Welcome to the Service Desk

The Dynamicweb Service Desk offers 2nd and 3rd level support to Dynamicweb Partners. Partners are entitled to support in relation to Dynamicweb Solutions with an update agreement. Only Dynamicweb Certified Employees (Except Sales Certified) have access to Dynamicweb Service Desk.

Developer Community and use of Developer Forum is free and open 24/7. This it the right channel to ask questions about implementation of Custom modules and templates, Development on API´s, Integration outside standard setup, debugging custom code or templates. Otherwise, these kind of services can be provided under our Developer Assistance program on Time and Material basis.

Before you initiate a support ticket, please ask yourself the following:

  • Can you reproduce the problem using our standard-templates? If not, the problem is most likely in your template.
  • Can you reproduce the problem on another solution? If not, is your solution running the latest version?

When contacting us, please remember to:

  • Provide a descriptive subject in the email to the support.
  • Only submit one problem, question or request per support ticket.
  • Describe your problem or request clearly.
  • Attach a screen dump, or even better a screencast, showing how to reproduce your problem.
  • Tell us of any recent changes which have been made to the solution.
  • Include a username and password, if the page requires us to login, or if a user login is necessary to reproduce the problem.
  • Tell us how business critical the problem is and why - this ensures that your case will be prioritized correctly.

If your case is urgent, please call in and make us aware.

If your support case is poorly described or information is missing, the resolving of the case may be delayed until information is adequate.

To contact Dynamicweb Service Desk, send an email to support@dynamicweb.dk or call +45 70252092.

Dynamicweb Service Desk is open during normal business hours*:

  • Monday-Thursday 8:30 – 16:00 CET
  • Friday 8:30 – 15:30 CET

* Except from Danish public holidays and Dynamicweb holidays

In case of an emergency that occurs outside of our opening hours, you can contact our hosting partner Scannet by calling +45 70 22 90 27  or by E-mail support@scannet.dk

Please be aware that all inquiries which are not hosting related will be charged by the hour

Reaction time

The license type defines the Service Levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze), for our first response within business hours.






License type covered




Web & Ecommerce

Reaction time (up to)

2 hours

Up to 1 day

Up to 2 days

Up to 5 days

Find a more detailed description on our Service Levels here

Partners can request a higher prioritization of a support ticket or bug fix by writing our Incident Manager at incidentmanager@dynamicweb.dk.

Please include a description of why the problem is business critical to you.