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Recommendations for Deployment of DW10
Hi, I have a setup with automatic deployment for DW9 and I am planning for upgrading my Solution to DW10. Very shortly summarized The setup right now is that the IIS sites are pre-configured on a specific version of the Application folder, i.e the II ...
Justin Sjouw
31/01/2023 12:33:14
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Azure AD functionality in DW10?
Hi, Will there be same azure ad functionality in DW10 as DW9? Why I ask is because a customer want to use azure AD but also upgrade to DW10 when it's  ...
Andreas Pettersson
23/11/2022 13:03:39
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Inconsistent API naming
In the new APIS for the UI, both UI and Ui is used which is confusing. It should be UI (as is used correctly in the various namespaces) so a class like UiComponentBase should be renamed to UIComponentBase and a method like Component.RenderDynamicwebU ...
Imar Spaanjaars
27/09/2022 15:46:03
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