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possible to sort row templates?

Christoffer Rosendahl Frede

Hi everyone.

is it possible to sort the Row templates in swift ?

it would be really helpfull if we could. i dont see any options for doing so, in the paragraph list and i cant open the page in visual editor.

alternatively does anyone know of a workaround to somehow sort them ?

best regards Christoffer



Christoffer Rosendahl Frede

as a side note, the Page and Paragraph templates can be opened in the visual editor and is through that sortable.

also i see that there is error in the eventviewer when trying to open the visual editor on the row template pages:

Id 3041
Action URLResolve
Category Health
Level Warn
User Id -1
User Name System
Url /Default.aspx?ID=772&visualedit=true
Description Url could not be resolved. fullQueryString: ID=772, pageid: 772, foundPath: , urlIndexName: Area0, pathandquery: /Default.aspx?ID=772&visualedit=true
Created Wed, 15 Jun 2022 15:10 (UTC+02:00)


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