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"Products" link not clickable

Justin Sjouw Dynamicweb Employee
Justin Sjouw


I would like the "products" link to be clickable, so it navigates to the product list page and people can use filters to drill down.

In the menu the products link is not clickable, is that by desgin? can I activate it?



Nicolai Pedersen
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You cannot change that.

It is how it has been coded in the /Files/Templates/Designs/Swift/Navigation/MegaMenu.cshtml template.

It probably should have followed the "Clickable" setting on the properties on the products page.

BR Nicolai

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Anders Ebdrup
Anders Ebdrup

Dear Nicolai,


We have this request from our customers as well, so it will be nice to have the feature implemented in Swift


Best regards,


Suzi Louring


Nicolai Pedersen

Yes - we are trying to work out how to get things right related to this.

Some customers want the dropdown to appear on hover - others by click. Leaving us with 2 scenarios that we need to support.

  • Dropdown shows on hover, products page load on click
  • Dropdown shows on click, product page cannot be reached

This has to be a setting - we have a number of conlflicting pull requests in this, but we will get it fixed.

BR Nicolai


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