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Alexander Tømmerholen


This might be the wrong place to post this but I can see on github that the swiffy slider is something that is being develop by Dynamicweb. I`m playing around a bit with the swiffy slider and there is many neat things you can do with it, but there a couple of things I wonder if is possible.
I want to acheive whats on the image below.

The middle image is the first slide, and the preview to the left is the last slide. I know about the "slider-item-reveal" will make it look like this after you go to the next slide, but i want it to start like this. Is it possible? Also I want that the "active" slide, in this case the slide in the middle, to be a bit bigger then the preview to left and right.

I have been looking on the doc for the swiffy slider and can`t see that this is possible right now


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Alexander

Yes, we made that because we needed a slider that was not slow and worked well with mobile touch.

Maybe the question belong in the github issues, but here goes:

The slider has a number of css variables that can be used to modify default behavior. With the example you want, you can use this configuration:

And then on the slider instance add something like this: "--swiffy-slider-item-reveal: 20rem;"

Then it will end up looking something like this: