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Set order state by code
Hi, Is it possible to set order state by code? Have tried to do it in the same way you can set order context <input type="hidden" name="OrderContext" value="ORDERCONTEXT1"> <input type="hidden" name=&q ...
Alexander Tømmerholen
05/06/2023 12:32:52
Last post: 06/06/2023 15:39:49
Remove user in the frontend
Hi, We need a link "Remove account" at the frontend so that a logged user can remove his account of the website. It is a legal requisite in the country of the website. In the API there is a User.Delete() function but I'm unsure of its i ...
Tomas Gomez
12/05/2023 12:55:38
Last post: 01/06/2023 13:54:41
Load more products in Products page
Hi, In the Products page, we detected that the button "Load more products" doesn't work as expected. For instance,when the settings of the Product Catalogue App are 9 products per page the page is loaded with 9 products. After clicking  ...
Tomas Gomez
29/05/2023 13:15:29
Last post: 01/06/2023 13:41:30
Visibility of navigation buttons in Shopping cart app
Hi, We use InformationUser.cshtml as the template of one of the steps of the Shopping cart app. The version is DW 9.15.3 and Swift 1.16.0. In that template, the visibility of the navigation buttons depends on the non-emptyness condition of some field ...
Tomas Gomez
11/04/2023 11:54:01
Last post: 31/05/2023 19:36:12
Dibs/Nets Easy check with parameter merchantHandlesConsumerData: true
Hi community, I'm trying to add a merchantHandlesConsumerData: true parameter to the post template EmbededDibs.html to avoid the "Adresse & Betalings" section on the Dibs/Nets paymentpage. According to Nets support the parameter sho ...
Søren Jakobsen
10/05/2023 15:10:36
Last post: 16/05/2023 08:42:51
Custom font for mails
Hi, We need to use a custom font for the mails. The font is stored at a local file in the solution. We tried to include it in the DefaultMail.cshtml template wiithout successs: - Using font-face <style type="text/css"> @@font-face { f ...
Tomas Gomez
31/03/2023 12:39:47
Last post: 05/04/2023 12:17:53
Getting GoogleAnalyticsTrackingID on templates
Hi, I am working in an old Swift 1.6.1 to implement some GA4 events. A Swift update is desirable but not feasible right now. I get the GoogleAnalyticsTrackingID on the Swift_master template by using Model.Area.Item.GetString("GoogleAnalyticsTrac ...
Tomas Gomez
17/02/2023 16:16:33
Last post: 08/03/2023 14:44:17
Submitting comment form gets IP ban
Hi, I have a form to add comments on the product detail page and if the antispam functionality is active in the backoffice (Image1) my IP gets baned and the following shows up in the banned file: Form BAN: Bad form (Session field FormCH1_h not update ...
Cátia Torego
23/02/2023 11:57:28
Last post: 01/03/2023 09:57:58
Error after activate comment from email
Hi, When trying to activate, deactivate or delete a comment form the notification email I get redirected to a page with the error on Image1. The activate and deactivate still work even with the error. This are the urls I have for each action: Comment ...
Cátia Torego
24/02/2023 10:31:56
Last post: 27/02/2023 01:46:52
Getting Index facets async
Hello. Our customer has a product page with a lot of facets. Some of the facets have a lot of options. The customer do not want to cut down on the facet, but still want better performance. Right now the page loads in everything from 2.5 - 5 seconds.  ...
Kasper Legarth
10/02/2023 09:27:30
Last post: 13/02/2023 11:21:46
My orders (integration) templates
Hi Solution version 9.14.7 BC S2S authentication My orders (integration) doesn't show orders /Files/Templates/Designs/Swift/eCom/IntegrationCustomerCenter/OrderList.cshtml If requesting data with Test tool Where can be a problem? Another thing wh ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
26/01/2023 10:40:06
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Feed with Ecom Catalog
Hi In one of our solution(Solution without Swift and Rapido) we use Ecom Catalog with Product List template for XML feed that work fine before, but after upgrade to 9.14.2 or higher We got this kind of error If I change Content to Application/JSON Or ...
Andrejs Zavorotnijs
11/01/2023 17:06:20
Last post: 24/01/2023 14:03:40
Integration Customer Center override pagesize
Hi, I have an Integration customer center app on an page. I have set the items count to be 10 but can i override it from code anyway with any parameter? I want to have a dropdown list on my page that can change the total count of items to get from in ...
Andreas Pettersson
22/12/2022 12:23:46
Last post: 22/12/2022 15:54:40
YouHaveSeenTheseProducts loop in ViewModel
Hi, I'm converting some old templates to ViewModel templates and I was wondering if it's possible to use the 'YouHaveSeenTheseProducts' products loop in a ViewModel based template. Is this still available somewhere? GetLoop("eCom ...
John Broers
20/12/2022 11:59:26
Last post: 20/12/2022 12:42:23
Prevent download files in Files/Files folder
Hello. I have a customer who has applied some documents for all of their products. They have used an asset category for this. When I use the link to each file in the template it gets forced downloaded by the DWSDownload.aspx service. The customer wis ...
Kasper Legarth
14/12/2022 11:01:00
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ProductService gives error
Hi I am trying to get product information on the default variant of a product. My template looks like this @{ string langId=GetString("Ecom:Product.LanguageID"); string productidForVariantSearch=@GetString("Ecom:Product.ID"); stri ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
20/11/2022 14:42:55
Last post: 22/11/2022 14:30:13
Price range filtering
Hi, We need to implement a slider to filter a range of prices. For instance, to show only the products from 100 to 200 EUR. Our client wants a slider by design, not possible to display checkboxes with price ranges (as asked here), neither two text fi ...
Tomas Gomez
09/11/2022 14:53:31
Last post: 17/11/2022 10:09:23
Problem with ProductCategoryFields after DW upgrade
Hi, After upgrading to latest DW (9.14.3) I got problems with ProductCategoryFields. I upgraded from 9.13.11. I get a : SYSTEM.NULLREFERENCEEXCEPTION: OBJECT REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANCE OF AN OBJECT. AT DYNAMICWEB.ECOMMERCE.PRODUCTS.CATEGORIES.F ...
Aki Ruuskanen
10/11/2022 10:13:00
Last post: 11/11/2022 10:36:40
Certifications expires dates incorrect
Hi, I have start to do some of the certificates for DynamicWeb but the expires dates are incorect in my profile settings: Best regards Johan ...
Johan Lang
03/10/2022 10:47:56
Last post: 04/10/2022 08:48:11
PDF of Partner Certification tests does not look nice
Hi, I have done some of the Partner Certification tests but the PDF does not look nice: ...
Johan Lang
21/09/2022 16:42:00
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