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Custom website settings in Swift

Alexander Tømmerholen

Are there any plans for custom website settings like there is in Rapido? Is it possible right now?

We have a couple of cases now where it would have been beneficial to use custom website settings. We could of course just expand the itemtype "Master" but do not want to do that with regards to update to newer Swift versions later.


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Alexander

Curently it is not scheduled.

Another way to make global settings in a custom manner, is to create your own item type, and in the page tree, maybe under swift settings, create a page using that item type.

In template you simpley get it using the pageservice.getbyid() and access the settings using Page.Item property. The page is cached so the performance hit should be limited.

BR Nicolai

Alexander Tømmerholen

Hi Nicolai,

Cool, will try to do it that way :) 



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