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Schedule paragraphs created with ItemCreator
Hi, A client wants to schedule item paragraphs that are created from frontend with the ItemCreator module. What is the best approach for this? Is there a ItemCreator specifc notification we can subscribe to? Or a tag where we can set the publication  ...
Jesse Bakker
17/04/2019 10:25:25
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Index files getting deleted
Hi, I have an issue on a project where the indexed files are being removed (all instances), as it they never existed (not a Failed build). Coincidence or not, only started to happen after upgrading from 9.4.x to 9.5.5 It's not tied to website/app_poo ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/01/2019 17:59:18
Last post: 16/04/2019 11:21:23
301 redirects
Hi guys, \I have a situation where the name of a page has been changed and Google reports 404 for all links that were previously indexed. Since there are already new links indexed, I cannot just rename the url of the page back to the old one. I am wo ...
Adrian Ursu
15/04/2019 13:26:32
Last post: 15/04/2019 22:56:05
SQL firehose - declare in DW9
Hi I was trying to use a variable in SQL, but I keep getting the same error The following exception message was returned by the server: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'DECLARE'. Incorrect syntax near ')'. Even if I declare as a Int "DECLARE @MyInt ...
Thomas Jensen
15/04/2019 15:10:08
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Item Publisher Paging Sorting Filtering gripe
Hi. Using Item Publisher to handle Item types as is standard, its what the module is for. Initial Paging is out the box and works fine. Now our client wants some filtering and sorting added to the mix. And so we have a problem, since I can find no do ...
Kevin O'Driscoll
11/04/2019 18:31:41
Last post: 15/04/2019 11:58:28
Get "Show in Breadcrumb" in XSLT
Yo! I have a sitemap like so: Page A [Folder] - This one I'm trying to hide from the breadcrumbs Subpage A Subpage B Page B Page C Is it possible to get the "Show in Breadcrumb" value from the page property from the navigation XSLT template? If so, h ...
Lars Pham
12/04/2019 14:40:59
Last post: 12/04/2019 15:13:06
Dynamicweb Templates for VS2019?
Can you provide a DynamicwebTemplatesDW9VS2019.vsix ? ...
Peter Leleulya
09/04/2019 10:00:57
Last post: 12/04/2019 01:40:30
Turn of Dw version in HTML source code?
Is there a way to turn off the Dynamicweb version in the HTML source code? For example, this is line 15 in the HTML source code on one of my sites: <meta name="generator" content="Dynamicweb 8" /> The customer has extreme security requirements  ...
Sean Meade
10/04/2019 18:46:25
Last post: 10/04/2019 19:43:50
Multiple analyzers on Custom field type
Hi, I was following the documentation creating a custom field type in a Repository and noticed a bug. I reproduced what's in the documentation and even states we can create multiple analyzers, but then it only saves the last: The UI and documentation ...
Nuno Aguiar
04/03/2019 19:25:45
Last post: 10/04/2019 12:42:34
Downloadable documents for a product
Hi, How do we configure multiple downloadable documents for a product? Refer to the image for clearer visualization. Regards, Afi ...
08/03/2019 09:43:24
Last post: 09/04/2019 18:06:10
Hi, We want to redirect to, because we made a change in the url. We would like to redirect the old url to the new url. We made a redirect 301 but o ...
Gerard Kocks
29/03/2019 09:51:23
Last post: 09/04/2019 12:10:52
Time out after upgrading to 9,6,5
Hi, I upgraded a staging enviroment to 9.6.5 and after that I get time outs on the solutions. Looks like "CollectProductsCountByGroupsForNavigation" is the last thing called. Stack trace: [Win32Exception (0x80004005): ...
Aki Ruuskanen
05/04/2019 12:39:25
Last post: 05/04/2019 16:02:47
Collecting consent on user Create/Edit
Hi guys, From the documentation I understand that I can only collect consent for one Activity when the User is created or Edited using the Extranet App. Is this something that's gonna change in the future? I can easily see a few situations where a si ...
Adrian Ursu
17/01/2019 15:34:45
Last post: 04/04/2019 16:16:22
Index Queries empty fields
Hi guys We are experiencing empty fields on a index query (attached image). What could cause this issue. If we select another index as a source, we get the fields back. ...
Jens Mouritzen
03/04/2019 21:13:46
Last post: 04/04/2019 12:42:23
Stock location in product page
Hi, I have added 2 stock locations for a product with the same unit. However, in the frontend of the product page, the stock location is displayed as units in the dropdown. Refer to the images attached. Is there a configuration to change this to say, ...
03/04/2019 11:46:22
Last post: 04/04/2019 06:20:28
Access restriction bypass via origin spoof
Hi, One of our clients are using Blackstone One to check their website for security breaches. They have received a couple of warnings about "Access restriction bypass via origin spoof", where Blackstone One gives the following description: "Blackston ...
Kurt Moskjær Andersen
03/04/2019 13:00:32
Last post: 03/04/2019 15:01:06
Get parent ID from page template
Yo! Is it possible to get the parent pageID from a subpage on the page template? Page A Subpage 1 Subpage 2 (I want to retrieve the page ID from "Page A" from a page template here) Page B ...
Lars Pham
03/04/2019 14:31:27
Last post: 03/04/2019 14:50:14
UserManagement Create/edit user via frontend – Existing users – New Consents are not registered
Hi, We have a client where they have multiple websites on the same DW solution. On each website there is a Newsletter sign-up form (UserManagement) with an e-mail field and a consent checkbox. Each form has different consent activities attached. If a ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
02/04/2019 12:37:27
Last post: 02/04/2019 15:43:52
List languages/websites with permissions
Hi guys, I have a situation on a website where I need to create a bunch of new language layers and websites but I need to keep them invisible in the language layer selector until the Content admin manages everything. What would be the best approach t ...
Adrian Ursu
02/04/2019 14:59:28
Last post: 02/04/2019 15:29:38
No layout landing page
Hi, I want to create a fresh landing page for email marketing with no header and footer. I selected Rapido's nolayout.cshtml as the layout for that page (Refer to first image). I created and configured the first paragraph to occupy half of the page a ...
20/02/2019 15:39:12
Last post: 29/03/2019 16:56:34