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Swift slider autoplay not looping correctly in swift 1.15

Mikkel Hammer
Mikkel Hammer

Hi DW,

When activating autoplay on a swift slider in swift 1.15, it doesnt loop back to start correctly., this is a fresh swift installation on a 9.14.2.

After activating the autoplay, the first time it loops back i just hovered the left side, the second time i clicked myself and the third time i just hovered around the middle/left side.

I'm testing in the lastest chrome version. And i just tested in firefox aswell, it works a little better, but it still needs 2-3 bad tries before it loops back correctly without hovering the slider.

And it would be great if it resets the autoplay timer when you navigate manually. If you manually go back a picture it right before it autoplays (if it's set to every 3 sec, and you navigate yourself at 2.5 sec) to the next picture, it will still autoplay to the picture you were just at or the next picture of the one you navigated away from, which is kinda annoying and confusing.

Best regards,
Mikkel Hammer



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