart is set to GBP even though the currency on  ...
Espen Strømsnes
28/03/2019 10:18:39
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Duplicate units
Hey We have a problem with duplicate units, and found this SQL query from the debug tool, it looks like when joining on EcomVariantGroups. The LanguageId is missing in the where clause. (EcomVariantGroups.VariantGroupLanguageId = @p0) results in dupl ...
Mark Preisler
20/03/2019 19:57:39
Last post: 28/03/2019 07:39:23
Klarna Checkout - B2B support?
Hi, With Klarna Checkout its possible to support B2B. Can we do this with the Klarna Checkout Checkout handler? If not, is there a plan for it? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
27/03/2019 12:53:55
Last post: 27/03/2019 16:04:42
Is there a way to list usergroups (ID and Name) in the ecom product template
Is there a way to list usergroups (ID and Name) in the ecom product template GetGlobalValue("Global:Extranet.Groups") gives me a list of user(group)IDs eg. "23,432,1212" but there is no easy way to finde the the id for a specific usergroup in admin I ...
Thomas Jensen
12/03/2019 17:27:44
Last post: 27/03/2019 13:56:30
Indexes - Free text search and html entities (ø = &oslahs; etc.)
Hi guys, I'm trying to setup a freetext search on page items and their paragraph item content - An it's indexing just fine... but whenever the search query includes special characters it'll return nothing. I have inspected the index with Luke, and fo ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
26/03/2019 14:51:21
Last post: 27/03/2019 13:37:10