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Custom product attributes, productgroups
I'm trying to learn how to implement product group fields in a product. I understand how to create the fields, but when I want to output them, I haven't found a way (yet). In the documentation, this is what I find about Product.Productgroups https:// ...
Siv-Renate Hansen
26/03/2020 11:07:41
Last post: 26/03/2020 15:25:54
Product Comments - Notification Email
I'm having a couple of issues with the comments notifications. In the comments notification templates I always get an exception if I try to use a Translate. Is there a way to use translates in these templates? When trying to send a reply notification ...
Cátia Torego
13/02/2020 15:42:37
Last post: 20/03/2020 16:16:59
Cookie details
Hello, Is it possible to show what type of cookies are used and why, in the ModalDialogWarning_Categories.html template (DW9)? I have tried looking at the API and other similar questions in other forums, but without examples it's a bit difficult to u ...
Roop K. Rusbjerg
16/03/2020 09:51:41
Last post: 18/03/2020 10:57:11
Is there a way to tell what placeholder a paragraph is in, in a paragraph-template?
Hi On a page, you can have multiple placeholders (<div id="place1" class="dwconent" title="place1"></div> <div id="place2" class="dwconent" title="place2"></div> etc) Now, is it possible to tell from a pragraphtemplate what pl ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
15/03/2020 11:56:20
Last post: 16/03/2020 10:42:27
ItemPublisher: Getting folder names in pagetree
Hi guys Can we somehow, in an ItemPublisher template, get the items parent page/folder in the loop? ...
Jens Mouritzen
09/03/2020 12:41:21
Last post: 09/03/2020 13:15:52
RenderItemList probs.
Hello, I'm using Itempublisher as a news modul and feeding it with paragraph item from it's subpage: News - the itempublisher is here AllNews - all the news feed is here in different item paragraphs What I want is to show latest news section at the b ...
Roop K. Rusbjerg
27/02/2020 15:20:25
Last post: 27/02/2020 15:23:58
Error in cookies template
Hi After we enable cookie manager and set it ot use Template based warnings - ModalWarning.cshtml we get following error on page: Error compiling template "CookieWarning/ModalWarning.cshtml" Line 80: The name 'Render' does not exist in the current co ...
Ivan Marijanović
25/02/2020 09:16:47
Last post: 25/02/2020 10:00:14
ItemPublisher with itemrelations Loop if/else issue
Hello, I'm stuck at something thats supposed to be simple but I just can't get it right. What this peace of code to do, is to check if gallery loop is empty and it is then show the img and if it is not empty then show the gallery loop. I have tried a ...
Roop K. Rusbjerg
14/02/2020 08:58:51
Last post: 14/02/2020 11:31:12
Form files as links instead of text
I found this thread,, where it states that I could check for input type and then create a link-tag to surround this. So I did, but no link  ...
Siv-Renate Hansen
11/02/2020 10:55:56
Last post: 11/02/2020 17:59:02
EcomNavigation fails because of having 2 shops on 1 solution
Greetings, For some reason the EcomNavigation fails. We have a sulotion with 2 shops and one of them is a custom made sulotion and the other is a Rapido sulotion. I am trying to activate EcomNavigation on the Rapido solution. I have Enabled all custo ...
Keerthy Sethupathy
10/02/2020 09:56:11
Last post: 10/02/2020 10:58:12
Avoid "Error compiling template" never to be shown
How can i avoid the "Error compiling template" to be shown with a global setting and without using try/catch on the tempalte? Anyone? ...
17/03/2017 08:59:37
Last post: 07/02/2020 09:12:37
Synonyms support in Repositorys
Hi, Can anyone provide some instructions on how to get this to work? I know it's an analyzer, but I need to know how/where to populate that list. Best Regards, Nuno Aguiar ...
Nuno Aguiar
30/01/2020 16:04:18
Last post: 30/01/2020 17:19:07
DW9 Mega Menu
Hello, Does anyone have any great ideas for at xslt template for a mega menu in DW9? I've attached the xml and xslt files of what I have so far, but I'm not getting the desired result. (I know it's already a feature in Rapido but I'm not using Rapido ...
Roop K. Rusbjerg
30/01/2020 13:56:12
Last post: 30/01/2020 14:20:54
"Did you mean" spell checker for free text searches?
Dear Dynamicweb, I'm excited to see that there is a note in the 9.8 release about "Did you mean?"! How can we use that in the platform? And how does is calculate the result? Best regards, Anders ...
Anders Ebdrup
30/01/2020 08:57:03
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Blog menu and breadcrumb
Hi, Our client wants a blog with its own navigation menu and breadcrumb. I am configuring the Rapido blog to do it, using the Article and ArticleList items. I created a new simple XSLT that is displayed in the blog pages (see atachment), but I don't  ...
Tomas Gomez
28/01/2020 15:34:33
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Get pages that are children of a given parentpage using the API
Hi I am trying to get at list of active pages that are children of a given parentpage using the API Guess what i have to use is this So far i have tried a lot of things, ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
14/01/2020 11:36:23
Last post: 14/01/2020 15:39:11
Getting colours from image
Hi guys I need some guidance on how to retrieve colors from an image, one or more. E.g. we want to make an overlay color for an image based on the colors of the image. Anyone having a good approach on how to do this? ...
Jens Mouritzen
06/01/2020 22:05:17
Last post: 08/01/2020 09:25:24
Modal Component duplicates buttons
Hi, When trying to use the Modal Component, populating buttons through the AddAction method, it's duplicating them if we reload the page. I am using the modal as a handlebars template and I was expecting to on ...
Nuno Aguiar
03/01/2020 19:43:29
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Filepublisher using first image as thumbnail
Hi guys We got a customer, who wants to use the first image in the filefolder as the thumbnail, using the FilePublisher module. How can we achive this? The folders loop (Razor) dows not give a list of files. Thanks :) ...
Jens Mouritzen
15/12/2019 18:28:14
Last post: 17/12/2019 19:00:13
Template Context for EmailMarketing
I have been stuggling for a few days with the email marketing module, and think it is time i request some external assistance :-) When i am sending an email via the EmailMarketing module, it seems that the context in @PageView.Context is null. (I hav ...
Ronni Hansen
26/07/2019 08:35:47
Last post: 10/12/2019 14:30:36