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Best approach for redirection to other domain pop up

Tan Pang Lin Dynamicweb Employee
Tan Pang Lin

Hi Support

I had a customer who want to be able to configure a pop up at any content pages if there is a redirection to external page,  the definition of external page means the domain is different,  including international site.  for example.  is different from

The redirection should apply to the following scope

  • Any content buttons
  • Any content navigation
  • Any navigation link from the inline text such as blog’s content (i.e. via editor)
  • Any navigation link from the data such as principle / trademark’s link

the pop up they would want is 

Subject > Continue to Third Party Site

content > You are about to leave's website and enter a third party website.  To continue to the wesbite, click "Accept".  If you want to stay on  website, clcik "Cancel"

I had checked Swift and cannot find any place I can do this type of configuration.  It looks like I need to request for development.  Any idea how the development can be done.


Pang Lin



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