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Swift 1.6.1 and DW version

Søren Jakobsen

Hi Community,

i'm about to start a new project with swift and DW. I have been recommended to use DW 9.12.11 with swift 1.6.1 BUT on the download swift section at the doc site the required version DW version for Swift 1.6.1 is 9.12.9

  • Swift 1.6.1 requirements Dynamicweb version 9.12.9 or newer

but on the github swift page if states that DW 9.13.1 is the required version

  • Swift 1.6.1 requires Dynamicweb version 9.13.1 or newer

Which is correct?

BR Søren


Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Søren

Sorry about the confusion! We will fix the docs right away.

The info on Github is correct. We often add smaller additions to Dynamicweb for Swift, so new installations always requires a relatively new version of Dynamicweb.

Thanks for letting us know, Nicolai

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Søren Jakobsen

Thanks for the update.

BR Søren


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