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Back in Stock notification Email

Cátia Torego

When creating a new back in stock notification, if the user is logged in and doesn't have an email set, we allow the user to enter an email and are sending it in the form, in the field NotificationEmail. But that email gets ignored and it tries to send the notification to the user email and fails because it doesn't exist. 

If the user is not logged in the email entered, and send in the NotificationEmail, is used and the notification email is sent.

 DW version: 9.13.16

email_marketing_missing_email.png notification_logged_inserted_email.png


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen


If a user is logged in and do not have an email attached, you have to add the email to the user instead.

Alternatively you can make a custom record in the notify table where you use the email from the input but leave out the user ID:

BR Nicolai


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