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Templates in Radio List
Hi all, I've been trying to find the answer, but no luck so far. I saw a real nice feature in the radio list, where you can set a template instead of a pictogram. But when I configure a Radio List ItemType I can't find how to set it up. Neith ...
Jaap Tinholt
31/12/2021 12:43:48
Last post: 02/01/2022 11:52:29
Navigation with navigationTag disappears
I'm having an Issue on DW 9.10.13 with Navigation.RenderNavigation() and the use of RootNavigationTag. The menu simply disappears (eg. when recycling), but saving the page (with the navigationTag) restores it somhow. When hardcoding RootPageId i  ...
Lasse Hove Nielsen
08/12/2021 16:18:44
Last post: 08/12/2021 16:36:17
Is it possible to remove discount code with template code?
Hi is it possible to remove one or all discount codes with template code? If so, how can this be done? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
08/12/2021 07:19:13
Last post: 08/12/2021 14:45:28
Different product template for different products
Hi Is it possible to have different product templates for different products? Eg. based on what group they are in, or what values the products have? I have tried setting up a maintemplate that checks for different values, and includes a partial produ ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
08/12/2021 12:47:15
Last post: 08/12/2021 13:56:15
Issue with Email Template Rendering
For Order status changes, we have it set to send notification emails. If the status changes per a front end button ("Submit order", etc), the emails render just fine. But if we change the status of an order via the backoffice (company admin ...
Kevin Byrd
12/11/2021 16:48:42
Last post: 03/12/2021 16:32:56
Invalid discount code
Hello, I am trying to tell the user that an entered discount/voucher code is invalid, but say we have 10 % on all items in the shop and I am now entering an invalid discount code. How can I tell the user that the discount code does not exists? As I c ...
Anders Ebdrup
07/06/2017 21:57:53
Last post: 23/11/2021 13:17:48
random products from querypublisher
Hi we need to get 3 random products from at a productgroup via querypublisher. I presume this can not be done with configuration. And i have been trying to wrap my head around how to do it in a template, but can´t get it to work. Any suggestion ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
23/11/2021 07:34:02
Last post: 23/11/2021 07:43:45
VariantGroup options not sorted correctly in frontend
Hi In backend, my variant options for a certain variant group are sorted like this s, m, l, xl But when I loop throug the variant options in front-end, they come in this order s, xl, l, m That makes no sense. How can i achieve for the frontend to loo ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
10/11/2021 14:03:56
Last post: 11/11/2021 11:24:18
what is the best way to implement variant selector interface
Hi We don´t do a lot of webshops, to this challenge is not an everyday challenge for us. We have built a webshop, that sells clothing. It´s PIM based, and the variants are combined via the PIM interface. The two dimensions of variants, ar ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
12/10/2021 14:42:11
Last post: 10/11/2021 14:24:06
Any news on running viewmodel templates with intellisence on mac?
Hi Heard Nicolai mention it in the presentation of Dynamicweb 9.12 Any news or guideline on how to configure this? Will it work on a hosted solution, or does the solution have to be hosted locally? /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
13/10/2021 08:02:41
Last post: 13/10/2021 12:36:04
Access Paragraph Edited date
How can access the last edited date in a template? There are not a DW tag available and I can't find it through the Api either. Looking in "Dynamicweb.Frontend.PageView.Current().CurrentParagraph​" I would expect a last modified date or ...
Martin Gammelholm
13/10/2021 11:17:16
Last post: 13/10/2021 11:42:54
Something has changed regarding chekcing if user is logged in to backend
This used to work but now it only works if the url is like - then it returns true it does n ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
05/10/2021 23:09:26
Last post: 06/10/2021 07:24:24
Is there an easy way to use stanard Dynamicweb resources for making a textarea field a richtext field?
Hi heading says it all. Is it possible to use standard Dynamicweb resources for making a textarea richtext? I am thinking about doing this in a similar way that FrontEnd editing works. I know i can always implement TINYMce or similar my self, but bef ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
04/10/2021 17:18:12
Last post: 05/10/2021 11:31:23
Static load on products rendering
Hi, We changed the rendering of the products in the templates. The reason is a SEO recommendation because indexing issues of the pages in Google. They say we had to render the products while the page is loading, that is a static load. This way, in th ...
Tomas Gomez
28/09/2021 13:38:57
Last post: 01/10/2021 18:56:06
Change variant on a produkt in cart
How can I update the variant on a orderline in the cart? In my case I want to change color or size variant on a produkt. I found this but no doc. on how to use it ...
Kim Søjborg Pedersen
10/01/2012 15:12:30
Last post: 29/09/2021 16:34:37
Ecom:Product:Stock.DeliveryText in ProductViewModel
Hi guys I am in the process of converting an old product details template with template tags to the new product catalog using ProductViewModel. I cannot seem to find any property or method that can give the data i used to find in the template tag Eco ...
Jesper Holm Damgaard
28/09/2021 16:27:20
Last post: 29/09/2021 14:11:26
GetLoop( "Query.Parameters" ) in ProductListViewModel
Hi guys I am in the process of converting an old product list template with template tags to the new product catalog using ProductListViewModel. I cannot seem to find any property or method that can give the data i used to find in the template tag Ge ...
Jesper Holm Damgaard
27/09/2021 14:39:04
Last post: 27/09/2021 16:21:39
Best practices submitting form without reload with ajax or similar
I am trying to submit a form without reloading the page, but i keep locking my self out getting my IP banned I have tried this by using Ajax. The solution I am working on is a 9.12 Anyone got a suggestion on how I can do this, without having to disab ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
21/09/2021 09:30:27
Last post: 21/09/2021 11:34:41
Global element inside a row
Hello everyone, I don't know if I'm doing anythnig wrong, but I can't seem to make an item inside a Visual Editor global. Any ideas? Thanks!! Jaap ...
Jaap Tinholt
21/10/2020 10:19:48
Last post: 20/09/2021 14:11:08
Data changes when refreshing webpage
Hi, On the product page, watching a product list fot the first time, the availabity of every product is shown as "in 2-4 days" instead of "Available". But this availability is correctly shown as "available" after refresh ...
Tomas Gomez
16/09/2021 11:36:32
Last post: 16/09/2021 13:54:46