Service Requests

Type of service Price for sites hosted at
Hostnordic / Dynamicweb
Price for sites hosted at
other supplier
Reset/send password Free ½ hour
Create payment Gateway user (DIBS, Quickpay) Free Free
Upgrade of website (standard application) Free 1 hour*
Installation of new website Free 2 hours
Convert website from standard to custom ½ hour 1 hour
Move/ Copy website 2 hours* 3 hours*
Upsizing database from Access to SQL 1 hour* 3 hours*
Zip solution 1 hour 2 hours
SSL Certificate ** See pricelist below -
Reopen terminated solution DKK 1000 / EUR 140 -
Other (default price by the hour, see below) Contact Service Desk Contact Service Desk

Current default price per hour is DKK 1.195 / EUR 160.

* This is the typical time usage, but it may vary according to task size and complexity. Please contact service desk to get a more accurate time estimate.
**  SSL Certificates are only available for Dynamicweb Cloud, SaaS and Free/Express/Standard license types

Service requests are handled and prioritized according to severity of the task. Please specify any potential critical business impact.

Prices below are per domain, which includes with and without www. However Multi Domain SSL does not include with and without www.

Example: If you want two domains for the same customer, you will need to buy the Multi Domain SSL and also an extra domain (DKK 395 / EUR 55) if you want both domains with an without www.

SSL type

1 year

2 years

Basic SSL

DKK 995 / EUR 135

DKK 1.595 / EUR 225

Basic Wildcard SSL

DKK 1.995 / EUR 266

DKK 2.995 / EUR 400

Multi Domain SSL (3 domains)

  DKK 2.595 / EUR 350

Extra domain

  DKK 395 / EUR 55



DKK 4.995

*Starting on March 1, 2018, you will no longer be able to purchase 3-year SSL certificates. This change is being enforced by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum (CAB Forum), which is more or less a regulatory body made up of CAs and Browser. Decreasing the maximum lifetime of certificates from 3 years to 2 years, helps reduce the presence of older, outdated and possibly vulnerable certificates, that were issued before new guidelines were put in place.
This change does not affect current certificates, so don’t panic thinking you need to replace any existing certificates that were issued with a 3-year validity period.