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Making a custom Web API with Dynamicweb
Hello! I read that it is possible to further develope an API supporting the dynamic web platform. Any further information regarding this, meaning do you have any examples where's you've implemented one or two routes / controllers that will work with  ...
Thomas Berthelsen
22/08/2019 10:28:03
Last post: 22/08/2019 12:37:27
Password Complexity Rules and DW Security API
Hi DW I am using your security API for creating and logging in users using AJAX calls to an MVC Controller. It seems however, that User.Save() and User.EncryptPassword() bypasses the passwrod complexity rules setup in the DW backend. Do you have an i ...
Ronni Hansen
14/08/2019 12:20:16
Last post: 22/08/2019 11:42:13
Recreate Product custom field options
Hi, I have a custom development where I need to recreate the field options of a list box from a product custom field. I am successfully deleting all existing options and clearing the cache, but I cannot find the right method to do it. How can I achie ...
Nuno Aguiar
08/08/2019 23:35:08
Last post: 20/08/2019 17:54:59
Value either too large or small for decimal error when calculating price
Hello, I'm having a bit of a weird and major issue. This post is a bit of a hail mary since many factors regarding this are unbeknownst to me and the issue originated several months ago and the project has been in hiatus since then too, so I don't th ...
Oscar Romin
20/08/2019 15:28:37
Last post: 20/08/2019 16:00:28
GetImage and Webp
Hi, I've been looking into the ability to output WebP-images in Dynamicweb 9, and been looking into the package from ImageProcessor. Anyone been using this or have another approach to serve WebP-images? -- Best regards Kurt Moskjaer Andersen ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
19/08/2019 18:05:59
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SelectionBox not working
Hi, I need to implemented a custom ProductFieldTypeProvider to select and sort several ID values from a custom list. The Extending Ecommerce page shows an example with a DropDownList, but no multiselection and no customizable sorting are available wi ...
Tomas Gomez
13/08/2019 13:36:54
Last post: 19/08/2019 13:04:10
Getting the current order in backend code
Hi, We are normally using the following code te get the current order from the Context: Context.CartContext = OrderContext.GetOrderContextById(StringConstants.ApplicationVariables.DefaultOrderContextId); return Context.Cart; After having troubles wit ...
Hans Kloppenborg
16/08/2019 16:10:10
Last post: 19/08/2019 10:04:57
Social Media Publishing API
Hi, Is it possible to do Social Media Publishing through the API? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
15/08/2019 09:01:39
Last post: 15/08/2019 13:13:15
Cybersource: No transaction number sent
I am using Cybersource payment method with an embedded iframe. For some users it started to return an error when trying to load the iframe. In the front end the iframe is never loaded and I can see the following error in the order log "No transaction ...
Cátia Torego
07/06/2019 16:46:13
Last post: 14/08/2019 06:50:44
Critical issue in assortments
Hi Dynamicweb, We are testing with the latest version of DW (9.6.13) and see some issues with the assortments... Try the following: Access a product which is locked by an assortment with a direct link => the product is not displayed => CORRECT  ...
Anders Ebdrup
08/08/2019 16:51:36
Last post: 12/08/2019 14:17:49
EcomAssortmentItems - Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int.
Hello DW, We are working with an integrated solution where we have had some issues with the assortments. The issue was related to the rebuilding process where we got this error: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int. To solve ...
Anders Ebdrup
08/04/2019 19:19:22
Last post: 08/08/2019 16:53:06
Extending ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order)
Hi Dynamicweb, We need to make some custom validation on the orders. Will it be possible to hook into the validation rutine in: ValidateOrder(settings As ModuleSettings, order As Order), so we can add our custom validations and errors to the list? Be ...
Anders Ebdrup
11/04/2019 17:51:41
Last post: 08/08/2019 16:52:50
NavigationProvider is not working after DW 9.6.6
Hi I have a custom NaviagtionProvider adding some extra nodes to some of my Ecommerce groups. After 9.6.6 its no longer working. When I select my custom provider in the navigation provider dropdown, my ecommerce navigation becomes empty. When I try s ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
12/07/2019 19:27:41
Last post: 07/08/2019 13:56:28
Cannot change currency in Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.dll v1.6.48
Dear Dynamicweb, In the current version of Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.dll v1.6.48 it is not possible to change currency by using "?CurrencyCode=XXX" without getting this error: Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Prices.PriceInfoCurrencyException: Attempt to aritmatic wi ...
Anders Ebdrup
05/08/2019 11:23:17
Last post: 07/08/2019 09:27:20
custom Ecommerce mini-cart delete orderline command
Hi all! I am currently developing a mini-cart in a ViewModelTemplate using the Ecommerce Context. i have succeded in creating the mini-cart this way, but i am having some problems creating a button that can delete an orderline from the mini-cart. i h ...
Christoffer Rosendahl Frede
31/07/2019 20:53:42
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Methods marked obsolete when replacement not yet available
Hi, We where cleaning up the warnings on an existing solution after a core update, but found out that again methods have been deemed obsolete while the replacement methods are not yet available. And somewhat annoyingly the documentation has been upda ...
Hans Kloppenborg
30/07/2019 10:28:05
Last post: 31/07/2019 15:24:49
not load type 'Dynamicweb.Extensibility.SelectionBox' from assembly 'Dynamicweb, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
Hi, I am experiencing this issue whenever I right click on a page and select "Properties". We are running DW 9.4.34 but somehow its looking for Server Error in '/' Application. Could not load type 'Dynamicweb.Extensibility.SelectionBox' from ...
Martin Møller Christensen
25/07/2019 14:34:12
Last post: 26/07/2019 09:23:41
Call API using async C# HttpClient in DW/Rapido feed
Do anyone have a working example with async HttpClient in a DW/Rapido feed? ...
Martin Grønbekk Moen
04/07/2019 23:51:55
Last post: 17/07/2019 11:24:10
Using Auth0 as external authentication provider
Hi, One of our customers wants us to use Auth0 ( ) as authentication provider. I am still checking out how that could work, but it seems they use the OAuth 2.0 protocol. I saw in a post of 2018 that there was an Oauth external authe ...
Hans Kloppenborg
16/07/2019 09:55:24
Last post: 16/07/2019 16:01:42
XML Feed Extended template tags
Greetings! We are trying to create a google rss feed page. We are trying to create a template tag in GeneralPageTemplateExtender.cs and for some reason we are not able to see this specific tag on this page but we can see it on other pages. The only d ...
Anton Marinó Stefánsson
10/07/2019 16:43:07
Last post: 11/07/2019 03:42:15