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website setting breaks languagePicker with No layout selected error

Christoffer Rosendahl Frede

Hi there.

when setting the website setting "The selected domains can only reach this website" checkbox to true,

the languagepicker in preferences modal throws an error "No layout selected for website" and it is not possible to change language.

it seems like it is a bug in swift versions 1.6.1 and 1.8.0, where i can produce the error.

allthough i see that there is mentions of similar issues in dynamicweb as a whole, so maybe it is not swift issue ?

see similar issues mentioned here in this forum link:

/best regards Christoffer


Scott Forsyth Dynamicweb Employee
Scott Forsyth

Hi Christoffer,

I ran into this same issue yesterday. It occurred on 9.8. We upgraded to 9.13 and that solved it. The fix mentioned in your link above was fixed August last year in 9.12 (afaik), so anything after that should have the fix.



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