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Option to disable/remove VAT from devivery methods

Jesper Holm Damgaard

Hi guys!

I have this issue:

Which does not seem to be possible to solve with existing standard settings.

So here is my request:

Add option to disable/remove VAT from delivery methods on language level.


Thanks, Jesper


Jesper Holm Damgaard

Request correction:

Add option to control VAT % on delivery methods per country.

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

You need vat groups on delivery methods to do this. VAT groups can have seperate vat percent per country.

But why do you need this? In EU, this can only be needed in rare cases - if i.e. a danish company sells a product that gets shipped from another eu country (i.e. germany) to a third eu country (i.e. france) - (then it probably needs to be handled in a different way)

In any other scenario, as far as I understand it, you need to collect VAT on everything or nothing (reverse vat charge in b2b)....

So if a Danish ecommerce site sends products to other EU countries (or countries part of the EFTA/EØS) they will have to charge either Danish VAT (if they sell for less than €100K) or the VAT percentage of the country they are shipping to.

Before looking into this I need to understand if there is some taxation regimes I do not have fully covered - then we have to look into that legislation.

Thanks for clarifying.


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