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Cancelling the "Are you sure you want to leave the site" causes screen to hang
When you make changes to a page in the content tree and then navigate away, the browser pops up a dialog saying "Changes you made may not be saved.". When you then click Cancel to stay on the page, the overlay with the spinner doesn't go away blockin ...
Imar Spaanjaars
20/02/2019 16:35:51
Last post: 22/02/2019 13:33:46
Move 1000 + items at once
Hi we have 1.000+ items currently positioned under Group (page) A, but we want to move all these items under Group B Is this possible to do somehow at once? Anybody eg have a SQL sentence I could use in Firehose? Would be way to time consuming to mov ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
13/06/2018 17:41:03
Last post: 21/02/2019 14:58:53
Creating a new language in website settings fails
Hi, We are running DW 9.5.0 and I want to add two extra language layers (en & de) to the website. So I click on New language, set the name and regional settings: (what is weird, is that in your documentation there are options to select what to co ...
Harald Brouwers
16/10/2018 09:06:16
Last post: 21/02/2019 14:55:14
Set permission default user
Hi, For our customer we start using the new permission model. But since that moment default users don't see anything after logging in (see attachement). Where can I set that default users see everything except the settings part? Best regar ...
Gerard Kocks
21/02/2019 11:17:52
Last post: 21/02/2019 14:45:12
Extranet: Users getting logged off after short period of time
Hey, we have an extranet set up where the users are getting logged off after a short period of time. I don't know exactly how long they remain logged in, but it's 2 hours at most. The solution is running v. 9.6.1 Under Settings > Control Panel > ...
Martin Kure
19/02/2019 10:30:31
Last post: 21/02/2019 12:06:51
Notification in Danish
Hi, The no permission notification is only available in Danish. I think the correct notification in Dutch should be: 'U heeft geen rechten om deze pagina te bekijken'. Could you please set this, because we need to give customers backend permission. B ...
Gerard Kocks
12/02/2019 16:00:48
Last post: 21/02/2019 11:18:52
Canonical links
Hey, Are there any way to show canonical links the way Google likes them? Right now, DW is generating a base href and a relative canonical, like this: <base href=""> <link rel="canonical" href="/products/group/product"& ...
Kim Hansen
12/02/2019 08:03:44
Last post: 20/02/2019 19:52:33
Schedule recurring E-mail longer than 3- days
We would like to schedule a recurring reminder mail every half year. We’ve tried it using the marketing module but we can only set the recurring mails to an maximum of 30 days (see picture 1). Is it possible to create the possibility to define your o ...
Gerard Kocks
20/02/2019 12:38:39
Last post: 20/02/2019 16:46:23
Forms for editors and custom validation
Is there a way to set regular expressions or other validators for fields in a Forms for Editors form? ...
Imar Spaanjaars
20/02/2019 15:55:35
Last post: 20/02/2019 16:26:58
No layout landing page
Hi, I want to create a fresh landing page for email marketing with no header and footer. I selected Rapido's nolayout.cshtml as the layout for that page (Refer to first image). I created and configured the first paragraph to occupy half of the page a ...
20/02/2019 15:39:12
Last post: 20/02/2019 16:17:07
Annoying bug in item publisher module
If you set an item publisher to publish items under a specifik page, and later delete this page - you get a fatal error when you try to get into the module settings to change the target of the item publisher to get the items from. This shouldn´t have ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
04/12/2018 16:42:38
Last post: 20/02/2019 14:42:17
Customer center - order print
Hi in version 9.4.18 we have some issues with the customer center module. When the paragraph module settings are set for user id and the you are logged in to the system with a user that does not contain a customer number, you are able to see the conf ...
Rui Silva
06/12/2018 15:24:00
Last post: 19/02/2019 15:15:32
Index files getting deleted
Hi, I have an issue on a project where the indexed files are being removed (all instances), as it they never existed (not a Failed build). Coincidence or not, only started to happen after upgrading from 9.4.x to 9.5.5 It's not tied to website/app_poo ...
Nuno Aguiar
25/01/2019 17:59:18
Last post: 19/02/2019 13:01:43
Image Focal Point - how to set it up in the template
Hi I´ve been looking at the release notes, and searching the forum - for how to use the image focal point in the template, but no luck Anybody who can how i activate it in the template? Is it a parameter for the getimage.ashx like eg. Crop=FocalPoint ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
31/01/2019 10:49:24
Last post: 19/02/2019 01:51:30
Difference between MatchAny, Contains and In
Hi there, When building a query for a repository and adding a field of type string[], I can choose between MatchAny, Contains and In for the match. What's the difference between these? The docs just mention that they exist, not what they are used for ...
Imar Spaanjaars
13/02/2019 20:38:00
Last post: 18/02/2019 11:38:04
New navigation?
Hi, In some webinar I remeber seeing something about a new way to render Navigation without the xslt templates. I cannot find anything in any documentation. Am I searching poorly or isn't there any documentation about it? Regards / Aki ...
Aki Ruuskanen
15/02/2019 09:56:45
Last post: 15/02/2019 12:44:45
Set backend permissions
Hi, I want to make a backend user that can only create events. Can someone please tell me how I can set this? Best regards Gerard ...
Gerard Kocks
12/02/2019 10:30:21
Last post: 12/02/2019 17:05:25
eCom, how do i add an amount to add to cart
Probably a simple question/answer, but I cant find anything on this specific matter. In a productlist, i want to be able to chose amount/quantity for the product that is being added to cart CartV2 ofcourse. How do I do this? ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
25/11/2015 16:34:04
Last post: 12/02/2019 15:12:04
Auto index when creating/editing content
Hi, So I'm building a suggested search on all text content (pages, paragraphs and items) on a site using an index and the query publisher module. But what would be the best way to rebuild the index when content is being saved after editing or created ...
Lars Pham
08/02/2019 14:52:34
Last post: 08/02/2019 15:06:56
Print out values of System.String[] array
I've created an index in repositories that indexed all content (pages, paragraps) and I get this. ParagraphContent System.String[] Which by your documentation should contain: Paragraph content contains an array of the item type properties for each it ...
Lars Pham
07/02/2019 16:38:31
Last post: 08/02/2019 10:09:02