Version: - string  


Returns the meta URL name for the group.

Returns the URL name that is used to give the page file name another name, if customized URLs is enabled.

It is also used to give your group detail link in the group list a title – viewed with mouse over.


The value is based on the URL input field under the Details section for a group.

(Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Group > Details > Meta information > URL)


You need to enable Customized URLs in Management Center – Customized URLs. You also need to enable “Convert Module URLs” in “Internal links”.

The Ecommerce meta URL overrides the meta URL on the page.


Outputting the template tag


Check if tag has a value

@if(!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(GetString("Ecom:Group.MetaUrl"))) { @* Tag has value, so let's do something useful here. *@ }

Assign tag to a value for later use

@{ string storedTag = GetString("Ecom:Group.MetaUrl"); }

Outputting the template tag


Check if string has a value

<!--@If Defined(@Ecom:Group.MetaUrl)--> Let's output this tag here: <strong><!--@Ecom:Group.MetaUrl--></strong> <!--@EndIf(@Ecom:Group.MetaUrl)-->