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v1.8.0: CSS bug on variant colors?

Tina Engelsen Pedersen

Is there a bug with the variant colors in swift 1.8.0? When i inspect the colors on our swift demo, it looks like there is an error in the inline styling for the variant colors:

If i remove --variantoption-check-color: #fff the colors is shown:


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Tina

Could look like a bug - maybe from a merge. We will take a look at this!

Thank you for taking the time to report.

BR Nicolai

Karsten Thuen Dynamicweb Employee
Karsten Thuen
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Hi Tina

Yes, this is a bug. The fix is to add the missing semicolon after @option.Color

The style code should look like this:

background-color: @option.Color;  --variantoption-check-color: @contrastColor

I have created, and solved, bug #7360


Best regards
Karsten Thuen


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