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Errors in default settings

Pavlo Rishko
Pavlo Rishko

I installed: 
   Roslyn 3.6.1-rc1
Copied "Files" folder from Rapido 3.4.1 (rapidofull-20201006-files)
Restored apropriate database.

When I trying to run my project i have a lot of errors like this:

Which told me, that something wrong with my config files by default, is it conceived so that I have to fix something there?
I have IIS 10.



Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Pavlo.

Please follow this guide:

My guess is that you are pointing to the wrong directory for your website.

Pavlo Rishko
Pavlo Rishko

I'm trying to run solution by Visual Studio, so I don't need to point a folder.


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