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query about steps of creation new project using Swift

Tan Pang Lin Dynamicweb Employee
Tan Pang Lin

Dear Support

May I know what is the right way of implementing new project using Swift?  I am currently doing 2 projects using Swift.  Following is what I did and now is facing weird behaviour where one of them was reported here, the other one see this video, where adding the product slider at particular position resulted in that slider added to “Swift tools  > Services > Related products slider/grid” instead.   Current work around is to create at other position and move to desired position via visual editor. But I doubt I can “teach this workaround to customer”

1. copy existing demo site to new site (I had followed here as close as possible)

2. create new currency / language / country

3. set the newly created language as default language

4. change the new website to use the right language / country and currency  

5. create shop with right language

6. change website setting

7. create product group and products

8. change the index and repository

9. change product page > navigation

10. change home page

11. delete all unwanted websites / warehouse (PIM) / language / currency / country / products group / product shop.    But did not delete product category group / display group etc.

12.  facing weird behaviour as below

  3. In DI, nowhere to get rids of fields that I do not want,  they are all product category fields when using “ecomprovider”,   these fields are product category groups’ fields.  But I cannot see records as LANG1, as I left with only ONE language which is en-PH.
  4. not able to edit app for product page.  It never ending loading.   Content>products>Product catalog app>app>Never ending loading and not able to open the app for editing.


Pang Lin



Karsten Thuen Dynamicweb Employee
Karsten Thuen

Hi Pang Lin

Is it possible for you to give us a link to the site? Then we can better take a look at if we can see what went wrong.


Best regards
Karsten Thuen

Tan Pang Lin Dynamicweb Employee
Tan Pang Lin

Dear Karsten

I am doing 2 projects using Swift now in parallel.

Project 1 – 2 websites and one cart/shop,  toggle between 2 websites by clicking on respective “division”. at line 1.

Project 2 – 1 website and one cart/shop,


Pang Lin




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