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Important:  Consent module - any plans yet?
Are there any plans on how to implement a consent module for the new GDPR? ...
Kevin Steffer
22/11/2017 14:55:00
Last post: 31/07/2018 10:14:20
Custom user fields available on frontend login
Hi, You can create custom user fields in the backend. But if you want them to be visable in frontend after login you have to add this in the template. Can you make it so that it is possible to say if the custom user field is visable on the frontend o ...
Manon Eppink
18/12/2018 16:35:08
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Group content folders in bottom of list
I dont know if this is possible, but it would be nice to be able to group content folders, in the bottom of the list like in the attached example. Maybe this is already an option in the settings? ...
Jens Mouritzen
18/12/2018 09:07:22
Last post: 18/12/2018 09:35:39
QueryPublisher / Product Catalog - Facets - add description/label field
Hi, I'm doing this project where I use the QueryPublisher to list and filter items. But when creating the facets I feel like I'm missing a descriptive field for a description/label text that are not connected to query parameter names etc... i.e. I ha ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
17/12/2018 13:20:33
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Only load BOM products when needed
Hi, We have a project that list Parts lists in the product list and we noticed that Dynamicweb always loads the BOM products Could we wrap these request around a TagExists so we don't spend time and resources whe ...
Nuno Aguiar
14/12/2018 13:15:29
Last post: 14/12/2018 15:21:30
List subpages - ability to delete multiple pages simultaniously
Hi Would be great if it was possible to delete multiple pages at the same time, when they are listed under eg. groups - just like its possible with products or paragraphs. /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
13/12/2018 16:21:05
Last post: 14/12/2018 14:13:52
Save smart search to actual group
It would be nice if you could create an actual group with users from a smart search. You would right-click a smart search and select Create group or something similar. That would then allow you to specify the name and location for the group and then  ...
Imar Spaanjaars
13/12/2018 20:46:42
Last post: 13/12/2018 23:42:23
Page items - Standard visibility setting on Item Settings
Hi guys, I would like to have a setting on the Item Settings where one can set the default visibility for a specific item type. This is for PageItems only, and it's to be able to set a default of either "Published", "Hide in menu" or "Unpublished". T ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
12/12/2018 14:21:18
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More granular tracing in Checkout flow
Hi, TL;DR; We'd like to have more granular tracing in the Checkout flow, by explaining which methods DW runs and in which order. Summary By adding debug=true we can get a glimpse of what's going on, particularly when some DB calls are being triggered ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/12/2018 19:40:50
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AddressUID as tag OR have GetUserAddresses get cached data
Hi, For some projects we need to get the Address UID which has been populated from integration. This field is not available as a tag, which forces us to use API. However we noticed that the API does not get the cached addresses from the logged in use ...
Nuno Aguiar
07/12/2018 12:32:25
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Users Repository - Partial Build - User Save notification
Hi, We are trying to work with a User's Repository to load secondary users, just like it is used in Rapido. The downside for our current customers is that they have to either wait for a full build to be completed (triggered by a scheduled task OR a u ...
Nuno Aguiar
07/12/2018 12:04:40
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Deny access to website settings
Hi would be really nice feature, if it was possible to deny normal editors/users access to website settings /Hans ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
05/12/2018 20:48:29
Last post: 06/12/2018 09:58:12
Set target page/base directory for link to item field
when setting up an itemfield of the type link to item, it would be nice if it was posible to set a sort of a base directory, so that when a user always is to select paragraph items from the same page or item page from the same folder, they won´t have ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
05/12/2018 20:51:19
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Itemtype field with named item list as source type (dropdown-, checkbox- and radiobuttonlist)
Hi It would be nice if it was possible to have a named item list as source type for an itemtype field of type dropdown-, checkbox- or radiobuttonlist. And if it was possible to add filtering and sorting to limit the number of items and sort items fro ...
Lars Larsen
16/12/2016 11:41:23
Last post: 03/12/2018 08:46:43
Re-ordering of facets fields
Hi, As the output of facets is in the same order as defined in the facet, it would be quite helpful to allow for re-arranging (manually sorting) the facets. Current workaround is to download Facetname.facet, re-arrange the XML, and upload again. Same ...
Þórhallur Hálfdánarson
30/08/2017 16:56:45
Last post: 28/11/2018 14:23:20
QueryPublisher - Add feed templates as in eCom Catalog app
Would be nice to have the possibility to define a feed template for the QueryPublisher, just as the one you have on the eCom Catalog app... Just to avoid having all these hidden ajax-pages ;-) ...
Jacob Storgaard Jensen
26/11/2018 14:28:30
Last post: 26/11/2018 15:12:55
Item type dropdown - SQL for Product Category Field Options
Hi, There are multiple situations where we would need to create an dropdown/checkbox/radio button list that gets the options based on a SQL query. A lot of them are a "duplication" of the product category dropdown field options. The problem is that d ...
Nuno Aguiar
16/02/2016 16:59:59
Last post: 15/11/2018 19:09:40
Activating and deactivating Item Fields
Hi It would be a really nice feature, if it was possible to deactivate item fields. As it is now, the only posibility is to delete an item field, if I am not mistaking? Would be really useful in several situations, if it was possible to deactivate it ...
Hans Ravnsfjall
14/11/2018 23:34:58
Last post: 15/11/2018 01:58:03
Discounts - better User understanding
Hi, Comparing our discount engine with other competitors, it would be great if users could get a bit more control over discounts. One concept if their ability to assign a priority + a "Stop processing further discounts" flag. So in theory you can hav ...
Nuno Aguiar
10/10/2017 06:53:37
Last post: 05/11/2018 16:05:20
Navigation in sitemap from a page where show in sitemap is set to false
HI I have hit my head on this in various situations, and i don't know if this is a new feature or a fix to a unintended behavior. If a page is set to not "show in sitemap", and ther is a ecommerce navigation on it, the product and product groups are  ...
Thomas Jensen
05/11/2018 12:34:19
Last post: 05/11/2018 13:33:41