Service Requests

Type of service Price for sites hosted by
Price for sites hosted at
other supplier
Reset/send password Free ½ hour
Create payment Gateway user (DIBS, Quickpay) Free Free
Upgrade of website (standard application) Free 1 hour*
Installation of new website Free 2 hours
Convert website from standard to custom ½ hour 1 hour
Move/ Copy website 2 hours* 3 hours*
Upsizing database from Access to SQL 1 hour* 3 hours*
Zip solution 1 hour* 2 hours
SSL Certificate ** See pricelist below -
Install SSL delivered by customer ½ hour -
Reopen terminated solution DKK 1000 / EUR 140 -
Other (default price by the hour, see below) Contact Care Contact Care

Current default price per hour is DKK 1.250 / EUR 170.

* This is the typical time usage, but it may vary according to task size and complexity. Please contact Care to get a more accurate time estimate.
**  SSL Certificates are only available for Dynamicweb Cloud, SaaS and Free/Express/Standard license types

Service requests are handled and prioritized according to severity of the task. 
Please specify any potential critical business impact.

Filename Size Date
this is a pdf file Dynamicweb_ERPIntegrationAssistance.pdf 552 KB 07-05-2021

Prices per 1/1-2024 below are per domain, which in Basic SSL includes with and without www.
Multi Domain SSL does not include with and without www.

Example: If you want two domains for the same customer, you will need to buy the Multi Domain SSL and also an extra domain (DKK 276 / EUR 36) if you want both domains with and without www.

SSL type


Price (DKK)*

Price (EUR)*

Basic SSL

1 year




1 year



Multi (3 domain incl.)

1 year 2124 276

Extra domain multi

1 year 276 36

*SSL certificates are invoiced per month with the Dynamicweb license if posible, or for periods matching the existing license.