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Question about Forms for Editors
Hello, On the Winnebago website ( we have the following situation: - Forms for Editors module attached to a page, page which we get via an ajax call in another pages, the contents being rendered in a modal win ...
Sean Meade
14/11/2019 03:34:13
Last post: 14/11/2019 16:56:23
Error in item fields when listing subpages
See the video When I turn off one of the fields/columns to be shown in the list when listing subpages, the data makes no sense. The field/Column "Dagfesting" is a datefield, but after i deselect one of the fields ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
13/11/2019 08:16:36
Last post: 13/11/2019 14:35:56
Error copying Area
Hi guys, I've got this error when I tried to copy an area: Error happened while executing operation! Area was not copied! Any ideeas why? Is there a log for this type of operations that I can check? I am using Thanks, Adrian ...
Adrian Ursu
05/03/2017 01:26:16
Last post: 13/11/2019 11:06:53
scanning site for cookie use
Hi When using DynamicWebs Cookie Manager, you can add cookies that a site is using, but how do you scan the site to find what cookies are used on the site. Using a 3rd party to scan; eg. they have a free tool to scan 3-5 pages, not the  ...
Thomas Jensen
07/11/2019 16:22:38
Last post: 07/11/2019 17:02:20
Using non-standard ports for http/https
Hi Team, Does Dynamicweb support using non-standard ports? The stylesheets aren't loading when we use anything other than port 80/443. Thanks, Terri ...
Terri Donahue
14/10/2019 19:50:57
Last post: 05/11/2019 16:19:27
Direct Paths in dynamicweb
Hi, I'm trying to add a direct path from this url:ælg-designer-shin-azumi.aspx to thisælg-designer-shin-azumi.aspx?PID=1307 but it dosent redirect. designer ...
Mads Sjørslev
04/11/2019 10:42:01
Last post: 05/11/2019 12:28:49
CookieManager - how do i list Secure cookies and Tracking cookies
Hi In Cookie Manager, I can make custom Cookies categories and with API I can list them using CookieManager.GetCategories() and inturn also list cookies selected/added in those categories CookieManager.GetCategoryCookies( [Cookies categorie] ) eg. Co ...
Thomas Jensen
24/10/2019 16:14:08
Last post: 04/11/2019 11:48:50
Inconsistent path for FileManager product fields
Hi guys, I have a solution running DW 9.6.3 with Rapido 3.1. I have the Document field set on the product. Field type is FileManager. I also have another custom field on the product, Icon1, also of type FileManager. When I try to output them in the t ...
Adrian Ursu
02/11/2019 12:48:14
Last post: 04/11/2019 11:06:30
Find all broken links on website
There used to be a link management tool, but I can not find it. Has this been deprecated, or is there another way to find broken links on a website for both published and unpublished content? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
31/10/2019 11:01:34
Last post: 31/10/2019 11:46:38
Cloudflare proxy ip ban
Hello, Since a short while we have a customer who has added the cloudflare proxy for security and IPV6 support. Today we had the strange situation that our solution was no longer available under the www subdomain, only under the main domain. After so ...
Hans Kloppenborg
25/10/2019 15:44:07
Last post: 31/10/2019 09:18:27
Custom dashboard widgets
Hi there, I can think of a ton of cool things you can do with the new dashboards. Are they based on an extensible model? In other words, can I create my own? Any guidance on how to do that would be great. Thanks, Imar ...
Imar Spaanjaars
06/09/2017 21:30:59
Last post: 30/10/2019 15:40:02
Missing data on UserSchema
Hi, Working with user repositories we found the following properties to be missing from the User Schema: GeolocationLatitude GeolocationLongitude State Region Image ExternalId We applied an IndexBuilderExtender as a workaround, but there should reall ...
Nuno Aguiar
29/10/2019 17:03:51
Last post: 30/10/2019 10:29:13
Image settings on files in CMS slows down file browsing massively
Hello, For our customer (DW 9.6.9) we put image settings on the Files/Images folder in an attempt to lessen the load on the website since they tend to upload huge, badly compressed files. Last week we got the complaint from the custome ...
Hans Kloppenborg
28/10/2019 16:09:26
Last post: 29/10/2019 09:18:53
Product Catalog module UI issue
Hi guys, I know I have posted this issue a couple of times already and every time I got back the suggestion to clear my cookies or session. I was hoping that the newer versions will find a way to get rid of this annoying behavior but even in the late ...
Adrian Ursu
24/10/2019 14:18:38
Last post: 29/10/2019 08:37:59
My Favorites - doesn't work properly
Hi, I have set Public unit to (10th Dec,2019). It is still public and seen at my list. Why is it happened? I have tried for My favorite list as non public. But I can add products to the non public list. Can I know the purpose of using "Public" option ...
Nay Chi Phyo
03/01/2019 04:31:30
Last post: 29/10/2019 04:45:39
Promotion products
Hey DW, Are the promotion product paragraph able to keep the sorting as added ? I know the query can do sorting though it doesn'y seem to affect manually added products - I would expect the order it's added to be respected by the standard template :) ...
Claus Ørum-Petersen
20/05/2019 12:10:02
Last post: 28/10/2019 10:39:47
Save version of pages/paragraphs as default
Hi Is there a way so congifure a solution to save versions of pages/paragraphs as default, without the editor having to manually turning it on for each page/paragraph they create? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
27/10/2019 12:21:35
Last post: 28/10/2019 09:10:51
Password recovery being sent to deactivated account
Hi, I ran into this issue while testing Password Recovery: I went on to find out that what was happening was that I had two accounts with the same email set up in the backend. And while the email repeti ...
Mafalda Correa
11/10/2019 11:31:17
Last post: 24/10/2019 02:13:41
SQL injection
Hi Team, Is there a way to whitelist an IP while leaving the SQL injection ban in place? We are seeing instances where our clients IPs are getting blocked. The specific version I am looking into is 89.2.20. I know it is old, but we can't force people ...
Terri Donahue
22/10/2019 19:24:16
Last post: 23/10/2019 16:42:29
Data Lists and Form For Datalists capabilities
Hi First of all, I must state that I have no Experience what so ever using Data Lists and Forms For Data Lists, so bare with me if this is a silly question. But I have at costumer who needs a booking system for booking time slots for meeting. And alo ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
23/10/2019 12:40:07
Last post: 23/10/2019 13:49:20