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Macro - MostFrequentBoughtProducts - What to expect on output?

Pedro Meias
Pedro Meias


version 9.12.10

We have created a query that just outputs the results of this macro - MostFrequentBoughtProducts 

A service for this query was created. And a Paragraph with a Products Slider that uses the created service was added to Product Details Page.

This paragraph has no output. We were expecting to get Products Bought on the last 3 months for the user. Is this correct?

Video with details.

Thank you in advance.


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Pedro

Seems to work:

If you want to see what it returns in preview of the service page, you can choose the page_clean template

Pedro Meias
Pedro Meias

Hi Nicolai,

Thank you for your reply, and sorry for the delay on mine.

Nuno shared the source code of the macro with me, I setup a couple of more orders and I am getting results now.

However it is still considering deleted orders for example. We believe a fix needs to be applied to the methods 

  • GetMostFrequentBoughtProducts()
  • GetMostBoughtProducts()

query below (commented are the additions we believe are needed)

Thank you.


Oleg Rodionov Dynamicweb Employee
Oleg Rodionov


has been bugged by task 7514 created. Thanks.

BR, Oleg QA



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