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Integration customer center - RequestExternalPdf issue
Hi, I'm using the Customer Center Integration app to list the invoices, but I can't get the PDF of the invoice. The handler is responding with a 200 status code, but no PDF is shown. The handler is being called like this: /Admin/public/Custom ...
Ricardo Pereira
26/08/2021 17:10:31
Last post: 27/09/2021 16:07:37
Order/Cart issue with quantity
Hi DW Today we upgraded the BC code unit from to, to fix some issues on the old version. But now it seems like our cart/order integration always just sends quantity=1 back. When we add products to the cart we send the following orde ...
Chris Søgaard
08/09/2021 11:27:54
Last post: 27/09/2021 14:48:39
BC CodeUnit - Error with OpenOrders and Invoices
Hi DW We're using Integration Customer Center app in DW which connects to BC Code Unit BC version is 18. We have a problem when trying to get documents on orders and invoices on a sales person, that is no longer available in BC, e.g. wh ...
Chris Søgaard
23/09/2021 14:58:28
Last post: 27/09/2021 10:06:49
After the variant integration job run to update the updated product from NAV with the delta change, the existing variants missing on DW Ecom
Dear All, On my site, I faced an issue when I run the variant product integration job with xml. We used delta change to get only updated data from NAV to DW in the response xml and used the same xml for both parent and variant product integration job ...
Aye Nyein Myat
10/09/2021 14:36:17
Last post: 24/09/2021 06:00:02
Discount Orderlines in Live-integration
Hi Community, I have an issue on a DW 9.9.4 with live-integration dll version 3.0.4. If create order XML response from ERP (NAV) contains more than 1 discount-orderline only the first discount-orderline will be created on the order in DW. I have atta ...
Søren Jakobsen
23/09/2021 17:21:05
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Import of giftcards
We have a customer that has existing giftcards on their old platform (meaning giftcards that have already been purchased and is ready to use). Is there a way to import these or manually create them in Dynamicweb? Alternatively, could one-time use vou ...
Frederik Rossen
22/09/2021 10:05:07
Last post: 22/09/2021 10:41:32
DynamicwebConnector HTTPS/SSL - The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Negotiate'.
Hi, We are using the NAV connector with ClientCredentialType=Default and IgnoreCertificateWarnings=True. It was working well before I have enabled the HTTPS/SSL. Right now we are getting the following error message: Error occurred when sending reques ...
Ricardo Pereira
20/09/2021 16:37:58
Last post: 20/09/2021 17:08:59
Generate MetaURL for product
Hi guys, I have a project where I have defined a Feed using a combination between the standard PIm functionality and a Custom template. In this feed, I need to add a new node that would contain the MetaURl for the product. For example, for this URL:  ...
Adrian Ursu
13/09/2021 14:40:46
Last post: 15/09/2021 13:58:26
JSON import of products and variants fails
Hello forum, - having a DW9.10.14 to import a JSON file will fail, if not all "EcomProducts" fields are present on the variant. In this ex. "unitprice" + "unitcurrency" are only relevant for the product. Log: Import job  ...
Michael Knudsen
13/09/2021 20:18:59
Last post: 14/09/2021 10:18:50
Excel Import where field value including 'Enter line'
Dear Sir, Currently, we are open up the integration module to customer for running the price import job where they accidently put the 'Enter line' in ProductID. Data imported with /n and this cause the issue in database. Other than control fr ...
Thet Nong Phu
13/09/2021 07:01:45
Last post: 14/09/2021 09:11:27
Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.LiveIntegration version 3.0.1 - retrieve PDF issue
Hi Forum, on a DW version 9.10.10 with a Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.LiveIntegration customcode project version 3.0.1 we are having issues regarding download and "view" functionality at the Integration Customer Center. Files (orders, invoices etc. ...
Søren Jakobsen
13/09/2021 13:06:37
Last post: 13/09/2021 13:46:31
Avoid errors when importing CSV files
Hi, We get the data from our customer in CSV files that we import in DW by integration tasks. There are many files and they contain lot of data, so errors are frequent. For instance, we notice that a task error is thrown if there are not valid CSV fi ...
Tomas Gomez
10/09/2021 11:53:29
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Slow import of EcomProductCategoryFieldValue
Hi, We're having trouble on several sites, where importing 500k-1m EcomProductCategoryFieldValue will lock up the website for several minutes. After some mucking about, I've found out that the problem is the foreign key constraints on theEcom ...
Jonas Krarup Dam
10/09/2021 08:12:10
Last post: 10/09/2021 09:33:18
Issue with assortment integration
Dear Dynamicweb, This is a duplicate of:, but maybe that was the wrong forum category. We have a solution running with this issue: Attempt by method 'Dynamicweb.DataIntegration.Provider ...
Anders Ebdrup
08/09/2021 12:20:10
Last post: 09/09/2021 06:20:35
Paging in Endpoints Management
Dear Dynamicweb, We are looking into the new Endpoint Management, which is nice, but we have a limitation when loading data from an OData service with paged data. Can that be supported? At the same time it would nice if we somehow can be able to over ...
Anders Ebdrup
18/03/2020 20:46:55
Last post: 07/09/2021 14:50:13
Live integration does not return live stock
Running Rapido 3.4.2 on DW 9.9.5 with a BC 18 Cloud live integration, we are only getting live prices with the products. The stock reflects the value available on the products in DW. Kind regards, Roald ...
Roald Haahr
26/05/2021 10:45:29
Last post: 06/09/2021 12:03:56
Live Integration issue when
Hi, I'm experiencing some issues on the Live Integration when “Cart communication type” is set to “Full”. When a user repeatedly adds the same product to the cart, multiple orderlines are being created and discounts are di ...
Ricardo Pereira
07/07/2021 16:52:11
Last post: 06/09/2021 12:02:23
Business Central SOAP service using OAuth2
Is it possible to use the new OAuth2 authentication on a "old fashioned" SOAP DWWebService? We are trying to get it to work on a cloud hosted BC installation, but we do get this error: AcquireTokenSilent failed. EndpointAuthentication id: 1 ...
Martin Moen
03/09/2021 09:56:20
Last post: 03/09/2021 10:39:53
Live Integration - Live prices / ERP controls discount calculations
Hi, Running Rapido 3.4.3 on DW 9.10.7 with a BC live integration. In live integration, "Live Prices" and "ERP controls discount calculations" are enabled. Is it possible to show the discount on products? As I can see right now, &q ...
Ricardo Pereira
02/09/2021 15:19:54
Last post: 03/09/2021 10:17:22
Changing a Ecom Groups name does not refresh the navigation (friendly url)
Using a standard integration with XML provider/Ecom provider. When an Ecom group changes its name, the Ecom navigation change the name on the item, but the friendly url doesn't refresh, and still uses the previous. Is there a way to force the fri ...
Christian Ginnerup
01/09/2021 10:49:47
Last post: 01/09/2021 11:50:57