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Carousel aspect ratio and position

Melissa Borgmann
Melissa Borgmann


The carousel frontend display does not quite behave the way we would expect which has resulted in complaints across several projects. Could you please advise on a potential workaround for the issues laid out below and referenced in this screencast?

  1. No option to maintain image aspect ratio (or fit vs. fill) in conjunction with the Image height setting; results in images being cut off. *While best practice does suggest to not embed text into images for this very reason (not to mention accessibility), unfortunately many customers do it anyway. As a feature request, the ability to toggle between fit vs. fill or a 'maintain aspect ratio' option would be very helpful in these scenarios. See 0:35 of the linked screencast for desired behavior.
  2. Entire carousel partially disappears behind the header at some responsive break points. See 1:03 and 1:05 of the linked screencast.

Screencast breakdown:

  • 0:00 - Reference image
  • 0:02 - Current behavior showing #1, cropped image
  • 0:16 - Backend settings
  • 0:35 - Desired behavior on this site
  • 0:55 - Current behavior showing #2, partial disappearance

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! :)


Stefan Winther Dynamicweb Employee
Stefan Winther

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for posting!

We will have QA test this out, and from the outcome decide how to address this.

We will keep you posted ;)

Have a great day


Merethe Vrå Andersen Dynamicweb Employee
Merethe Vrå Andersen

Hi Melissa,

I see that it's not optimal with crop when there is text on the image.
I need to talk to the team to find out if we need to fix this in a feature with with new aspect settings or a re-write of the code.

BR Merethe

Martin Ottesen
Martin Ottesen

Hi Merethe,

I would like to add that we have in one of our solutions added this code to the template of the slider, to work properly on mobile since it was not staying within the viewport and messing up the entire page and allowing the user to scroll horizontally.



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