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Mega menu issue on Swift

Dynamicweb Employee
Phyu Phyu Soe

Dear Support,

I would like to report the issue that we are facing on the mega menu.
Sometimes, the mega menu is unable to collapse and the screen is flashing whenever I hover over the mega menu. And if I put the cursor outside of the mega menu, it should automatically collapse, but the mega menu is still expanding. Especially, this issue happen on the laptop with small screen width.(Please refer to the attached screen recording.)
I am using Swift 1.14.0 and application version 9.14.0.

Kind Regards,
Phyu Phyu Soe.


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen


Can you reproduce it on the demo?

I cannot access your site and cannot reproduce on our local test environments.

Also can you tell what browser and version you use?

And does the developer console give you any errors?

Thanks for clarifying.

BR Nicolai


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