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Swift product list view selector for grid/list

Jon Thorne
Jon Thorne


What would be the best approach to implement a selector for switching between list and grid view for the product list page?

This was previously implemented in Rapido like this:

Would I need to make 2 separate pages with the visual editor and have a master page somehow that redirects to the correct one?

Any ideas welcome. Or even a feature update for Swift would be even better.

Regards, Jon.


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Jon

Yeah, I think 2 different pages that link to each other - they would re-use facets and search result, so should be fairly simple. You can use the Swift pageupdater (refer to the docs) to make the update async like in Rapiod.

Currently this feature is not on the roadmap - we do not see it as a common scenario, but it might change.

BR Nicolai


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